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Feds Sued For Widespread Destruction of Endangered Bat’s Habitat
February 13th, 2016

The corrupt Obama Administration has been sued for pushing endangered bats into extinction.

Whitehouse Petition Calls for Obama to be Tried for His Many ‘War Crimes’ in The Hague
February 10th, 2016

Serial-killer Obama is being called out in a petition on the White House website, until the petition is removed.

Why Are Black Girls and Women Dying in Police Custody?
February 9th, 2016

The injustice system kills far too many black girls and women. It is time to do something about it.

Is Bernie Sanders Really a Socialist?
February 5th, 2016

Is Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders really a socialist, a social-democrat or just another shill for the evil war industry? Will he become an agent of Israel?

February 2016 Newsletter
January 30th, 2016

Lilian’s February 2016 newsletter

Discarded Car Batteries Could Power the World
January 27th, 2016

Researchers at MIT have turned old car batteries into new solar panels at a fraction of the cost of new commercial solar panels.

Obama’s Destruction of Libya Was Such a Smashing Success That a Sequel is Coming
January 27th, 2016

When Obama destroyed the country of Libya and put militant Islamists in control, America relished its success. A functioning secular state with a high standard of living had been thrown back into the dark ages and was available for looting by multi-national corporations. Now Obama wants to wage a new war on the people of Libya that will kill vastly more innocent people.

Green Party Considers 5 Presidential Candidates
January 23rd, 2016

The Green Party of the United States has recognized five candidates for the party’s presidential nomination.

Obama Can No Longer Hide His Arming of Mexican Drug Gangs
January 20th, 2016

A federal judge has rejected Obama’s assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to his Operation Fast and Furious in which thousands of guns were knowingly sold to Mexican drug gangs by order of the BATF.

Obama Halts Coal Mining Leases on Public Lands, Temporarily
January 15th, 2016

Obama has finally taken a positive step on climate change.

Send Obama to Gitmo
January 13th, 2016

Obama got elected partially on his promise to close Gitmo. It was just one of his many lies, but he could still close the illegal torture prison and demonstrate that perhaps there is some tiny bit of humanity within him.

Sioux Journalist Buys Wounded Knee for a Native American Holocaust Museum
January 12th, 2016

Tim Giago, a leading Native American journalist and retired publisher, has agreed to purchase the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, to build a Native American holocaust museum there.

Proven: Dr. King Assassinated by US Govt
January 11th, 2016

A civil trial and a vast amount of evidence proves that it was the US government who killed Martin Luther King, yet still no action has been taken. Obama refuses to pursue justice in the case.

William Blum’s Anti-Empire Report
January 10th, 2016

Another precious bout of sanity from one of America’s heroes.

Lilian’s January 2016 Newsletter
December 31st, 2015

Lilian’s newsletter for January, 2016

The United States is Teaming up With Al Qaeda, Again
December 18th, 2015

Must-read article in Harpers about the real source of Islamic terrorism and how the U.S. empowers it.

Proof of Obama’s Support for Terrorists
December 12th, 2015

It is not hard to find the evidence that Obama actively supports terrorists.

Questions to Ask Obama About ISIL
December 7th, 2015

Another great must-read essay from William Blum. This one comes in the wake of Obama’s grotesque address to the nation on how he will keep America safe from the terrorists he creates.

December 2015 Newsletter
November 27th, 2015

by Lilian Mustelier

Congress Fails to Comprehend Criminal Cop Assaults
November 4th, 2015

With cell phone cameras almost everywhere and increasing use of body and dashboard cameras, police are no longer able to abuse the rights of citizens with the impunity they once enjoyed and Congress has been forced to confront the issue but seems unable to really grasp it.

America’s Long Support for Islamic Terrorists
November 3rd, 2015

William Blum’s must-read report on what is really going on in the middle east. Please buy his books or donate.

November 2015 Newsletter
October 29th, 2015

by Lilian Mustelier

Obama’s Murderous War of Lies and Terrorism Out of Control
October 22nd, 2015

Obama’s lies about Syria fool no one except Duhmerikans and maybe a few Canadians.

Shackled, Chained and Bleeding in Labor
October 21st, 2015

Missouri cops torture a woman in labor instead of taking her to a hospital to give birth.

Who Created ISIS? Putin Knows. Do You?
October 17th, 2015

Vladimir Putin may be something of a thug, but he usually tells the truth and frequently has some very important truths to tell. Listen up America!

Veterans Denounce Obama’s Attack of Afghan Hospital
October 9th, 2015

Obama’s continued mass murder of civilians is strongly opposed by most Veterans.

Monsanto and its Promoters vs. Freedom of Information
October 4th, 2015

Monsanto and its paid liars want to keep you in the dark.

October 2015 Newsletter
September 30th, 2015

by Lilian Mustelier

Bi-Polar Disorder: Obama’s Bait-and-Switch Environmental Politics
September 6th, 2015

Obama has a long record of saying one thing and doing the opposite, especially in regards to the environment.

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