Lilian's October Newsletter

In most cases newsletters are written and published monthly, quarterly and so on - in most normal cases. This is the person of High Strangeness, normal does not apply to this newsletter, so here it is in big black letters because I do not know how to change the setting...

Guess I have to tell the stories in backwards again since they only seem to make sense in hind-sight.

After struggling to leave my house and go uptown it occurred to me that it was time to put some of my thoughts onto paper and share them. I wanted to go to therapy but soon realized that everything had been so crazy that therapy would only complicate the process of my thought patterns.

There has been a lot of traffic on the website, for that I am grateful. I finally feel that some of my hard work is being recognized and fulfilling it's purpose. I reach a lot of people with the TV show "A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness". Now that friends from cyberspace are participating I got the boost I needed. Which brings me to the issue at hand. I wanted to share part of a conversation I had with a group of friends a few days ago. We talked about how it appears that we are more concerned with 3-D issues rather than spiritual issues. On the shows I mix things up a lot so it is not so noticeable. With the website we have attempted to make information available to you that seems to fit in with the big picture. It appears that the 3-D somehow has worked it's way into our evolution on a spiritual level. I feel that it is of most importance to me to be alert on all levels at this time.

Back to my little outing that provoked this line of thought. As I was sitting in the RV NAHZONI and watching the people rushing all over, I thought about Nostradamus and how he must have felt when he was shown the future. He of course had nothing to compare his visions to because most of the thing he was looking at were not even in existence. How frightened and lonely he must have felt. We have come a long ways since the 16th century and able to understand a lo of his insight. Unfortunately, in order to understand his vision, we are in a position of having to live them.

The predictions for 2005 have been aired and available for download in audio format. For it seemed that it was not feasible to do the predictions in August 2004, so far into the future. Whenever you look at the all the 3-D events that we are confronted with at this time, we see that time is speeding up and everything moved into place for the final outcome of 2005. Just as Nostradamus had hoped, the future would be changed and prove him wrong, so myself and Kanashibushan hope that some of the things will be changed and it appears that we had no idea what we were talking about.

Our bodies are taking a pounding from Mother Earth, menstrual cycles are off by more than a week and the planet has a hard time going with the flow. One would assume that a spiritual person could remedy their own emotional system, heed the built-in alarm systems and compensate to stay in a positive space. I try that. Herbal teas, soothing music, candles, pleasing smells, hot bath and feel peace with myself. NOT SO. The rage I feel about I cannot identify is man-made. So many noises, so much frustration. We talk about the war and forget that we are in a war zone in our neighborhood. Given all the knowledge and tools I have to work with and I am struggling. How about a person that does not have that available to them, how can they hope?

When hurricane Ivan headed towards New Orleans some of the Lightworkers went into meditation to buffer the blow of the fury of the storm. Some of us tried to turn it back toward the ocean. We did manage to turn it away from New Orleans but failed to save the rest of the coast. Crazy you say? On more than one occasion we have turned the weather with meditation and prayer and we know that we are very EMPOWERED beings.

Why is it that we are having such a hard time refocusing world affairs? Could it be that change is good, however unpleasant for the moment, and we are just going through a phase? Could it be that the "doomdayers" are right and we are at the end of the program in our virtual reality?

Either way, some of us have chosen to stay informed and learn from the experience of the times, which could be exciting for the most part, by the fact alone that we chose to have been born at this time to see the changes. Utopia might exist, if only in our minds, if we are wise enough to be able to access that part of ourselves.

Star Trek had an episode in which an alien being had invaded the ship. After a short time hate and utter chaos had overtaken the ship. It became apparent that the alien entity was feeding off the negative energy of the crew. When they realized what was happening they laughed and the laughter immobilized the alien. As it had lost it's energy source the only thing for it to do was to leave. And it did!

We are at the point where we as people have been invaded by some alien entity (not necessarily from outer space) and put in fear. We need to break out in laughter and render it weak and ineffective.

It is important to stay informed. The good, the bad and ugly. Instead of directing our distaste and anger towards the rest of the world we can take what we have learned as a compass and use it to re-adjust our emotional system and with that make the world a better place.

So, am I less spiritual than I used to be? I don't think so. I am in a better position to recognize the pitfalls and know what does not fit into my bigger picture.

The late Dr. John Mack jokingly called me "that woman that wrote that ghastly book". In the same breath he invited me to spend some time with him. I was unable to do so because of my schedule and deeply regret that now. I have often wondered what philosophical ghastly something we could have hatched and with that in mind I would like to thank him for spending time and space with us.

That's the news as I perceive it in my heart. For everything else there is the usual circus of mass media.

Love and light