November already?

I have been working on this for several days, every time I think I know what to tell you about things change. It almost appears that I am living on a different planet than everyone else or my reality is totally different from anyone else's.

Those of us that travel often will relate to the following scenario. Those of us that prefer to sleep in our own bed need to visualize the scenario. It might be as late as midnight when we arrive at our hotel. Tired as we are we drag our bags down the corridor in search of our room. We unlock the door and take a look around to see where everything is located in our new surroundings and nod our head having figured out within 3 seconds what to do next. We unpack our things, hang our clothes and park the shaving/cosmetic kit in the bathroom. We check the mattress for firmness and fluff the pillow to see if it feels right. We figure out where the numerous light switches are located, pull the phone onto to bed to see how long the cord is and turn on the boobtube. Just for noise...... I think it is more because we are looking for a familiar face, there is Ted Koppel, I am right......
For the time being we have created our environment much like my cat Ms. E.T. arranges her quarters before getting comfy. A quick shower/bath and the scent of our soap and cosmetics send a signal to ourselves that we are .....home..... 11AM gets here early and that is checkout time so we can continue on our journey. Wish I could stay longer in which case I would put my unmentionables in the drawers, remove the bible and use that drawer for personal stuff. I could do something with this place in no time. THAT'S MY POINT.
No matter how long we are anywhere, we seem to have the instinctive need to be comfortable for how ever much time we spend in one peticerla place.

The last weeks in October were so crazy and unreal at times that I think we could settle down in our virtual hotel room, go ahead and put the unmentionables into the drawers for a spell, we will be here long enough to chat for a while.

The news came that we had discovered a new species of man, preferable human. I think that is great, it proves that we don´t know everything, at least we try to think that. My Mother, a wise woman, knew of other species and we talked about the Neanderthals and others in detail. She would have been excited about this piece of information. In 2001 we talked about the remains of the giants that are still at the Smithsonian. We just have not gotten around to unpacking and displaying them. There were groups of people that thought they had revisited that subject, we did a whole show about that.

We saw the new moon TITAN, some of us thought that might be an explanation why the stars were apparently wrong about 2004-2008. We thought that maybe the Earth itself is not where it use to be and we need to adjust the heavens to the new calculations.

Several reports came in where friends had UFO sightings during the full moon eclipse, how exciting since they had never seen any before.

Mt.St Helen put on a show for us and it now appears that a Volcano in Greenland is competing with Helen, as we affectionately call her. We remember 1980, we resumed talking to the neighbors about Steam and Ash things that we had not thought about in a long while.

We have a new thing at the bank. Check 21, how convenient. We still pay when we make a deposit and when we make a withdrawal....... Interesting to say the least.

Noone says anything else about the Floridians and their dilemma after the hurricanes and floods. Having survived the Nisqually 6.8 earthquake and the aftermath, it took four years to recover, I can only imagine the hardships of the residence and the help they still need. We seem to get so wrapped up in the daily drama of our own existence. Without someone reminding us about what goes on in the world we just forget. A former First Lady said something to the effect that she did not want to cloud her beautiful mind with unpleasantness when asked about her opinion on the current affairs of the world.
That brings me to the turkey. Autumn, shared blessings and harvest.
Turkey is often called the earth eagle. It is associated with spirituality and the honoring of Mother Earth. Turkey is linked to the idea of inner vision, the pituitary gland..... the third eye..... and the seat of the feminine energy in all of us. What an honor it was for the Natives of this land to share something so sacred. Every part of a turkey was used for something man needed, how far away from the original intent is a bowling-ball-turkey?
The time that was awarded for us to bring about change has passed. Do we want to spend another night in our virtual hotel room or pack up our unmentionables and continue our journey?

In the real world Jim McDermott got reelected, so did Patty Murray and Dennis Kucinich.
In Washington State the people voted to clean up Hanford Nuclear Plant.
They voted not to put slot machines into many establishment and with that allowed the Tribes to continue to support themselves and make a difference in many other areas.
Many people gathered in mind and spirit to bid Dr. John Mack and Betty Hill farewell and vowed to continue their work.
The movie: Forgotten captured dual time lines, what a great visual of ongoing occurrences.
Venus and Jupiter are kissing on my birthday.
Mr. Arafat might finally find the peace he was seeking.
A lot was said about moral issues. I am glad to hear that! That translates into respect, love for our fellow man regardless of persuasion. Food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, healing of the sick and coexistence of ALL people of the planet Earth.
Love and Light