For as long as I can remember December awakens the "Nesting Urge" in me. As a female that would explain new birth. Several of my male friends have described the same feeling. I can only wonder if I am identifying the feeling or behavior correctly. It is not unheard of for some species to in "UNISEX" fashion build nests, and care for the young together.

From November 22nd 8:02PM till November 23rd 12:22Am the earth beat accelerated by 44000. We nicknamed it the Ramsey Junction. It created an unequal electrical saturated magnetic field according to the measurements taken. I remember experiencing similar Ramsey Junctions before so it is not surprising to be a little out of sorts, to say the least.

I just tell you about a few things that came my way that stick out in my mind.
In the town I live schoolchildren are encouraged to Not wear red or blue in school. For those of us that are naive it means that those colors could be easily associated or mistaken for gang association. One of my international reporters was visiting with me from Europe and we went for her 6 month shopping spree in the US. She did well this time because the dollar is so low against the EURO, she was able to buy a lot more than usual since her exchange rate had increased by much. We went to Fred Meyers. An older man approached us tugging on his shirt to get our attention. At first I thought he wanted to show us a name tag. I soon realized he was showing us the color of his shirt. Needless to say we were flying the same colors. When I realized what he was doing I stopped and talked to him. He was 82 and told us he felt like people need to identify themselves so they know who their neighbors are. A couple of days later I went to Costco to test that theory. I took my time choosing tapes I needed for an upcoming show. It did not take long before an older gentleman started a conversation with me. I asked him why he had picked me for a chat and he stated that he saw the color of my sweater. He was 76, born in Poland. He said he was so grateful that he had been liberated by the "Amies" he called them, that he decided to come to the US and help Amies to fight in the Korean War to say thank you... .....
We talked about how sad it was to be divided by "Colors." We talked about our pride of being Washingtonians since every vote counts, how glad we are that there are morals. We remembered that last year if we did not get a flu shot we were worried about dying and this year it is just a matter of washing your hands properly. We were in AWE how people are part of the same story and when we relate the story it is so different that one wonders if we are on the same planet. I asked him if he watched the TV Movie: 5 people you meet in heaven and chatted on about one never knows about the 5 people we meet in heaven.
He had seen the James Gilliland story about his UFO`s on Mt. Adam on the main news channel and recalled some stories of his own during his grateful times during the war.
We talked about Hanford and how the Supreme Court said, the proposition to clean up Handford was passed by the voters...... was illegal. We were saddened because there are actual people that know how to clean up our back yard. I told him about a viewer that send me a letter telling me she was 82 and uppity.
Old woman are punished for being poor and no longer profitable she said and added Old age is not for sissies (Betty Davis). Courage should be as contagious as fear (Eleanor Roosevelt) and added that if the creator could transform an ugly brown-black waterbug into a beautiful dragonfly------the states symbol insect------- we can overcome anything. Flushots and Handford are of little concequence. She did not add the later, I did.
We saw Michael Moore wearing a neutral colored suit on Leno, checked the closet to see of we even owned something of a neutral color, naaaaaa, we like what we have on.

One of the Casinos sponsored a holiday bazaar, we were excited to see Apache and Navaho friends in our neck of the woods. A good visit and I recharged by batteries on a spiritual level.

Not much use to rekindle 2004. I am looking forward to moving on, what an exciting time to be alive. Never know what the next day brings. What I do know is that we have to laugh and have fun. That is the secret weapon to depression, even fear. Laughter, we need laughter. There is positive in everything we do. If the wind blows the house down we no longer have to clean it. A Ramsey Junction can certainly make one think. Man has all the answers, however a 44000 spin can rock my world and remind me that Mother Earth and all her heavenly brothers have a handle on everything. I am wearing my seatbelt.

I am trying to find a suitable name for my 8th grandchild and hope to finally present you with my upcoming book: Remembering your Future.
I am hoping to find a way to invent "SMELLAVISION" so I can present what I tell you sometimes even more real. So next December should be a blink away if we can all do our part in the Universal scheme of things.
In the mean time I am going to take a time out in Unisex fashion to finish building my nest. Spring is just around the corner.

I send you Love, Light and HUMOR.