In 1999 I taped a show with my friend Monica Ryan Smith. Entitled CHAOS. We took a camera and hit the streets of the Tri-City Area I live and asked people what their definition of chaos was. People at bus stations, beauty shops, hospitals and stores. We prepared a clip of the interviews and played it. Afterwards we discussed what people had described. We arrived at STRESS rather that CHAOS. Of course 9-11 had not taken place at that time so chaos could not be compared to what happened at ground Zero.

For the last 6 years we have provided those who are interested with the predictions for the following year. We reach a greater amount of people now. In the beginning it was only the viewers and the friends that had access to the shows by request. Now the predictions are on the webpage and everyone can download them. Most everything predicted for 2004 came true even though we hoped changes could be made in time and prove us wrong. Some of us have a greater awareness these past few years. Even at that we don`t quiet know where to .....park.... our emotions, if you will.

I came across an interview with Lynn Buchanan, one of the original remote viewers for the government. Lynn is a wonderful human being, a great smile, good sense of humor, the kind of person you would welcome as a neighbor and proud to call a friend. If you listen to him talk in his gentle manner almost everything is OK again with the world......... It was an old interview but was it ever timely!

He was explaining the relationship between the subconscious and the conscious in a scientific way. The conscious and the subconscious do not speak the same language. The subconscious retains all memory. It knows your phone number from 30 years ago, where you left your car keys and has the answer to almost anything you want to know in reference to yourself. The problem comes in when the conscious mind asks a question and gets little or no answer since, as stated, it appears the two do not speak the same language. Conscious sends physical responses. In order to create an ideogram the subconscious is like martial arts. PRAXIS till it becomes natural for the two to be able to communicate. Thought he was reading my mind when I said out loud: "EXPLAIN!"
Here is the story: A man is the president (CONSCIOUS) of a company. One day the owner notifies him that he is bringing in a kid (SUBCONSCIOUS) to learn and run the company. President panics thinking the kid wants his job even after he sees that the kid turns out to be his own son. Kid has great ideas and president decides to get to it next week since he wants to take credit for it. At the end of the week one of two things will happen. Kid fails because he was not allowed to do the job ------ kid succeeds and takes the job. Either way the president looses. Next scenario is president goes on vacation (altered state) but continues to check on kid to see what he is doing, that hinders kid from doing a great job. OR...... president is send to the loading docks and kept so busy that he has neither time or desire to check what kid is doing and with that allows the kid to finish his learning experience and do a good job. End of story........ Or is it?

I thought how timeless and helpful. In my mind this explanation is twofold. And here is how I will apply it.......
2005 will be a crucial year. In the predictions it became apparent that even though mankind thinks we are in control and in a rather arrogant way we feel we have all the and all...... we will be confronted with some indigenous issues. Mother Earth will be forced to protect herself and WILL. Looking at things from the modern western prospective might not be the way to reach the next level of life. Most cultures are aware that there is more to our existence than what is taught in school and only by retuning to the primal way of thinking can we fulfill our lives full potential.

Stress and chaos are not even cousins. The Tsunami, the horrendous earthquakes and wars of 2004 were a taste of what chaos can look like.
I get many calls from people that are in fear. I ask them to define fear. Usually they are fearful of the unknown because the conscious mind saw something on TV or someone got caught up in the doomsday syndrome. The subconscious knows that we are part of the planet earth and are affected by everything with her. It also knows that we can affect her by not going with the natural order of her cycle. In the book The gods of Eden the author notes that from a historical point of view a disaster of great magnitude was always preceded by an occurrence of "heavenly nature." On December 19th a meteor over Jakarta, Indonesia preceded what was one of the greatest earthquake and Tsunami in our life time. We need to send our Conscious Mind to the loading docks so we, as people, can do our job correctly. Live life as it was intended. Politics will not change the outcome, moving to a safe place...... if you find it please let us know...... will not change the outcome.

Personally I think I will try to live my life without fear and fulfill my purpose for having been born at this time.
I will stay informed.
I will show compassion.
I will rise to the occasion to help my fellow man.
I will appreciate my emotions for what they are, namely a compass for my emotional intelligence and energies.
I will not add to the chaos that has become our reality.

Many challenges coming at us. They are part of our human experience and lessons. If we can remember that I think we will be able to look forward to the next day. Make choices that benefit all. Especially Mother Earth and us in the process. Let President work on the loading dock so the KID can do your job. This way we turn loosing into a