In my mind I know that every month has a certain amount of days. It has been such an active month and I found it was surprising to have January drag out like it did. All the going on`s with Mother Earth and of course the Terrans one would have assumed it had all went by in a flash. I suppose it was that very same thing that made me stop and think for a moment. People used the same phrases over and over till one hears them several times a day.

I was on my way out of the door when one of my neighbors asked where I was going so early in the day, way before noon. I told her I had a long day ahead because I was doing some brainwashing today. She said she would be happy to come along since she had always be interested in "THAT" and she thought it would be fascinating to see someone at work that actually knew how to do that.
At first I thought she was kidding but realized she was not. I took the opportunity to see just how far I could take this and formulated a quick plan in my head as how to precede. My washer and dryer have been broken for some time and I have a laundry basket in the back-seat of my car..... for stuff..... Also the detergent is in the car so I won`t have to drag it into the house. As far as she was concern none of this was unusual, I am after all the person of high strangeness and no one asks me about too much since I have my own way of doing things.

When we got to the laundry I asked her assistance in taking the laundry basket into the place next to an available washing-machine. I brought in the TIDE, Clorox and the fabric softener along with my little container that housed the quarters. Seven for wash and two for the dryer. I read the instructions on the machine, it said to put in the quarters, choose a setting for the temperature, open the little drawer and put the detergent and the bleach in the little compartment and push start. It also said as soon as the water level is right I am to add my garments. As soon as it stopped I opened the top and pretended to separate my brain into whites and coloreds. Needless to say it was at that time several people came to see what I was doing and I continued to explain that Thursday was my day for "brainwashing." Everyone there was either very polite or in total shock of what I was attempting to demonstrate. Eventually everyone laughed and I had managed to bring a little humor into their day.

What resulted from it was as we patiently waited for my brain to go thrue the cycle..... I was not about to waste 7 perfectly good quarters..... we got into a very interesting discussion about to use or overuse of words. Only 2 people present knew the meaning of the word brainwash. It is according to the dictionary: to persuade, condition or program. It also means to attentional, systematically, actively to alter the way the brain functions for thought. It made us examine some of the other newer words that we have been bombarded with over the past few month. It turned out that what we thought was said was not even close. It showed us the need to look up some words for ourselves and to assume nothing. Pimpalicious is one of my favorite new words, even though it nearly got my grandson kicked off the school bus. I adopted it when I saw his face light up as he was opening a Christmas PRESENT and in a very excited voice shouted: Pimpalicious. It now represents joy and excitement to me. Another one I like is defrag. I find it wonderful to be able to say to someone: "please go and defrag yourself."

As the world changes on a daily basis, not only in frequency and natural changes but also from a human perspective we have to really learn to maneuver quick and put our mind in a positive space. 2005 is going to be a trying year. Think January was long...... we are in for a rough and long ride. Metaphorically the cars that take us to places in comfort need to be traded for a jeep if we want to keep up with the "holey" traffic.

We are so bombarded with noises, chemicals and don`t forget opinions, there is really nowhere to hide. We need to stay focused on why we are on this planet at this time. To help Mother Earth to survive and to hold the world together by loving everyone. Please note I said love not like. I,for one don`t think I have to like everyone or what they do, I am required to love them. If we can work on uniting as a human species we will have a chance.

I find it fascinating to go to the earthquake sites and see how each and every day there are clusters of quakes all around the world. New mountains are starting to form and rivers find new path to get to the oceans. Unfortunately we forget that as humans we are part of the great evolution of this planet. The animals already have that awareness.

We can turn on the TV or go online and watch reports per web cam and witness some great things that are happening in the world. Some of us are tired of TV and all the "bad news and lies." TV is a great tool and there are responsible programs that enrich or lives with knowledge and humor. It is up to us to choose what it is we want for ourselves.

The word democracy is a great word, it means we have choices and our voice will be heard. Sometimes though it would appear it also gives us the right to be judgmental and we have the right to cramp our opinions down someone else's throat.

Well-being seems to be an everyday issue. Many of us feel we are ill all of the time. Please keep in mind we just went thrue major trauma with the weather and the shifting of the earth. I think we all have trouble to keep our footing, we are exhausted, unable to sleep, incapable of thinking clearly and moody. Just as we have to climatice when we go on a trip and overcome jetlag we can overcome this time of discomfort. Many chemicals are in the air at present, we can also request to be notified by to be on the mailing list that gives daily updates of space weather and planetary disturbances. Some find it helpful to have an explanation as to what affects our mind and body as we are trying to cope. Much as with the definition of words once we understand the reason or meaning of what is taken place at the moment we will be able to cope much better, one day at a time.

On our way home from the laundry we stopped at the drug store to pick up a prescription. I am at the point where I am willing to ask for help with my sleep depravation. I check the label on the bottle. It advises at follows: If you experience dizziness, imbalance or seizures please notify your physician immediately. Back to the word game...... these are sleeping pills. If they do what they supposed to...... how will I know? I am asleep!

February has 28 days, will be interesting to see what great things we can accomplish in that short of a time. If everything else fails, take a time out and wash your brain.

Love and Light