Newsletter April 2005

We are used to the expression buy one get one free. I am not really sure when that started, I do know it has been around for as long as I can remember. Some of us live for the Wednesday mail delivery so we can browse thrue the stack of offers for the upcoming week and make our list of "goodies" we are sure to pick up somewhere during the time the offer is in place. It might have appeared that at one time that was a womanly thing to do, except our world has changed and many men are taken over, or to quote it politically correct, are sharing in the tasks of our daily life.

Some would like us to believe that our daily activities are "user friendly." So how friendly is life these days?

If we think some things are opposite, by definition set against, entirely different and opposed, we need to examine some other issues first. If we think we are in opposition, by definition in contrast, hostile and resistant we again must examine some other issues.

The term paradox represents, in part, a statement that seems contradictory but may be true in fact. Point in time the last week in March.

Depending where you live or whom you ask, winter is over, cherry blossoms have come and gone. Groundhog saw his shadow a while back and Easterbunny is freezing his derriere off.

I plant plastic flowers to avoid allergic reactions from insects, so when I arrived at the hospital 5 minutes from going into shook, the doctor asks me why I plant plastic flowers and I inform him because I am allergic to bees it seems to be a natural response for him to laugh because I got stung by a bee sitting in a plastic flower.

After seven years a body is found that turns out to be a young girl that disappeared. I worked on that case. The picture in the paper still listed her as having blue eyes and mentally disturbed even after many go-arounds with the mother that finally admitted that her eyes were brown, the contacts she was wearing were blue, and she had never been diagnosed as mentally ill. Had the truth been told and the suggestions as to her whereabouts followed she would not have been murdered. There is a difference between a magician and a psychic.

The cost of gas is $2.13, with discount coupon $2.19

My anti-lock breaks do neither lock nor stop as I am sliding through a red-light. The man approaching in the car from the right rolls down the window and shouts: "What the bleep do we know?"

Health coverage was canceled in many places for mental illness and counseling. There is a bill on the table in Washington, DC to make political paranoia a mental illness that will be covered by insurance so we can seek help and get a pill to make ourselves feel better.

A young Native American child goes on a rampage and kills many people. What was it that troubled his soul like this? No condolences from any higher ups.
A woman that has been dead by definition for many years is reason to have Congress come in for a late night session and cuts the Presidents activities short so they can save her life.

After the crisis of 911 the government became a "shadow." What planet am I on?

No E-mail at all from NASA for 3 weeks, highly unusual because we are all interested in what goes on in the world around us. Finally, a notification! The article reads: "Was Einstein a space alien?"

What we do know is that the Tsunami coused the earth to tilt a little, that is what we call it in laymen's terms. We know it changed the natural time by as much as a couple of hours in places because we have noticed some of our sleeping habits have been changed by about that much.

A great movie aired and is out on Video, it is called "The Core." Science fiction? Again it depends where you life and whom you ask.

Is it possible that devises are being used to correct the orbit of the earth and some of us react to the frequencies of the noise level that is not detectable by most. It could certainly send a young boy into a rage where he could commit murder.

Whales and dauphins are beaching themselves because of the supersonic noises. If they were armed they also may go on a rampage.

Sensitives have many tool available to them, like with any trade we have to know which tool is appropriate for what job or we could easily smash our fingers. We can attempt to be skillful or we can improvise and hit the nail with a rock and accomplish the same thing.

Howard the Duck is another movie that is worth revisiting. It is about a dual world and I for one suffer from the Howard the Duck syndrome. Science fiction? I do know it is one of the great sleepers of all times. We are running dual and parallel timelines. Some of us are aware of it and others are not, either way we struggle just to make it thrue a day.

What the bleep do we know is a documentary that was released on video. It deals with the function of the brain, funny and informative. Again it depends on which planet we reside for it all to make sense.

We need to thank the soul of the woman that is teaching us the paradox of the time by having been willing to bring to the forefront that we are indeed strange creatures, confused to say the least, so we can re-examine life and death.

The objectors will return home, leaving the parents to come to terms with the bizarre behavior of mankind. We need to thank them, the family, also for haven had the strength to follow thrue with this impossible task.

Thousands have died on the battlefield, it is time for a late night hearing to make a decision on that.

Crime and corruption everywhere, some of the musicians are being blamed and expected to take the full brunt of the blame for some of it. Activists and reporters are being attacked for telling the truth. Right about then the NAACP has their yearly award ceremony and reminds us of what we can accomplish with combined effort and how we can honor those that came before us to put the world together again.

Great, it is Wednesday, here comes the mail. Two for one coupons. Planet Earth, buy one get one free! I will chip in to buy one and share it. That leaves one free one up for grabs. Does anyone know if we are capable to mange that one better than this one?

Love and Light