Newsletter May 2005

When people tell me they don't care about anything or anyone, I usually respond with: "that's good, neither do I." My head says something totally different, more like: "are you crazy? Have you ever sat in a traffic Jam?" I think it is much easier for us to agree with people than to fall into the trap of trying to tell them what we really think or what we know for that matter. What I should have said is: "if one person and one person only, takes their eyes off the road for one-second, swerves in their car, it disrupts the flow of traffic a mile away. A chain reaction; that just shows us how we are all connected in some way, willingly or unknowingly.

In order to relax a little I decided to watch an old movie "Sugar Hill" with Wesley Snipes. The story evolved around a time period when the streets of Harlem were flooded with heroin by the Mafia. It was easy to imagine what a frightening, dangerous time period that must have been. I don't think any one effected was able to change anything, people just got used to it and the problem continued to spread, even to the suburbs and so on. Mothers warned their children and prayed that the problem would just disappear, even in cases where they themselves had fallen victim to the demons of drug addiction.

Not too much has changed, drugs have made way to much larger problems. Corruption, human rights violations, genetic, war and killing in the streets of our own country.
Mother Nature has reared her head with changes, much destruction all over our blue globe. Much of it is man made. Activists and town cryers, doomsday preachers and scientists have all been trying to tell us we have to change our course of action.

When in fear we as humans are easily controlled and contained. The things that we should fear are discredited and belittled.
Seeking true information is tiresome, bothersome and unfashionable for some, so others use that scenario to hype and very successfully cloak the truth.
Just living is a challenge for most of us, try to make ends meet. There is hardly any energy for anything else left. Because of that valid concerns are dismissed at crazy and untruth are fed to us on a daily basis.

A new labeling law went into effect to keep us informed as to the place of origin as to what we put in our bodies. Imagine, if you will for a moment, if everyday occurrences would have to be labeled, it would read something like this:

How does one decide what to buy, where to buy it or even to accept hand outs?

No matter how many town cryers, prophets or news flashes we encounter one thing is for sure. We CAN change ourselves, the way we treat one another, treat Mother Earth with respect. We can go into fear if we so choose without any outside help or take the position of "let them sleep." A woman once told me that when living in an area of nuclear activity she heard the sirens one night. She started to grab her children and flee to...... where?...... Changed her mind, got in bed with her children and decided to let them sleep......

Now for the real news as reported by ABC

  1. Table Mate really works, has a lifetime warrantee and is 18 in 1 table. They said so on prime-time news, so it must be true.
  2. It is vital this year to follow all the rules of the new fashion for ones Prom.
  3. Dresses can reach anywhere from maxi to mini, the young men can wear anything from a Tux to a Jacket over jeans and snazzy multicolored tennis shoes.
  4. Make sure you consult a dermatologist to make an appointment go get a cortisone shot to either prevent or heal your zits, cut your hair and get a manicure, put extensions in your hair two days in advance because your picture has to be perfect since you have to look at it for the rest of your life...... not for the year book, that has already went to print....
  5. Make sure the Limo is on standby, preferably a Hummer, since you can get a waiter with that.
  6. Make sure you reserve space for a jacogcy, it would be disastrous to find out you cannot take a jacugcy since you forgot to put that on your list.

Love and Light