August 2005

July has been an unusual month to say the least. My personal life was as turbulent as the rest of the world as a whole. I suppose I should be grateful, since for a minute, I was concerned that we would not get beyond June. The reason I say that is that at the time we filmed the predictions in August 2004 for the year 2005 it appeared that there could have been some major havoc in June 2005 and a very few of us were able to "see" beyond that.

Solar flares, geomagnetic storms were a constant visitor to the planet along with other natural disasters around the world. July came after all and there was the attacks on London.
When I was in the workforce in the 70's and 80's I still had small children. The ONLY time I was to be called at work was if the house was on fire or a similar situation present so I KNEW, when I got a call at work, I had to leave work because it was truly an emergency. Times have changed since than and everyone gets calls at work regardless what the subject or the time. I asked someone about that since I thought work time should belong to the employer. I was told that concept was outdated and the workforce/timeframe was now people friendly because we need to stay informed and connected at all time!

I have an old antenna on top of the house and if lucky get 2-3 channels on my television. For that reason some of the friends tape programs for me. I took five days out of my schedule to watch all of the programs I received. It was amazing what I discovered. Most of the series I watched dealt with the future and what we are able to expect, or hope for, depending how one would look at it or interpret that. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, the ONLY hope we have is to look for another species to safe us. Somehow and with someone elses backing Hollywood would like us to believe that we in turn have to do NOTHING except follow the many new teachings and philosophies which have materialized out of nowhere in the past few years.

People want sensationalism, a new wonderful event each day. We would prefer miracles but will except gladiator mentality if that is the only thing that appears sensational to us for that moment. Truth of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing new at the moment. On all fronts, may they be political, religious, medical or any other subject one might choose.
I get e-mail and forwards from around the world each day. It is hard to sort out truth from fiction, the disinformation is overwhelming along with the information from "OTHER REALMS."

One would think this is a time when guidance is needed, a roadmap if you will, but unfortunately that is not the case either. People are so involved in making it from one day to the next that we forget we can change this with choices that we make.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, you are sitting at the table, a nice cup of coffee of tea within your reach and writing out your bills. Wow, you actually have a little money left over, so you decide to make a double payment on the credit card you use for mad-money. You lick the stamp and feel good about yourself. It is a beautiful evening so you decide to take the dog for a walk and while you are out there drop the bills into the mailbox on the far end of the block. After you return you wipe your feet, sit in you favorite chair, with you hands behind your head and stretch. Too early to retire for the night, so you decide to go through some of the mail you have neglected for a couple of days. You hold up an envelope that somehow got stuck in-between the junk mail. The heat rises from the bottom of your feet and seems to rush straight to the top of your head and beyond. There is a light bill you have forgotten about. In fact it is a disconnect notice. Pay by 5 PM ... or else. You have no money left since you just gave it to the Postal Service and you are unable to retreat your outgoing mail. You jell at the dog since he is the only non-judgmental creature in your house and you really don't want to admit how stupid that really was, the dropping the bills in the box before you checked the incoming mail.

Life is kind of like that. There are people such as myself who are able to look ahead in time for you and tell you what is coming your way. We can make you a roadmap to show you several outcomes. If you don't like the picture it is very easy to start adjusting your choices and change the outcome. BUT, a very few people actually follow advise, they wait until the house is on fire and expect instant cures and solutions from the very same people they asked for advise which they themselves dismissed as useless.

We live in a time when we need to stay informed. There are people who are trying to accommodate that need, under the most trying circumstances I might add. Please be supportive when they need your help, might it be monetary or some other means they would appreciate. Consider what they are telling you, analyze it and ONLY if it holds true for you apply the knowledge. Question things you hear or see, including what I tell you, if it does not ring true... totally dismiss that thought and make different choices.

Please do not ask me to get involved in your relationships, your love-life can and should not be decided by a psychic, even though that seems to be what some of you are most interested in. No ethical Psychic would advise you about something like that to begin with.

We do not have the ability to provide you with Lotto numbers or information concerning gambling or the Stock Market. If that were the case we would not ask for your help when we have extraordinary undertakings to perform.

Many classes are currently offered that supposed to teach how to materialize and create wealth out of nowhere, without effort or work, I might add. That does NOT work for all of us, our path is taking us on a different journey. Universe owes us nothing, Universe provided us with a brain and freedom of choice. So for those of you that demand unreasonable results, please save your money, instead of classes buy yourself something pretty to enjoy at the moment.

The word Psychic does not describe our function, however it is the word mostly used in the United States. Most cultures have wise men and women in their societies that are honored and sought after. They are prophets, healers and sometimes just that someone who can listen to you, non-judgmental and outside of the box. No, they do not read minds and do not wish to be pumped for information, same as just because someone is a MD does not want to answer medical questions for you at all times. We have schedules, make appointments and our time is as valuable as the next person's. That is not to say that we are unwilling to help a person in distress. Somehow most people feel when something is given for free it has, on one hand, no value, or, on the other hand, we owe our gift to the world since many of us have misguided entitlement issues. Of course neigher one is true.

Claudia and I are on the road at the moment to film for shows to be aired in the winter. I would like to refer you to the NO-NEWS-LETTER in the middle column of the page in which the trip is mentioned.

I have no sensationalism for you at this time, should we see something out of the ordinary while we are on the road it will be posted within 24 hours.
During the month of August please limit your calls and e-mails to "Your house on Fire" since I am busy at work for my employer, the Universe.

Thank you to the friends that helped out, as always we cannot do this alone. We are halfway home, so if you like to continue your support we will surely make it home ahead of schedule.

Love and Light