January 2006 Newsletter

Imagine time as a string.... strung from one side of the room to the other.... String being a time line, with music, articles or comments we can insert people along with their thoughts and emotions at any point in time on that string. It serves as a trigger for our subconscious, our conscious for that matter, in rare instances and/or under some circumstances. After a sentence or two we are transported to what ever time line created. Our demeanor changes, thoughts are evoked or provoked, depending on the circumstances and the message which we have chosen to receive or perceive in a certain way.

Ever so often a word settles into my reality, sometimes for a brief moment, other times it stays for days.
CLUSTER§%&$ was one of them, which was self-explanatory in reference to Katrina.
I am unable to tell you who came up with it, I have known it for some time, except I was unable to apply it to anything in a meaningful way.... Till Katrina, that is.
OXYMORON on the other hand comes from the ancient Greek:
OXUS "sharp"
MOROS= "dull"
Oxymoron= a sharp dullness or a foolish wise..... a self contradicting phrase.
There have been quiet a few of "those" of late, please allow me to share my thoughts on "them."
Take our webpage for instance. On one hand we try to give you encouragement, ask you to be loving, kind and non judgmental. On the other hand we sometimes bombard you with what appears to be utterly hateful, resentful, fearful and several other "fuls" I don't care to mention.
Abraham Lincoln said: "For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like."

Washington State passed a nonsmoking law. Not only does it extend to public buildings, it applies to an additional 25 feet away from buildings, doors, windows and vents.
My 4th grade grandson was Long John Silvers in the play Treasure Island. Because the play lasted 2 hours, a 15-minute intermission was injected. I went outside to stretch my bones and notices several people had congregated in one place. Wanting to know what they were doing, I walked over there and spotted a man with a measuring tape. He located 25 feet away from the building, which put him in the middle of a lane on a rather busy intersection. As the group of smokers, including myself, tried to find a solution in order to abide by the law, a NONSMOKER joined us and offered to direct the traffic and detour the cars around us. A second NONSMOKER directed traffic on the opposite side of the street. We hoped a police officer would drive by to witness us following the new law, but...... where are they when you need one?...... The BUTT PATROL.
I suppose this is a good time to mention that in Washington State taxes for cigarettes pay for many things. Substitute teachers, medical, parks and a number of other things. Cigarette taxes are a large part of the state budget in general.
Many people travel and are used to no smoking rules on trains, and planes and restaurants; what is outright wrong with the picture in Washington State is that IF all of us were to get so angry and quit smoking many of the Stated bills would remain unpaid.
When we see a yellow cloud, per satellite, on the weather map which is identified as a cloud of pollution from China traveling in the jet stream all the way to Seattle, I would assume that a little smoke would not be considered a crime punishable by fine of $100.
It breeds resentment on every ones part, which the nonsmokers demonstrated when they took part in this unorthodox experiment. I think what people object to is the lack of freedom of choice.
Same applies to Alternative News. We try to inform people of what is going on sometimes several month before main stream media reports a story. We have the choice to take this knowledge under consideration and when the rest of the people are shocked to hear about an incident, a new law or lack thereof, it is old news to some of us. At best we can respond with: "YEP!"
Should we refrain from calling members of government crooks, liars and outright criminals? Or should we just wait? BUTT as events play out one only needs to shake ones head and nod: "YEP!"

The TV Show Boston Legal has been able to bring many current issues to the screen, I would encourage you to take a look. HOUSE is another one that tackles timely controversial subjects. Both shows illustrate the madness which has become our life. They take chances and make unorthodox choices which mostly are bold and right ... in hind sight.

2005 was a controversial year. Add another equation. Psychics. Some of us have been able to allow you a peek into the future. When we filmed Predictions 2006 in October we thought our predictions were for 2006. In the mean time some have already passed.

1. President Bush did go to South America and was not as welcomed as he had hoped.

2. President Bush already went to China, again without the desired results.

3. Government and Unions are at odds as we have seen in New York.

4. New York came mighty close to cancelling X-Mas. Many Churches across the country actually DID cancel X-Mas services by closing their doors for the day.

5. Conan, the Barbarian turned out to be Arnold Schwarzeneger along with some unpopular deceptions he made. Der-Spiegel reported that his homeland, Austria retaliated by removing his name from all buildings named after him.

6. America is in a deep freeze.

7. Attacks on Syria and Iran are already being discussed.

8. President Clinton will be appearing on Nickelodeon, we assumed it would be by electronic means, TV is close enough.

2005 was full of ..... out of left field surprises.... 2006 will be much of the same only in a sneakier more settled way.

Oxymoron is when children cannot discuss their god/creator in school, they have to re-invent their language skills by improvising and using different words in school for certain holidays than they do at home; when at the same token every speech has a religious in-your-window, actually religious quotes at times.

What is the difference between one waiting for the Rapture rather than the Accention? In the mean time, in order to have an 3-demensionall experience we need to be physically present on THIS planet, which is Earth. You bump your toe, it will hurt, that is 3-demensional.

We have the choice to inject ourselves into any time line we want to, there is NOTHING new on the planet. People, their behavior, their believes, their choices, good, bad or indifferent.

Try a little time-warping if you will, get on that Love/Hate teeter-tootter, stop in midair if you like, take a look around and decide if this is really the playground you remembered, imagined or envisioned. See if you like the games played, old ones you remember or new ones which need to be learned. Create new words for yourself, good memories to draw on when times get hard. Remember the rules of the sandbox, remember the sand in your eyes and the tears which followed. The consequences when your BUTT was sore because now you were really in trouble, no matter which way you went about the realization that getting along was the easiest.

Love and Light

PS. In the upcoming weeks I will launch a weekly newsletter, comments and help will be appreciated.
IF anyone has a set of Star Trek : Deep Space Nine, PLEASE let me borrow it. I will return it within a few days.