For only about the second time in life have I been very excited to see March. February is supposed to be a short month, this may be true. However, in 2001 we had the Nisqually Quake and this year, 2006, the weather gave us a run for it in most places and 28 days seemed endless. I am getting a little ahead of the story, so lets recap for a moment.

We were told that one of the ways to power our country is to use, in part, wood chips. I thought about that. In our Evergreen State, Oregon as our neighbor, I have seen and reported on mass murder of trees. The question becomes where would we get wood chips?

In some cultures chips of all kinds are being utilized. Unless beef is genocided by meat eaters, there is an abundance of COW CHIPS to warm our cold days and nights. What about the smell?...... It cannot be any worse that the large clouds of pollution brought by our Jet Stream all the way from China! The weatherman finds it necessary to explain the phenomenon because it shows up on radar on the weather map.

It could be coincidence that alarms went off in Government Buildings since their sensors might be able to detect pollution of this magnitude. Regular Earth inhabitants just experience flu-like symptoms and headaches. We were lucky, by having Hurricane strength winds it blew it right out of our neighborhood. We had 54 days of rain, beating Noah's record was not easy, mind you. Instead of doves we had birds of all sorts trying to anchor themselves in order not to get flung into outer space when the next wind systems arrived. This is pollution we can see.

I am not a fast food type of person, but craved a Hamburger last week. I wanted to eat sitting at a table instead of going to the drive-thrue. The noise pollution was so intense I was unable to wait for the young man to put the burger into the bag. I fled the place! It must be extremely difficult for our very young and older citizens to work in an environment which attacks every nerve in your body! Some major pet shops have similar sonic devices for security and safety. The sounds must be torture for the poor animals which have to spend any time in a place like that. If I can hear this as a human, imagine what it must be like for a dog or a goldfish! This is electronic pollution!

Six schools are on the chopping block in at least one city, more to follow, City schools that is! Reason given is that by doing this the people would save ONE MILLION dollars a year. This would help us balance the budget which is in trouble by several BILLION.

One of the guests on my show tied to explain how much a billion is. We were counting stars and galaxies of course, so lets count money instead. IF we start counting... 1-2-3-4 and so on right now and NEVER stop...... no eating, sleeping, working or anything, just counting....... we would get to our first billion in 37 years!

Our Governor broke into tears during a speech when asked about the tragic accident and death of FIRST DOG in the state. Some thought it was rather unprofessional and some of our male figures in high places thought it only proved how emotional and irrational woman are. It was extremely hard to present a good argument in the case. Evidently it started a debate about professionalism and a number of unrelated issues. It made me think how we could change the world by crying for the death of Millions of innocent people around the world!

My granddaughter was scheduled for oral surgery on President's Day. Surgery went well, except we were unable to fill the prescription for pain pills because of the holiday. The explanation we were given at the clinic was.... since many people abuse drugs no prescriptions were written prior to surgery.... even though it was a holiday. Please think about the time your wisdom teeth were pulled!

I went to the dictionary to look up some choice words to put into a formal complaint, I did not like any of them so I made some up, which hopefully will make it into next years edition of Websters, since I shared them with many and they are in use as we speak!
While searching for words I ran into some others I had been meaning to take a look at.

Completeness, unimpaired conditions, soundness, honesty, sincerity.

To me it means following thrue with a decision one way or the other. Financial gain should not be a deciding factor.

Study of standards of moral judgment. System of morals of persons, religions and groups.

To me it means sticking with a personal set of principle, regardless of criticism and attempted persuasion from others.

Honorable quality, worthiness, high repute or honor or the degree of high position, rank or title. Appearance or manner, self-respect.

To me it means to take a stand and maintain set stand in a respectful, courteous manner regardless of opposition.

In January I asked if someone would be able to loan me a set of Deep Space 9. Unfortunately my cry for help was not answered. HOWEVER; someone loaned me a Star Trek Voyager. 47 disks, 4 shows per disk, which hold 7 seasons. I am in season 5. I have learned many things including how to fix my equipment after the storm. Toshiba was unable to solve my problem, MR. TUVOK, a Vulcan on the Voyager star ship, did. He explained a very complicated problem in easy, understandable and logical terms, which in tern I was able to use by principle and fix my recording equipment!

When I attended school in Europe one of the classes taught was Esperanto. It was presumed if all children on the European continent were able to speak the same language they could eventually get along. In the 1990`s fewer than 500 people were able to speak, understand and remember Esperanto.
One of the things which fascinate me is the fact they ...STAR TREK... have a universal language device.
In any language.... I am glad February is gone!

I finally have a new doctor. He is "HUMAN" ... caring, understanding and has integrity.

Love and Light