May Newsletter
Due to the unpredictable, or should I say, rather predictable  time period we find ourselves in, the 2006 Road Trip is behind us.

A gentle rain fell on the tin roof of my home, I was able to enjoy the quiet for a moment.  As I opened the front door a rabbit came  closer.  I thought it might be MR. Rabbit from last year, but than it could  have been his grandson.  Time flies and either way it was so soothing to  have a chat with a creature which was calming and appreciative.

"How are you Mr. Rabbit?"
"Just fine, now that Easter is gone and things are getting  back to normal.  Never did know what I had to do with a resurrection, oh  well, all I have to concentrate on now is the neighborhood cat, which insists I  should be dinner.   Thanks for asking.  Why do you look so serious, is  the cat eyeballing you too?"
"No, Mr. Rabbit I am grateful to be home and get away from the  hectic of what have become human life."
"For crying out loud, I am a rabbit!  Don't use big  words, say what you mean and get to the point!"

Hectic according to Webster means: agitated, excited,  feverish, flustered, nervous, restless and/or unsettled. Tina, the young woman, which came along to help me film, was able to capture all of the above on film.  She comes from a hectic  background, so she was able to determine what was calm, peaceful and  breathtaking to a person forced to live in every day society. In part, we traveled 1,400 miles in California, an eye-opening  experience in many ways.  I liked the fact that blending in with Hispanics  and Latinos earned me much respect as an older person.  I will miss that  part of reality. More paranormal things happened on this short, 12 day trip,  than on all of the previous ones.  I think it was to show Tina how life can  be, once one realizes we do not have to feed into the frenzies.

We talked to people across the 4 states we  traveled.  Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.  Across the  ages, from 15-90 everyone agreed that things will have to change in order for us  to survive.  Forster children have been turned out due to the fact foster  parents get little or no compensation.   Children looking for work, willing  to stay with anyone who offers help.  A dangerous position to be  in.
Garbage littering small towns because of little or no  services. People not "BENDABLE" in any capacity thinking they are  superior to the rest of the world. Big fancy houses on the hill sides at a respectful  distance from the shacks and falling down barns.   Livestock struggling to keep their hoofs on the ground, so  much of the West is flooded, including the desert, along with the edge of Death  Valley. Chemtrails in every part of that area, patterns never seen by  any of us. Snow storms, mudslides, rock-slides, in fact in 1 day we  experienced all 4 seasons.

"What are you telling all of this to me?  I am after all  a rabbit?"
"I know! People of the back roads are aware of things, they  have a grapevine of their own.  Some places had no access to television  even.  Only phones that even had reception was Verizon. T-Mobil fell a  little short on reception.   Even at that, people were informed some kind of  way.  I would assume you have a rabbit grapevine and can pass some of this  on to others."
"Not so bossy, say please and I will think on  it."
After April's newsletter I got an E-mail from Australia.   A gentleman commented on the word game and the English language in the US and  some of the other English speaking countries.  He mentioned the word:  PLEASE.  It is to plead with/or for someone. Tina and I took a good look at that and determined when we  have to plead with someone it puts us in a vulnerable situation, renders us  powerless, aside from interfering with self-worth and self-esteem.  We will  not stop using the word, as it represents respect and courtesy in society,  instead we will notify our subconscious what we do not mean it in a literal way  as to not to confuse our emotions connected to the use of the word constantly throughout the day. "HUMANS!"
We found solitude at a "Living Ghost Town" along HYW  395.  Stopped for a moment in silence at the site of the  Earthquake victims of 1848 along the same Highway. Stopped at the Federal Correctional Facility in  Victorville,CA to check on Omar.  He is better at this time.  Sad we  had to resort to pressure by Senator Barbara Boxer to obtain medical attention,  when in fact when we put people in a cage we should have the wisdom to seek  medical care.  PLEASE.........
Patriotic as I am, I have always owned American made  cars.  I drove 2,305 miles in a Toyota at 45 miles a gallon and must tell  you dollars which are no longer green spend just as fast as the multicolored  money we now have.  I mentioned I felt like a traitor using multicolored  dollars, green money was an American constitution and was told these were  the signs of the time.  I was exhausted when I got home, drove to Budget  Rental I usually do after my return.... to return the  car only to realized I did not have to return the
Toyota. IT WAS MINE!
Before I left a woman came to visit and bring me some travel  money.  She mentioned she had seen on TV that if you give away money  it will come back to you 58 fold, I believe she said.  She wondered why I  did not live in a mansion instead of a mobile home, possessing all the talents I  claim.  I explained to her that if I concentrated on money I would be  unable to do my work in a way I am guided to. I cannot function in the hectic of  every day society.  I am home safe, standing in the door way of my meager  home.  It if fine after all
of the things I saw across the land and I am,  at best, concerned about some of the upcoming bills as a result of the gas  prizes.
"Don't look at me for help you crazy woman, I am after all a  rabbit and busy worried about the neighborhood cat!"  Mr. Rabbit turns his head and hops away, belly  heavy loaded with child, turns out he is a she.

Love and Light
My friend Rusty Smith from Texarkana,TX is in a coma.  He  was attacked with a hammer in a robbery several month ago.  We pray  for him for what ever is best for his Higher Self and send him  Love. Thank you Katheryn Grandfield and Trepus for your  help.