November Newsletter

For several years some of us found ourselves in a quandary, one day it was summer, next day it was winter.  Not so this year, we were surprised to actually go into autumn. The first fall storm had sweeped through the Pacific Northwest. I marveled at the fact that some of the leafs, deep red, golden, yellow, brown and even green were hanging on for dear life, refusing to leave the branches as to prolong life just another day or so.  Ever so often a wind gust someone directed it with a giant whip.... would stop a bird in mid-flight.  Flying at a total standstill not able to gain on distance, almost representing the month of October which seemed to be endless.
We had "Washington Rain" all but a constant drizzle.
We had "Sideways Rain" rain blown by the winds.
We had "Lumpy Rain" rain and snow-mix.

As I sat in my car abiding my time before a Dr.'s appointment, trying to formulate a line of conversation about my complaints I intended to present to the good Doctor, I noticed a man in his 60`s I assume, sitting in the car next to me.  He was just laughing away.  He was still laughing after he got out and locked the car, I asked him what was sooo funny.  He gave me a long stare, turned away and started to laugh again, as he walked towards the clinic.  About 20 minutes passed, he returned to his car, knocked on my window and said:" In answer to your question.  The world is such a f..... up place, I listen to Comedy Central and disassociate myself from the whole sh.. and caboodle, it works for me". He slammed the door as he got back into his car and started laughing again.

In August I was given a cocktail of antibiotics, CIPRO and FLAGYL.  The intend was to cure a very bad infection I had contracted.  The medicine made me deadly ill, I complained, not only to the Physician on record, but also to the Emergency Room Physician on duty, telling them I was allergic to the Flagyl.  They were of the opinion I should continue with the pills until they were gone, it was a 10 day regiment.  Not wanting to die from the infection I did just that.  I WAS allergic to Flagyl, some of the ingredients attacked the nerves in my legs, I am still unable to walk properly and am in pain 24-7.  The remedy for the leg pain is as dangerous as what got me to this point in the first place, all I can do is try to adjust to the tremendous amount of pain.  The fact that I have such a high tolerance in pain level and I can function with an 8..... counting from 1-10..... does not stop me from awaken from a deep sleep crying from hurting, even in my dreams.  PLEASE research your medicine, change Doctors if they are not willing to listen to you, do anything you can to avoid what happened to me.  I was too sick to fight, now trying to deal with the dilemma I find myself in.

October 10th I had to report to Homeland Security.  This agency is also home to Immigration and Naturalization.  It was time for a new Permanent Alien Resident Card.

Almost unable to walk, I took a friend with me in order to assist me with the trip into Seattle, about 67 miles away.  After checking in we were requested to show our hands.  I ask what the purpose was and was told by the Lady examining our hands that she wanted to see if we had blood on our hands.  We did not, needless to say we asked nothing else of noone as we sat waiting for an hour for me to be fingerprinted etc.  We marveled at the about 150 people processed about every hour.  They had come from the 4 corners of the world, what a sight to see.  We all just sat there wondering what had brought us to the USA, young and old alike.  Like a beautiful flower bouquet, a vast variety of people.  I closed my eyes and listed to the quiet, one could hear a number called, other than for this distraction one could hear each others thoughts.  If only all people of the planet Earth could gather this peaceful, it gave me hope.  After all we were at Homeland Security you might say!  
A couple nights later I found myself in a similar setting.  This time at one of the Indian Casinos.  A boxing match was winding up and many people from all walks of life gathered to hear the band, Society Child.  People of all races talked and danced together, again it felt there was hope!

The word for November is INCOMPREHENSIBLE.
According to Webster it means: exclude, misinterpret, mistake, ignorance, misconception, misunderstand.

According to Follett by Paul Glucksman: not wrapped tightly, short sighted, unable to bundle, unable to come to grips.

The Predictions for 2007 have aired, they were recorded in September 2006.  There is a good chance they will be posted on the website shortly.

It was interesting to note how accurate we were, again, for 2006.  It is always my hope things will be recognized, adjusted and/or changed.  Unfortunately this does not happen.  Somehow people feel the accuracy of what a Psychic tells a person is more important than changing anything one does not wish to experience, making proper adjustments, so some events never take place.  Much like the 5AM news gives you weather and traffic reports every 10 minutes, so you can safely maneuver around the madness of the morning rush hour, the prediction shows are intended for the same purpose.  PLEASE contemplate what you see/hear and make us WRONG.  Only by understanding what is ahead in the next year can we make changes.  Be aware of your surroundings, stay educated as to current affairs.

VOTE, even if it appears not to make a difference.  Universe recognizes INTENT, if we intend to make the world or Planet Earth a better place for the moment, do your part and INTEND it. 

The Human Of The Year Award was given to Monica Michelle Moore, mother of 8.  Her Children range from 22 to 1/half years old.  She was chosen to represent all mothers of the planet by way of educating the children by means of respect, non-judgement, tolerance and pride of being a member of the Human Family.  Mothers can make the difference to this beautiful place we have been given, nurture and preserve the planet we call home.

A few miles from here is a mounded prairie.  The Mima Mounds.  For 5 years a group of us have monitored a rift in the Earth I located.  I was told it is where the Pacific Plate touches the American Plate.  The maps available from USGS are somewhat inconclusive in this regard.  I have taken several scientists to the spot, we arrived at the conclusion that there is logic to my thinking.  Imagine, if you will, you sliding the nail of your left middle finger under the nail of your right middle finger.  Imagine your left wrist is the Pacific Ocean.  The October Earthquakes in the Ring of Fire could have affected that area.  The Quake in Hawaii was said to have been a fractal bend due to weight.  Imagine a teeter-totter, lower the wrist since it is now heavier.  It will result in your left nail to slide from under your right nail.  It is therefore logical to assume this would explain how the crack grew from 2.5 inches on 10.11 to 2 feet long and 18 inches wide by 10.25.  One of the scientists I talked to also suggested the presence of a paramagnetic spot within a few feet of the rift.  This is being looked at.

This time period has many theories and believes.  Some believe Armageddon is right around the corner, some believe a Rapture is about to happen, others know we are in the middle of the Earthchanges.  Eigher way we live on the planet Earth which had many changes since her birth.  It is an ongoing part of evolution.  People pray for the changes regardless of their believe systems.  I find it incompehensible to think one would acknowledge the above, yet, at the same time ignore the fact eigher way we, as occupants, are or will be affected.

The book: And the Moral of the Story is... one person at a time (available for free download at tells my live story.

A week ago I was contacted by a woman which claimed she knew me as a small child.  SHE DID.  I call her my "MEMORY KEEPER," she told me I had confide in her as a child.  She NEVER devulged any of which I told her and kept my secrets for 50+ years.  Imagine my surprise to have the honor, unknown to me all this time, to have such a person in my life.  I was unaware such a loyal friend could even exist in this day and age.  We reminisced for hours, she remembered all of the things I had forgotten.  It was for that reason I took a look at the word incomprehensible.

We recalled our childhood, what is was like to grow up under Occupation.  Parts of our world still in ruins.  The build-in caution button we instinctively developed, just playing in a field or a stroll on the outskirts of the forest could result in injury or death since there were many leftovers in form of explosives 10 years after W.W.II.  Lack of proper nourishment, malnutrition is noticeable even now that we are 60.

It is incomprehensable that nothing has changed, in fact things are more intensified, weapons are deadlier and have more long range affects.  There are no Liberators to look forward to, which was the case in the 1940s.

It is incomprehensable to think we are divided by walls, fences, groups, religions and tribes given the fact that the largest divisions are economically.  More of us now find ourselves on the left side of the tracks rather than the right.  The train is parked at the station; no schedule as to when it will leave for the next destination, which again is incomprehensable if only we, as people, would take the time to think rather than act.  We have become the left wrist slowly forcing the left fingernail to pop from under the right one.  We have lost balance on so many fronts in our life it seems incomprehensible to worry about someone else`s skin or hair color.

My family is much like the people at Homeland Security that day.  Since "Liberation" after W.W.II we consist of Native American, Afro American, German, Gypsy, Swedish, Vietnamese, Yoruba/Cuban, North African, Creole, Caucasian American from Iowa and Haitian.  We represent the people of the planet Earth and have come together in our Universe... UNI as in one....Verse as in....all on the same page as we sing the song of life.  I don't think we planned it like that, it just happened because it CAN.

My definition of incomprehensible is somewhat different from quoted in the dictionary.  It is more like unable to imagine.  I like that better than remaining in bliss of ignorance which would actually present a way out!

Love and Light

PS.  I have sign another contract for the Show: A visit with a person of High Strangeness.  The show is politically and religiously neutral.  If you are interested in sponsorship I would appreciate your help.  We need many things, ranging from Tapes, DVD`s, gas vouchers, hotel vouchers, stamps, ink for the PC printer, dinner for the crew and volunteers for many tasks I can use help with.  Please contact me at