Lilian's December 2006 Newsletter

If memory serves me right, it was in 1969 the preacher in our local church, told us the brain was the size of a computer as large as the Empire State Building.  Few of us were familiar with computers but we all knew the size of the Empire State Building.  Supposing the preachers comment holds true in 2006, many brains resemble more of a cabin than a structure of the nature he described.  Educated as most of us would like to appear, we feel we are able to maneuver and master everything in our daily life.  We do OK for the most part unless we are dealing with Mother Nature.  Ever so often she enters our reality, gets us in a grip of incomprehensible magnitude and only releases her hold at her convenience.

Computers enable us to stay informed as to the goings-on around the world, with the click of the mouse, in some cases with voice control, we can access anything happening around the globe.  An earthquake in Japan, typhoons in China, mudslides in Central America and heat waves in Europe.  We acknowledge the event, sometimes even say WOW and go on about or daily activities.  Hardly ever do we inquire to get a first hand account of how such things affect people, and by doing so make a friend or two.  The story changes when disaster strikes in our backyard.

November 2006 was a horrific month for people in Washington State.  We had nonstop storms for the entire month.  Highways collapsed, bridges washed out, 18 counties or parishes were immersed in water.  Salmon swam in the bicycle lane on the streets and Coho spowned in peoples backyard.  Rivers changed course, access to our Volcanos is nonexistent due to the damage to the roads leading to them.  Windgusts of 122mph were recorded on the coast and up to 82-mph inland. 
The weathermen explained there was no name for what we experienced, since hurricanes were not possible on our side of the country.  We broke the record for the wettest month EVER.  FEMA promised to come and take a look in a week or so, not sure if they ever did.  At the moment everything is buried in feet of snow so we adopt a wait and see attitude.  Friends around the country were surprised to hear we were having problems, a friend in Missouri called his news station on several occasions inquiring as to why there was no coverage, it was not newsworthy.

Those of us, who did not have a job outside of the home, disabled and retired friends tied up the phone lines when they were not down due to wet wiring or an overload to speculate on our delimma.  It was election time, some voters walked through 1-2 feet of water to the polling stations to make their voice heard.  Some of us went as far as to think the weather had help from man in order to keep us from voting. 

The pinaple express..... storms from Hawaii......
The arctic express.....storms from Alaska......
Conversion zones.... where cold and warm merges.......
It was all present.

Some of us watched old movies.

Beetlejuce: The story about a couple which died, not realizing that fact and having to learn how to conduct themselves as spirits.  A great 1988 comedy that can put a new spin on the hereafter, eventually demonstrating man can coexist with visitors from other realms.

Howard the Duck, a George Lucas sleeper.
When experimenting in outer space a mishap brought Howard, a duck, from a parallel Universe.  As Howard attempts to get home it is realized that a second miscalculation took  place and the Great Underlords were also beamed to Earth.  They wanted to destroy the world, Howard did the nobel thing and opted his return home to save the world...EARTH ... with that destroyed the evil which was to befall us.

The GODS must be crazy is a 1980 movie.
It addresses multiple timelines.  The Bushman from the Kalahari finds a coke bottle which fell out of the sky.  He is determined to throw it off the face of the earth, since possession of the evil thing ,as he refers to it, has brought great distress and disagreement to his tribe.  It shows while modern man considers him...the Bushman... to be primitive, it was really modern man trapped in a jungle of their existence bound by time and expectations.

Tess... a masterpiece from Roman Polanski with Natasha Kinski gave food for thought in 1979.
I do not want to give this one away, it is an eye-opening story of human need, behavior and love.

This brings us the word for December: UNCONDITIONAL.
According to Webster it means absolute, certain, entire, full, genuine, unlimited, unequivocal, unrestricted and whole. Follette by Paul Glucksman explains it as: without strings, to the end and no questions asked.

As we talked to pass the time in-between storms talk of relationships emerged as always.  Seems as we get wiser we have developed our own way of muddling through the hardships which seem to befall us when we deal with relationships.  No one seems to know, or care, what on earth started the assumption relationships have to result in EITHER/OR.  If we are in a relationship it has to be perfect or else.  If a third person such as a spouse, parent or friend is part of our relationship we apt to be plagued with jealous and doubts, competition and unreasonable emotions which are for the most part, self imposed.  Relationships can have a midioka middle where everyone can meet. 

Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect example, all gather around the table, reluctantly at times.  We tiptoe around some and bombard others with our opinions when in fact we all have our own truth.  So what if we all remember people and/or events differently.  Each person has a different perspective, a little willingness to overlook, compromise or just plain chuckle at a feeling or story that no one remembers except yourself is perfectly fine.

The heart is a large organ it has chambers and depth, it can therefore absorb many relationships.  The problem is that sometimes we misinterpret the word unconditionally. 

We buy cars AS-IS.
Small appliances with limited 90 day guarantee.
10-day return policy.
No cash refund, store credit only.
Disposable lighters, paper plates and cups. 
Rechargeable phones and calling cards.
Without a problem, since we are aware of the eventuality of the item.

Only when it comes to relationships do we want to judge based on probabilities and potential. To love a person unconditionally means just that.  No strings attached, to the end, and no questions asked.

Some of us monitored some unusual earthquake patterns in November.  It was not so much the location of the quakes, rather the depths - 100-plus kilometers.  Unfortunately the USGS site was somewhat inconclusive and it was by accident we discovered this at Click here: Global Earthquake Report .  On further investigation it was assumed that a similar depth of such quakes have not happened in several thousand years.  Imagine the turmoil the planet is undergoing at this point in time.  I would assume this to be some of the things Nastrodamus was looking at in his visions.  The movie CORE gives great visual as to what the earth layers look like.  By being able to comprehend what 100-plus kilometers consists of one, can marvel at the times we live in.  Add Icebergs on the move, new islands springing up in places and yes, like it or not, the horrendous weather patterns that plague us is all Mother Earth continuing her birth process.  It can be scary, costly, nerve-wracking, a bond between total strangers all of the above, yet at the same time a cue for us to examine the brain in order to determine is it the Empire State Building or is it reduced to a mere cabin.  Some would have us think it is an Outhouse so lets put on our thinking caps, restore the relationship we have with Mother Earth, the people we care about, think BIG, think GLOBAL.

We would appreciate comments from the international community as to what is taking place in your part of the world so we can share and learn from one another.

Ready or not 2007 is at your front door make sure you read the instructions as to the guarantees unless you are willing to accept it unconditionally.

Love and Light