Lilian's January 2007 Newsletter

Oh, it must have been around the middle of October when calls started to come in demanding an explanation about a prediction I made on the 2006 Prediction Show. Unable to give particulars I mentioned canceling Xmas a total of 3 times. I was clueless 14 months after I made the statement, in fact for a while it appeared what could have been a spontaneous, silly comment was without merit. Human nature seems to demand logical explanation, so we find ourselves in a position of speculation, assumption and even vivid imagination.

Novembers floods seem to have pointed to somewhat of an inconvenience as far as the Holiday spirit was concerned, those of us unaffected brushed it aside without further consideration. For the people whose lives were beyond recognition. Washingtonians are tough and adaptable....we like to we bounce back with a “bring it on” attitude. Ted Turner and the owner of Virgin Airlines, donated 1 BILLION dollars each to the UN to get busy and fix the global warming issue. Al Gore made the rounds on all the talk shows, including Oprah, so people could get educated as to the approaching realization that we do have a problem. Those of us who have warned people of the steam rolling freight train for years were glad to see we finally got help from “NORMAL” people since for a long time it was thought to be a message from either “DOOMSDAYERS”, religious fanatics or psychics. Rather than trying to fix not only our attitude, aside from the problem, many chose to look at past civilizations, glorify them imitate their train of thought. Mel Gibson’s film Acopolypso was eye opening by presenting the ancient Mayans. One could wonder why some are trying to imitate the behavior of that time period. However, some of their ideas were timely, especially the prediction as to their understanding of time at which point their calendar comes to an end. I am not sure how it was calculated to arrive at 2012. It is definitely worth doing y our own research on this subject. Actually it is fascinating as soon as you can get familiar with the terminology.

A weather front was in the forecast, we acknowledged it and took it in stride. My granddaughter Ebony and I decided to go to town to replace a broken compass and grab a quick bite. We found a compass at the Dollar Store, which by the way is being changed to $1.05 store in order to keep up with inflation....we stopped at Nickelby’s. As soon as the order went to the cook we heard a big bang and the lights went out. Our next stop was Cattlin’s, a 24 hour restaurant. As soon as we finished dinner the lights went out. We had a flashlight and decided to make the best of it pretending we were having a candlelight party. Several customers had stopped after the Seahawk game in Seattle enroute to Portland, Oregon. As soon as they attempted to leave the big glass door flew open with a roar. HARRY CAINE introduced himself, notifying us he loved parties. He was neither invited or expected, so he thought it was only appropriate for him to crash the party. The Portland people left even after Harry told them I-5 was impassible due to flying trees which had left two dead, guess they thought he was kidding talking about flying killer trees on the Interstate. Coffee was plenty and still hot at that time, the heat of the grill still adequate. The manager, the waitress, the owner and his wife, Beano the cook, Ebony, myself and a man on his way to work....actually he said he was from McCleary, the town where a man thought tree stumps were beautiful...and of course Harry Caine. Harry would occasionally leave the building long enough to topple trees, blow transformers and rattle buildings trying to take the roofs off and hurl them down the street. He thought playing scrabble or charades was childish and wanted to familiarize himself with our part of the country and see what it was that we liked to talk about. He thought our panic attacks were overrated since he had things under control, we ought to just relax. So we talked and talked and talked.

Bank of America has a new thing. One can round off all purchases to the nearest dollar to “SAVE”. Silver Dollars are making a comeback. Mr. Cooney was considered the lumber baron in Cosmopolis, WA. He owned everything in town. He paid his workers in coins. Pocket heavy he knew they were going to lighten their load at one of their establishments. Bank keeping your savings and coins in your pocket. I wonder if we get to keep money at all.

Brandon Mayfield, wrongly accused and arrested after the terrorist attack on the train in Spain, did not only get an apology from the government, he now was paid 2 million dollars. It is my understanding he will use the money in part to file suit to repeal the Patriot Act.
A man complained to the judge he thought it was unfair to get the death penalty for killing 2 people when in fact he was only sent to prison for 108 years for committing 13 murders.
I was stoned out of my mind from taking a “1 pain pill” my body was not compatible with. After notifying the doctor about my dilemma he suggested I take 2.

A tree was tied with a rope to the bus station in Aberdeen, WA to keep it from falling.
Only after the death of a spy was there talk of radiation on airplanes. Some of us are unable to fly above 35,000 feet because radiation is present, unfortunately no one willing to investigate such claims.

For the second year Canadian Geese were flying in the wrong direction and out of sequence with their migration time frame.

I saw an aerial of the flood area in Washington and Oregon, I was able to cover it with a post-it. FEMA took 6 weeks to arrive in some places.

The word grateful, according to Webster, means appreciative, beholden, indebted, obliged, thankful, agreeable and pleasing. According to Follette Glucksman: Recognizably acknowledged.

My friend Bob Grubbs, owner of the Rock Museum in Bliss, Idaho died of West Nile Virus. My mind was trying to comprehend how a lowly mosquito could take down a giant of a man 6’ 2”, healthy and full of life.

9 hours have passed, Harry is still in and out between our stories. We asked him to slow down long enough to tell us what brought him to our neck of the woods. He said he was glad to summarize for us since it was almost time for him to move on. Because of our neglect in taking care of the earth, not acknowledging Global Warming, destroying the atmosphere, polluting the planet and just not care, he found it necessary to pay us a visit. He does not think we mind dying since we seem so preoccupied with executing, torturing and maiming people. Allow starvation, homelessness and bigotry. From a scientific point of view deep earth quakes, volcanoes, electrical storms, and emotional mayhem attack the nervous system in all living beings.

Harry took responsibility for his part of that, everything else....he thought.....we should take responsibility for and fix, at least try. He said he was not native to this part of the world and for the moment still in uncharted territory. even though, he was pleased, said he was able to maneuver much better than he anticipated. Thought we were a strange bunch here on the west coast and rather technically inclined. Said in order to follow that line of thought it would be politically correct to have changed his name just for us.
From hurricane to Harry Caine.

He thanked us for our hospitality, pointed out he did not take the roof off Cattlin’s, no need to be grateful and to take our time to appreciate the presents he left. so close to the holidays he added. He tipped his hat and promised to drop in on us again soon, party or not. There were no bows on the presents Harry left for us.

Trees and power lines across every road in his path. More flooding, mud slides closing rail and back roads. Debris on all the major highways. Blown out windows at the Seattle airport, Harry headed for Denver to make sure their holiday season was bright. No power to more than 1,000,000 households, 2.5 persons per household. No gas, no water in places. Tons and tons of food had to be thrown out due to spoilage. Insurance companies refusing to pay for an act of “Harry”. 13 people dead from the storm. Raw sewage in Puget Sound along with million dollar mansions.

Oregon looked pretty much the same, eventually we shared utility crews. They worked around the clock for all 12 days of Christmas.

Compared to the 68 Cell Phone Generators delivered to the Katrina aftermath, we had 91. In Portland Oregon sink holes swallowed 18 wheelers. In Sammamish the sinkhole swallowed a fire engine.

Having realized the meaning of the word grateful, I refuse to use it in this case. We show gratitude for being alive. KOMO 1000 radio sat up a network broadcast which united people for 3 days 24/7. Cold and in the dark one could hear people talking to each other, finding solutions and we were connected unlike people in Iraq who have to live like this each day. Sitting ijn the dark not sure what is going to come flying your way, never feeling safe. The soldiers trying to maintain.

It is time for peace around the world, not sure what it is we are waiting for. If there is any doubt as to what time it is consider this, ice shelves the size of 11,000 football fields broke off and disappeared into the ocean all in 90 minutes. Tornadoes, snow storms and floods are ravishing the planet. No snow in the Alps. Polar Bears without a home.

Next time you go for dinner don’t be surprised if the door swings open, a fellow announces “I AM HARRY CAINE. CANCEL CHRISTMAS”

Oh, I forgot, this is 2007 a new year and everything will change RIGHT????

Love and Light