Newsletter February 2007   

Just a few weeks ago we all assumed with the ringing in the New Year our life would change instantly, for the better…… of course….. when better is actually more of the same…. guess we meant to ask for different.

There was a time in my life, oh, about an eternity ago ,when still in the mainstream workforce…. while driving home from work, fighting the drivers on the Interstate I would fantasice what it would be like to get up one day, instead of putting on my clothes just to be able to leave  my robe on and do nothing for a whole day.  To look around and see what is exactly I am killing myself for, working 14-hour days.

Then came the time I quit the madness, stayed home and was able to keep my robe on to the point that If I ever did get dressed again no-one would notice.  "WORK" keeps me busy 16 hours a day now, so I guess it did get … better….

Suppose I was male I would think about the golf course, the workshop in the garage, the pond in the back of the property, a hunt or a day on the high waves hoping to catch a fish of record setting size.  As a female I think about propping and fluffing up pillows pretending my bed is my kingdom for the day, I am the reiging queen….. even if I have to pour my own water from the carafe on the night stand and open my own bags of goodies.  To lay on the couch would be masculine and apt to leave me open for interruptions, even though I AM in possession of the Remote Control.

I am settled in my comfort zone, all propped up ready for the slide show of happenings I missed while too busy doing other things.  4 six-hour tapes to look at, this will be interesting.

The country is in deep-freeze, almost everywhere much like us Washingtonians were for the past 10 weeks. Some of us were actually in emotional meltdowns, some able to hide the condition and then there was me.  I did not know who I was for a time, I was stuck in the 50's and the 60's.

James Brown died, at his Life Celebration some one said he was a champion, to get up, the floor was no place for a champion.  That comment promoted me to get off the floor, return to the present and continue.  James was a great Human Being, for those, which knew him; he was a rare breed with all of his likes, dislikes and opinions.  He DID change the world in so many ways.  It was also said he was a teacher; no one should be greater than the teacher.  Personally I think he would have disputed that statement insisting the pupils he had became visions of his dreams.  Some learned absolutely nothing from the caring, compassionate man or else they would not have treated his present wife and son in the terrible way they did.  One can only wonder how we…. decent people for the most part….  Have allowed ourselves to again be manipulated by greed and racial issues.  The 60's and early Baby Boomer years had changed at least some of that, so here we are again, right back where we started from.  Smarter one would assume, how sad.

As things unfolded these past few weeks I had jokingly mentioned what the world really needs is Jack Bauer! We laughed and thought it could serve as a private joke, kind of like we use to tap our head saying: "I could have had a V.8".

As requested Jack Bauer reentered our reality for the new season of 24.  How I regretted having requested Jack.  It became apparent that his new story line only feeds the fear and frenzy.  There was a time we had the good sense to wait 5-8 years before portraying our former enemies as "Hogan's HEROES or take us to Hamburger Hill.

At present we have interwoven TV/Movies into reality to a point it all seems to play out the same.  As a filmmaker I understand the skills of the producer/director to present things, people and events in a way one could absolutely argue everything was true and factual, because I intend to present it as such.  This however is a dangerous assumption, especially if what we are viewing appears to a present event.

24 is a great action packed story, however it is so close to life and present  circumstances it is easy to mistake the TV/MOVIE for reality and in as much as myself incorporate Jack Bauer in our everyday life simply because he is in our living room at least one a week.

The Series CENTENNIAL is now available in stores.  This is a great historical account of early settling into the Plain States.  In 2006 I aired a series of 19 shows named Armchair Traveler, in which we took the viewers, unknowingly, to some of the same places the story line of Centennial is played out.

The series is historically very correct and certainly worth the money, plus the 12 133-minutes it takes to watch it.

I renewed a subscription of USA Today for a friend in prison.  I had not received a current bill and was concerned I had missed the due date. The Lady on the other end of the phone line stated it was no problem whatsoever; the paper had credit of 21 days vacation hold!

Dennis Kucinich entered the race for the White House.
Again he has been excluded from most of the news coverage.
Again he is steadfast in his convictions.
Again he tries his best to represent the people.
Again he asks for your support.
Please research some of his opinions, his track record and activities since the last time he asked for your confidence, it might surprise you to see what one man can accomplish regardless opposition.

To remind you Dennis was the recipient of the 2004 Human Of The Year Award presented from the viewers of my Show: A Visit With A Person Of Highstrangeness.

Reports came many Owls were sitting on the Highways getting killed.  The reports ranged from Idaho to the I-5 corridor in Washington and Oregon.

Moths are equipped with little radar antennas we perceive as fuzz. Microwave frequencies are created when the flop their wings.  Mammals follow the flight of the Moth; owls follow the mammals for food.

The word CHANGE according to Webster: alter in condition, substitute, low value coins, money owed for payment.

According to Follette by Gluckman: interchange for something better, a bridge over, changing clothes, think differently, re-route.

I for one am sure if James Brown would have had any inclination people around him would conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner regarding his wife and son he would have done his best to prevent this situating. He would have exchanged low value coins for valuables and provided for them
I get calls from people all the time, which are confronted with similar issues.  Trusts mismanaged by Trustees, siblings stealing from one another altering the life and excistance of all around them.
Please discuss your final wishes with all involved and CHANGE the ugliness that sometimes follows.

Tactics of early settlement of this great country and what appears to be settlement of the world are very similar.. .. We need to exchange this tragedy for something else.  Even if it means the king has to change his clothes in order to be visible. 

We have to be able to distinguish real from fiction when it comes to watching TV.  REAL, for the most part is NOT reported. Just enough to bridge over what is really going on in our world.

We have to re-route our relationship with the planet…. Global warming does exist…. If we miss the point, not only will we continue to watch ice-bergs disappear into the ocean within 90 minute segments, we will suffer through 120mph- winds like Europe did a couple of weeks ago and ultimately join the owls chasing the mammals chasing the moth.

We have to think differently about our fellow man.  It is the diversity of all which makes us great  How are we to question shut down oil lines, shot down satellites or similar devices when we are incapable to respect our next door neighbor.  As loving as we appear to be, there is a little Jack Bauer in all of us, trying to save the world in a way which makes a great movie, but little else. 

Enough time spend in my comfort zone, Ms. E.T.the cat, has invaded my space and is fighting for my bed.  This was exhausting, I think I will get back to work, a much easier task in hind side.  Or, I could go to the Golf course, OR the Garage, OR the ponds behind the house, Or, oh well the choices are endless just as long as I can keep on my robe.

Love and Light