Newsletter August 2007

I remember hearing a comment someone made in the late 1960s. It had something to do with the attempt of a person to explain that the human brain had the capability of retaining an equal amount of memory as a computer the size of the Empire State Building. 40 years later computers have been shrunken down to heavens know what, a size I am unable to comprehend, nor would I know what to compare it to, at present. Even at that I would assume it to be an impressive size and shape, for that matter. Over the past few years I have made the comment: LIVE IN THE NOW..... to you. I am tempted to rethink that statement and attempt to call it something else for several reasons.

The word conclude according to Webster means: finish, to form an opinion.

According to Follette by Glucksman it means; finish, decide the end result, bring to an end a decision, ability to foresee what comes next.

July was a very trying, yet very successful month for myself and my granddaughter Ebony. Against all odds we decided to take our yearly journey across country in order to film our winter shows, a series of 12 shows in which we, in detail, documented places, events and people we met along the way. I was still in pain from my ongoing leg dilemma. Ebony at 18, fresh out of school, agreed to put her filming talents, which began for our show when she was 8, to work. I was to be the designated driver, she was to take care of everything else. Filming, care for the equipment, dragging all of our stuff in and out of hotels and locations. While doing so she was to decide what she was going to do with her life as an adult.

Due to economic circumstances most of the sponsors from previous years had to opt out, so we left, with the help of our 3 faithful backers and half of our travel budget, heading for California. On a rainy morning we stepped into the NOW.

By the time we reached our first stationary destination, Victorville, we had detoured into Nevada avoiding the horrendous smoke from the Tahoe firers, accidentally ended up in Gerlock, NV, the site of the famous Burning Man Festival. We interviewed people and filmed unusual places and yes, we did remain in the NOW.

The complementary rooms from Motel 6 in Victorville did not materialize due to a mix up with management. We did get a discount. Even in the NOW we realized our budget had been damaged to a greater extend than we wanted to acknowledge other than in the NOW. 6 shows had been completed by than. My 3 day visit with Omar at the Federal Penitentiary was plagued with small, in my opinion, unnecessary occurrences. Contrary to my own conclusion, Omar said he was fine and thanks everybody for their ongoing support.

Prior to leaving we requested promotion for readings in Los Angeles. With a psychic on every corner I soon felt like a circus act, very few people recognize the importance and value of an ethical Intuitive. About the time I was in the process of changing my outlook on said dilemma Ebony came down with a life threatening case of food poisoning. The culprit was a piece of broccoli garnish from her Teriyaki Chicken from a Take-out/Delivery place. We were forced to step into "Normal Time"..... 3 weeks later, after TWO 9-hour stays in the hospital, a relapse in 126-degree heat, brought on by heat sensitive medication, an almost $8.000 hospital bill and ongoing issues with the establishment's insurance..... she ate the evidence, one piece of broccoli..... she is fine.

While operating in "Normal Time" we managed to interview wonderful people. TV stars, writers, painters, an array of people which broadened our understanding of many subjects concerning our lives at present. We were able to show a side of Los Angeles which was neither the glamorous nor the troublesome City which is portrait on the nightly news and around the world. We realized that the hunger to follow the lives of the rich and famous is nothing more than an attempt to participate in the neighbor hood squabbles and feuds fueled on by profit seeking entrepreneurs. People are basically the same anywhere ... trying to live as best as they can. Granted, there is a small number of people which enjoy the lime light, may it be good, bad or indifferent. Shows 7-11 address those issues.
What we did notice was the terrible pollution which is ramped over the city. TV would have you believe the great things taking place in California in reference to Global Warming/Green Power etc. Aside from the average person living in the City, 20-Million Dollar homes build in the mountains house people in air which is not fit for anyone. True, carbon coupons are bought and displayed on the rear of $50.000 cars...... One buys carbon stickers in order to feel free to pollute per equal value. I am assuming other cities are also effected to such an extend, in this case I am only able to talk about what we experienced first hand. We were in Los Angeles.

We returned to the NOW, wondering about the paradox of occationally seeing a few Town Houses amids miles of fresh air open spaces. It made us wonder how come so few people live in that California. We did get home, dodging fires, chemtrails, unbearable heat waves and outlandish gas prizes. Realizing we had exhausted our going home budget, Les Schwab in a small town fixed our brakes without charge. When we realized such kindness had been shown us we were too far down the road. THANK YOU!!!!

Because of the combination of numbers of Chemtrails we encountered, the fallout from the nuclear leakage from the damaged reactor in Japan due to an earthquake AND the amount of pollution in Los Angeles, I, a Washingtonian, became very ill and headed for the hospital twice myself. Diagnosis: Sinusitis. The second doctor demanded to know why I burned myself.... the left side of my face was swollen, totally closing my eye and looked like I was suffering from 3rd degree burns. "Sinusitis" appears to be the illness of choice, according to some medical personnel.

After being incapacitated for 9 days, unable to find any one to run an errand for me, I started a 4 mile journey to the Albertsons closest to me. I managed, not feeling very good, but I managed. In order to avoid traffic I choose a parallel street. Heading from west to east. I noticed a speed limit sign 25MPH in a place I had never seen it before. As I slowed down and crossed over the overpass on I-5 I turned my head to the left in order to see how busy the freeway was about 7PM on a Sunday night. The traffic appeared normal, except there was a firewerk show over the freeway. Pink, blue, beautiful fireworks. About that time I realized I was lost. I called my grandson Malcolm to assist me, he is very familiar with the road I was traveling. He asked me to describe trees, buildings, etc., so he could mentally follow my whereabouts. He requested I do NOT turn anywhere. I did not. The first house we recognized was on a Highway traveling from north to south several miles away. I inquired about fireworks on I-5 from the local authorities, they knew of none.

It was the fireworks incident, the most recent of a number of experiences of paranormal origin that made me think about the brain/computer comparison I made reference to. It made me think about the term: Living in the NOW.

Our brain, much like a computer holds all of our memories. It is a chain of events of the past which brings us to this point. NOW, would eliminate this to a certain degree. If we step into the PRESENT we are able to combine the past and the hope of a future outcome, based on present decisions. I am not sure if we are even able to isolate any and all memories as we experience the moment. I would assume certain groups in extreme meditation or some martial arts practitioners have the capability do so. I do not think the average person going about their daily activity could achieve such a mindless state.

We concluded that many things have changed since our journey in 2006.
We concluded people are tired.
We concluded people are struggling for their livelihood much harder than last year.
We concluded people are suspended in their willingness or capacity to think, rather than look for solutions they are excepting life as it is presented to them.
We concluded the environment is in bigger trouble than we realize.
We concluded the gap between have and have not's is quickly narrowing.
We concluded "Sinusitis" and food poisoning will be a popular diagnosis and no longer isolated incidents.
We concluded that more than one reality IS truly in existence and no longer an Idea by a few groups.
We concluded we do need to make changes.
We concluded that we need to become more personal with the people around us, know their name, know who they are and how they fit into our reality.
We concluded that not caring, thinking the world will rotate without our help..... even though it does.... is not in our interest.

I concluded the term: living in the NOW is incorrect.
Live in the PRESENT, one experience, one moment at a time.

Love &Light

Thank you for assisting us on our way home.

Copies of the 12 show series will be available September 1st. 2006. Advance orders welcome. 6 2-hour DVD $39.50. S&H free.