Lilian's Newsletter, September 2007

Imagine yourself on a Sunday drive. You see a House For-Sale sign and instinctively know you need to take a look at the property. The fact that the house is a mile off the main road, hiding in trees, safely tucked away from bypassers, is irrelevant. The yard is unorganized, it appears it has been a while since someone occupied the place, none of this matters. You know instinctively this is your home, the place you need to be. The fact that you are settled in your lifestyle, have a beautiful house in which you raised your family, a place that is exactly like you want it, does not matter either. This is YOUR SPACE in the Universe. All that is left to do now is to explain your "Madness" to your spouse and close the deal, move 30 years of accumulations plus 12 goats 62 miles from your previous homestead and occupy YOUR SPACE in the Universe.

I had been invited to spend some time there, so I did. It is located in-between major highways, no need to get out the map, it is not listed. It is in the foothills of what I thought was Mt. St. Helens, can't say for sure, since actual directions are impossible to distinguish. 3 Mountains are visible once you get back on one of the main roads. Time exists, only because of the daily activities of the family and Direct TV of course. My friends created a smoking room for those of us which desired to do so. We spend a lot of time in the back yard. Smells and sounds were incredible, Butterflies, deer, the breeze caressing us ever so often. It was so dark at night and one could hear and feel the presents of life all around. It felt like being allowed to spend time in the natural order of things. Had it not been for a Doctor appointment I would have lost time and stayed much longer.

EXPERIENCE according to Webster means: instance of personally undergoing something, knowledge or wisdom gained from what one has undergone, to meet with.
According to Follette by Gluckman it means: to live with, acquired knowledge, to test and/or receive from somewhere else.

Canyon DeChelle on the Navajo Nation, my friend Randy's retreat on the Wynochee River, Stonehenge on the Columbia River and the final resting place of the earthquake victims of 1847 in the Sierras have effected me in a similar way, in as much as I have always felt the need to return to those sites. Not ever has a place provoked as much thought in me as my friends place, which is not located on any maps. I felt I had to go back right away, as I tried to figure out how to accomplish said task I did a strange thing. I sat through 7 hours of Nazoni, a 7 week journey we had documented and aired about our trip in 2003. I relived the 3 month we traveled in the RV Nazoni interviewing many people in preparation for a Documentary: "Who put the Para in the Normal". The actual documentary was never produced, in fact I forgot about the project, being busy with other things. Not until the last 5 minutes of the 7-hour program did I realize why I had taken the lengthy break to recap that time period.

Ever so often a person or persons will very passionately present the world with a prophesy, a hypothesis or what they believe to be an event. Many books will be written, classes taught and money will exchange hands because a certain percentage of the population will get involved in said upcoming whatever, Y2K was one of those events which could have presented itself as some thought. At present some are calculating the odds of an attack by terrorists, some are preparing for Armageddon, some look for the rapture, just to name a few. They all may have a grain of truth to them, however, when said events and/or occurrences do not materialize we go on to the next hype and repeat the process, don't ask my why.... forgetting what experience taught us or how long it took us to recover from said experience, mentally, physically or financially. We, as a species, seem to have adopted an attitude..... we might even believe this to be true.... that we are in charge of the world, we can conquer everything and everybody. We also seem to think that much of what we think or do is a new discovery, even though history shows it has all been done before, it is our "NEW" discovery because we have not experienced it first hand.

And there was/is Planet X.

In 2001 I was made aware Planet X was on the approach, to please warn my viewers. It appeared there was a metaphysical aspect to the scenario. A friend researched the subject, it appeared he had located the whereabouts of said planet. He, an astronomer, set out with a 16- inch telescope to take a peep. Unsuccessfully unfortunately. As it turned out much of the information given was deliberate misinformation. We abandoned the search for Planet X.

The subject resurfaced in 2003 when I had the opportunity to interview many scientists, including NASA and Planetary scientists. At the conference a full day was set aside for the subject Planet X. It turned out that Planet X was an actual object entering earth vicinity every 3600 years. Many governments, including Russia, were monitoring said object. I interviewed Dr. James McCenna, a Physicist dealing with celestial mechanics. I asked him to please explain to me in plain English what the hoopla was about. Of course I apologized for using the word hoopla in advance ... just in case.....
Planet X approaches from the southern hemisphere about every 3600 years. Because of this it is not visible in the conventual way. Because of the unusual location and the time configurations on a rare occasion the Hubble space craft actually took a picture of what is a Comet rather than a planet. It does not look like a traditional comet resembling a dirty snowball in space, which can actually become a permanent object around our system.

It does not have to even come close to us in order to affect us, since the tail would accumulate a large amount of debris and small objects. He compared the tail to a can of bugspray, in as much bugspray attracts certain insects and removes them from our presence, one way or the other. By doing so, the bugspray will effect several things, including the interaction with the sun. It expands the earth atmosphere, interferes with small object traveling between the moon and earth, things circling the earth such as satellites e.t.c, also the magnetic field because there is an electrical connection. The tail can attract an antorage of many things which can affect us.

Fortunately the catalistic predictions made by some never materialized and Planet X is all but forgotten.

I remember the time when I was in Europe talking to the scientists and the Media, which had came along to observe and broadcast Haley's Comet. The arrival of the Comet was precise and a live broadcast was possible. I assume people dealing with Planet X did not consider the length of the time frame involved.

When dealing with something of this enormity, unlike a flyby or an eclipse, it would stand to reason to observe and experience something of this unusual magnitude.

It is though Planet X is the Blue Comet which creates the devil winds the HOPI make reference to in their prophecy.

2003 was a very trying year as far as extreme weather is concerned.

624 Tornados..... I experienced 14 of those in various stages in 7 different states, as documented in Nazoni.
Floods in the midsection of the USA.
Mudslides and flash floods around the world.
Power outages and black outs in many parts of the world.
Typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis.
People died in horrendous heat waves around the world.
Several eclipses, including a total blue-moon-eclipse.
The Invasion of Iraq changed much of our daily lives.
Upcoming elections for the USA and several other countries changed the face of politics and how we thought of ourselves.
Supposing Planet X created havoc when it arrived in our neighborhood in 2003, stayed 4 years and is now leaving. It would stand to reason it could easily duplicate the same conditions on the way out.
I have been unable to reach any of my usual contacts so these are only my own thoughts and reasoning.

It was reported that a possible meteorite disturbed the ring around Uranus and these changes are not fully understood. It was also reported that a new cosmic mystery arose. A gigantic hole in the Universe where nothing exists. Holes probably occur when the gravity from big areas pull matter from a smaller area. I was unable to contact my friend Bill Ramsey for a simple explanation, at best we can shake our heads at the fact nothing seems the way it appears in recent times.

The first Cropcircle of 2007 appeared in Slovenia. It had a bird nest in the circle which appeared undisturbed. A second circle appeared in Arkansas, again a bird nest was undisturbed. The eggs in Arkansas hatched, I am not sure if someone is following the life of the birds.

In one of my enlightened moments I told my granddaughter that we ... humans.... represent the eggs in the nest. Universe, (as I refer to it in a spiritual contexts) is the Circle Maker. It is weaving so delicately around us and keeps us save.

Some of us worried, in a way, about nothing when the Planet X scenario arrived on the scene.
Some of us watched programs on PBS which reminded us all wars are justified as "Holy Wars" ... eventually.
Some of us are not surprised that overseas calls now appear as local calls on the caller ID.
Some of us quit complaining about the constant problems with the cell phones and crashing of the Internet servers.
Some of us abandoned the notion to blame the government for the bad weather.
Some of us are glad we downsized and are not threatened with foreclosures.
Some of us are grateful we never had enough money to invest in the stock market.
Some of us pooled our knowledge of old remedies we learnt from our grandmothers, so we can stay healthy within reason.
Some of us rediscovered old loves before it is too late.
Some of us seek new loves in order to experience what it means to care for another person.
Some of us just count our blessings and trust we are where we supposed to be at the appropriate time.... linear or not.

We can learn from history, books, the web or even people. It is not the same as actually experiencing things for ourselves, that is the journey we call life. As hard as it appears at times, when we are born we are worthy of life, we have choices in most things. So sad we are so savagely destructive at times acting like prehistoric reptiles.

I guess we dodged the bullet called Planet X for now and are allowed to follow our desires for a better world.

Leaves are turning, the nights are crispy in Washington State, the gas prices are down so I suppose I can raid my piggybank and make another trip to the beautiful place, which is not on the map.

Love and Light

PS. An audio version of the 2003 interview with Mark Hazelwood and Dr. McCenna is accessible at the library of this website. Phone numbers given at that time are not in service at this time.
Zecharia Sitchin's "12th Planet" as well as "Blindsided" by Mark Hazelwood are still available.
Very interesting illustrated articles are e-mailed to those which request it. They deal with planitary subjects.