Lilian's Newsletter, October 2007

Was it not for a deadline, I would take the time to draw the view from my kitchen window. Unlike the mostly gray, fogy and unfriendly sight accompanying October days, the sun is smiling on us. The trees are swaying with the motion of a light breeze, leaves are gently falling, as if to put a protective mantel around/over some of the remaining flowers which are determined to pleasure us by their presence just a little longer. I entertain the thought just a tad longer and notice my coffee is really hot. Steam rising from the cup..... unless the coffeepot developed supernatural powers over night acquiring the ability to produce super hot water ..... I realize that it is very cold in the house and giving the appearance the coffee sat on a Volcano or the engine of a Cobra Jet.
I guess we are all familiar with the saying "Beauty is the eyes of the beholder" I guess so is perception.

September was one of these month in which many perceptions came to the surface, many of us looked at things, people and events from our own perspective.

According to Webster the word INTEND means: design, mean or plan. According to Follette by Glucksman it means: purposely planned, predicted, in charge of a decision.

Do to my lengthy recovery from the afflictions I acquired due to environmental situations on our trip to California in June and July, I actually watched TV while resting certain times of the day. One of the things which fascinated me ever since I came to the US 41 years ago, is commercials. When I first arrived in the US I had never seen a commercial and assumed what I saw and was told were instructions, as to what to do and what to buy. After I got food poisoning from white bread..... I was not used to the chemicals used in order to fortify what ever they "Fortified" I asked someone why we needed all this information every 15 minutes or so. I felt a little stupid but was glad to hear that my new countrymen/women were much smarter than I had assumed, according to some of the commercials.

As I passed some of my time in August and September 2007..... I occasionally smiled, reminiscing of my early days watching TV.... I rather enjoyed some of the advertisement. I wondered what the writers/producers of the jingles wanted to portray and how well their thought came across.
My ALL TIME favorites are M&M and Target commercials. It matters little what it is they want me to know, I relate to the music and the brilliant colors they use. When designing the RECORD/CD covers for Bobby G, an Artist I was affiliated with for some time, we picked hot-pinks, turquoise and lime green. Taste buds would go into over drive..... if you did not want to listen to it, you sure would want to eat it! The records, tapes and CD's were hot-pink, easy to locate for any DJ, we got a lot of play.

The GEICO Gecko became part of our lives, heavy down-under accent and we loved our ancestors, the cavemen. Someone said a weekly show : "Cave Men" was created for those of us, which were not willing to part with their smashing personality and trade them for retro talking dolls and Wilma Flintstone.

Korea Air managed to capture the most beautiful pale blue, delicately inserted in their black and white advertisement. I would fly Korea Air if they were able to take me where this gorgeous color is created!

KFC captured the times, almost bordering on bad taste, with their lunchroom scene. Someone jells: "LYNN got a knife!" Of course every ones shenanigans are almost funny and ridicules when Lynn calmly informs everyone she is having lunch from KFC, therefore the knife.... oh yah, don't forget the fork....

The Cell phone guy standing in a room displaying his Tattoos is great.... I forgot... Roger you tiger now!

The INTEND for these commercials is to familiarize us with a product or service. It matters very little if we love or hate said product/service. It gets our attention. In a court room a proven INTEND can mean the difference between life in prison or the death penalty.

An announcement has starting to air recently reminding us how rampant ADHD is at present. It points out the beauty and talents of the now, still mostly, children afflicted by this condition. We produced and aired 6 shows on that subject over the past 10 years, in fact we send some of them to the, than, Governor Gary Lock. Some of us have recognized the creativeness and potential of these wonderful human beings. Just the other day I found a folder amidst a stack of old notes I forgot I had. After the Earthquake of 2001 I had to vacate my home. About a week or so later I returned to check on some things. On the porch lay the purple folder. It was filled with 9 pages of drawings. Fairies, princesses and dreams dedicated to me along with a note which said... I QUOTE AS WRITTEN....

I'M Seventeen old now. I enjoy and joint gymnastics that I love. It was so fun. Soon I will moving with my father on my birthday eighteen. I will miss all of my old teachers and friendships. Always forever. I will following in my heart know what to do. I will come and visit you as soon. Student Spirit of the princess Serenity.

I don't know where she is. I was unable to thank her. I do know she is a great cartoonist,

A marathon of the show 4400 was also aired. I was so busy with filming and editing a show called: " EXPLORING THE LITTLE P," in which Ebony and I recapped our journey and with the help of CK, a clairvoyant from Germany, filmed predictions for 2008. A couple of days later followed our yearly prediction show for 2008 with Kanashibushan and myself. Lack of enough hours in the day only allowed me to get an occasional glimpse at the 4400. In this particular episode the girl explained she wanted to be normal instead of a powerful SEER and Psychic. Later on that night a program about Nostradamus came on in which several debunker gave their opinions. I was sad that after all this time some people are still misguided as to who Nostredamus was and what he gave to the world. Maybe I can give you an overview of what it is so many programs are trying to present. Some do a great job, such as Medium, which shows the dilemma the poor woman faces in her personal life at appears her gift is only appreciated when it is convenient for her husband. Other networks present shows in which they try to introduce the viewer to the benefits such a profession can have in police work and solving crimes.

In most culture, including modern day society SEERS, PROPHETS, SHAMANS and such play a very important role. Astrologers are mentioned in some of the oldest writing. I asked an Astronomer from NASA once which came first, Astrology ... interpretation by location of stars to events... or Astronomy.... the physical scientific study of location of stars and things in the Cosmos. He said Astronomy was born out of the need to understand Astrology. From the very beginning mankind arrived answers from the stars. Some of us plant gardens by where the stars are situated. Many cultures name their children calculated by numbers, also known as numerology. Different letters represent certain numbers, this requires intense training and is incorporated in some believe systems. Many great people had dreams and visions, including Kings, Queens, Presidents, Popes and Military leaders. Currently the Regime in what used to be Burma calculated their actions by Astrology. Aboriginal cultures have the natural ability to communicate by telepathy...communicating by thought rather than sound.

In part "Alternative Realities" by Leonard George, Ph.D., notes the following: Psychic is derived from the Greek word psyche, meaning mind or soul. The word Psychic is mostly used in the Western world and is somewhat non-descriptive.

Many of us are familiar with the use of "Remote Viewers."...people trained to look at things, people and objects without the physical presence of the person (viewer) by the government. Psychic spies are used in Psywars.

When visiting a Psychic became a fad in the USA many 1-800-numbers became big business. Some of the Psychics working these lines were GP's. much like one can call a family doctor. If the GP is unable to diagnose a problem you will be refereed to a specialist. The time period of the 1-800-numbers familiarized people of what can be achieved. True, some lines were very unprofessional and fakes..... but it brought the subject to the forefront. A subject which had been misinterpreted, misunderstood and demonized for a very long time.... In the New World. England as well as many other countries have many Mediums.... people capable to look into alternate worlds ... in their religious systems, they are part of every day life.

Perhaps you are a practical person who only believes in what can be touched, seen or proven.
Perhaps you believe strongly in a particular religion or school of thought.
Perhaps ALL if this is totally new to you and you just don't understand.

Clairvoyance is clear vision, the ability to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes.
The ability to tap into Universal Knowledge and give detailed information about all areas of your life.
Some people are born with this ability and are able to draw upon their heritage and natural clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance requires discipline, integrity and ethics. Many years are spend to achieve accuracy and detailed descriptions. NOONE is 100% accurate since what is seen must be interpreted based on present circumstances, levels of education, understanding, surroundings and time frames.
Some people acquire their ability by a life/death changing event.

Many in the medical field are intuitive and very effective in treatment of their patients.
By using a positive INTEND we can help you achieve a positive space, address your spirituality, understand not only yourself, but also the world around you. We can assist in business decisions, find missing persons/runaways. We can help you in creating a stress...less ... day, week or month by going...mentally ... ahead in time in order to identify upcoming problems so you can make better choices.

We had thunderstorms carrying 13 inches of rain in an hour, more rain than the weatherman had ever seen. Lucky for us the storm stayed less than 14 minutes. Nobody saw that one coming..... Almost time for snow in the mountains.

Washington State is overrun with spiders this year. It is so noticeable and unusual I looked at this a little closer.

Spider is the keeper of written word ... the alphabet. In Native American folklore spiders represent, in part, a combination of gentleness and strength. Spider has learned to combine both for their survival.

While picking up my medication at Target, a restroom stop was called for. Up on entering it appeared a party was in progress. Lots of chatter and laughter, ladies of different ages and backgrounds appeared to be having a ball. I inquired what the fun was about, they related to me that it was no longer acceptable to park ones purse close to the next stall and DO NOT..... DO NOT ask for toilet paper from your neighbor. Do NOT pass lipstick or anything back and forward, in case you are in the middle of a Minneapolis Airport "STING." Do NOT intend to ask anyone for anything.... it could cost you a day in court, you job and lets not forget your reputation. If you need to carry additional toiletpaper make sure your purse is not so big that it could be mistaken for a backpack, which could be suspected as a suspicious and/or unattended piece of luggage while you have your back turned to wipe a snotty nose.

Love and Light