Lilian's Newsletter, November 2007

November…. My big six-zero has arrived….  Not ever have I been able to remember anything in a straight line, it is therefore not surprising to remember my life in bits and pieces. 

The tail end of Cyclone Ling-Ling clipped Washington State on October 18th; it reminded us just how violent storms could be.  Ms.E.T, my cat, disappeared 3 days prior to the storm.  The Diva cat never goes outside, my visitors know not to let her out, in fact no visitors had been to the house at all.  I searched the house, looked in every crevice I could think of, my calls for her were fruitless, she was gone.  I thought about the possibility of holes in the floor I was unaware of, there were none.  I would have smelled death, I did not.  I assumed she walked thru some kind of inter-dimensional portal and reentered the same way after the storm.  After Ling-Ling the temperature never recovered, cool days and cold nights.  Still overcoming health issues from last winter and the strain the summer trip put on me, I promised Universe, IF, given the strength to finish all projects required
of me, in order to fulfill my obligations for the year, to be good to myself, take it easy when all possible and regain my strength.  Two layers of clothes, the heater on 80 degrees, a fire in the woodstove, blankets wrapped around my ankles and here I sit!

Last winter friends had a new roof put on my place so I would not have to chase the leaks and wipe water off the floor constantly, another friend saw to it I finally got cable.  Before, when viewers called to talk about a show, I had to ask who I was talking to on a program, what was I wearing and remember what I was talking about.  Having cable is great…. For that reason…. I can now see what it is I am asked about.  Unknown to me, the old VHS-VCR no longer recorded.  I have to work hard at doing “nothing” and so I, along with half of the world, watched the California Fires.

It became apparent…. early on…. that some of the places on fire were featured on my shows: A Visit with a person of Highstrangeness….Ebony and Ivory 1-12.  On our summer trip we had documented HYW 138, Arrowhead, Santa Clarita and some of the numerous Canyons now on fire.  We talked about the possibility of a disaster of this magnitude as we presented the okward locations of some of the houses and eventually took the viewers into areas where the aftermath of fires presented a hint of the erratical behavior and the patterns of destruction.  We allowed the viewers to listen to the Santa Ana Winds, trying to explain what it feels like to find yourself in 126 degree winds of 70 miles an hour.  We compared it to standing in front of a gigantic hairdryer/blower.  We documented and presented the results causing numerous health problems, for Ebony it caused bleeding throat, breathing and nausea, in my case a life threatening infection caused by chemicals as a result of the aftermath of fire-retardants, pollution and chemtrails.

The image below shows my physical appearance after exposure to the smoke.

Unable to record the CNN broadcast on channel 44, I added a second monitor to follow my show on channel 22.  It gave the impression of a split-screen showing the afflicted area before, during and after the fire.

The viewers were quick to point out that the California fires were part of the predictions for 2008 we had just aired.  Was there going to be a repeat next year, or was my time frame off by several months.  I was unable to answer that, especially since the purpose for the predictions are to make changes and avoid unpleasant things we look at when making such predictions, not the accuracy.

The viewers were quick to point out that many times I would take them places ahead of a disaster, even the friends in Europe can visualize places and location when they see stories reported on mainstream news.  We have taken them to ….EARTH, WIND and FIRE.  Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, mountains, canyons and small towns all around the USA, which were somehow effected shortly after and the old landscape no longer exists. The viewers were quick to point out that I must suffer from either a curse or a blessing to be able to time my visits and end up in so many places, which suddenly appear on the map, due to a life altering experience, with the world looking on.

 According to Webster the word HUMBLE means: modest, low in station and abase.

 According to Follette by Glucksman HUMBLE means: not flaunting ones EGO, respectfully
not asking for things in return and walking with lowered head in reverence.

To me it is humbling to realize the historical value of the random stories presented,to realize Universe allows me to, accidentally, document people, places and events which may prove very important to future generations.
As I sit here all bundled up I think about my life and the times for a while. 

                            Imagine yourself  looking at my 2 monitors creating a split screen.

I am 20

Minimum wage is $ 1.25

  • Babysitter: $ 0.50 per hour
  • Rent/Mortgage : $200
  • Home Owner Insurance: $ 330
  • Car Insurance: $ 400
  • Milk: $ 1.39
  • Gas: $ 0.79
  • Cigarettes: $ 5.50 par cartoon
  • Long Distance TEL $1.00/minute
  • Healthcare: selective coverage
  • New Car: $ 4,000

    I am 60

Minimum wage is $ 7.93

  • Rent/Mortgage: $ 1,500
  • Babysitter: $ 5.00 per hour
  • Home Owner Insurance: $ 785
  • Car Insurance: $ 1,200
  • Milk: $ 4.19
  • Gas: $ 3.15
  • Cigarettes: $ 54.00 per cartoon
  • Long Distance TEL $free to .10/min
  • Healthcare: selective coverage
  • New Car: $ 20,000+


Each generation has similar problems.  What was different was the attitude of the people.  When I was 20 it appeared we were informed, FREE, neighborly and caring.  We were objecting to wars and appeared to try and help our fellow men.

It appeared we were stamping out bias and racism. 
It appeared we had freedom of movement and speech.
Present day lawmakers were 20-30 when I was 20.  It appeared they had the same hope and dreams as all people in that age group.  Now that we are 60-70, they…. the same people…. try to reverse everything we stood for at 20.  I am computer illiterate, they seem to be illiterate in many areas.

Many people I know join Computer dating and seek friendships on-line.  I took one afternoon out of my life and, for fun, got on a people site.  I had to become a free member, sign on and fill out several forms.  I answered the questions truthfully….. except my name…. I stated my age, my appearance, my likes and dislikes.  I then“ordered” my friend.  I stated age, appearance, likes and dislikes.  The location of my friend (male) was to be Washington State.  I pushed; GO.  It came back : no matches found. Expand your search. 
I widened the search to USA. No matches found. 
I expanded my search to anywhere in the world.  No matches found.
I changed my search to friend (female).  Washington State.  No matches found.
USA… no matches found.
I had 1 match on the world search, a survivalist lady from Costa Rica.  Unfortunately there was a language problem and I was unable to communicate to her what I was trying to do.

 I took a musical journey, 1950-2007.  I remembered my birthdays. 20-33-45-50.  Each one different, yet similar.  I have changed in many ways, in some not all, at all, in other ways.  I still dance to a drummer of a different beat. Would I like to run for president at 60?  NO!  I remember the young men on the dance floor at 33, men which found great joy and benefits in dancing the Tango with a lady of 60.  Those ladies had much more fun at 60 than stressing about saving a Nation from herself.

THE BIG SIX-O!  I love being me, I am humbled to film things ahead of time, I enjoy the autumn of my life and the people which love me.  Am I getting old, sitting by the fire all bundled up in my blankets?  NO!!!!  Like so many of us I am forced to take cheap generic medicine made in China. Side affects:  intense hypothermia…. if problem persist notify your doctor.

Love and Light