Lilian's Newsletter, December 2007

The end of another year..... Sure makes one think..... I am assuming it is the same at year's end for all cultures, regardless which calendar we use. A time to reflect, the older we get the more we seem to remember and wonder where the time went. The young ones seem to believe it is a time for new beginning, or it might be the other way around. Either way, here we are again. Holidays stacked one on top of the other, shopping and trying to make resolutions makes some of us brain dead. We seem to enter a jungle, wondering if we are able to find our way out of the maze we have created for ourselves. Since the beginning of time, well, close to it, men has used maps of some kind. We have created markers, trails and followed the stars in order to find our way from and to what we consider home. So pull out your Atlas/Map and see where we want to go.

The word Quest according to Webster means: search and hunt. According to Follette by Glucksman Quest means: looking for, seeking, investigating, examine and taking a test.

Atlanta, Georgia...
During a broadcast with Anderson Cooper about prayers for rain, the background of said broadcast, was bombarded with religious phrases, such as sin, hell, salvation, Jesus and such. Some of my viewers were puzzled and I was unable to answer their questions as to why CNN found it necessary to insert such messages.

The ARD in Germany reported in a late night broadcast that FRANCE is chipping all prisoners presently incarcerated and future offenders with an ID chip by which they can be located instantly.

Washington DC...
As predicted in the Predictions for 2007, an attempt was made to encourage the US Government to release their UFO findings to the public. Represenatives from 7 countries attended the conference. Larry King interviewed several of the participants, from what I heard this added a lot of credibility to some of us, which have worked very hard for full disclosure for many years without any definite results. It presented a more scientific perspective to many of the viewers. Speaking of Larry King.... He also takled other aspects of the paranormal by interviewing several Psychics. James Van Prag, Shirley McLane, Lisa Williams and Marianne Winowski. Some of us admired his courage to tackle such a superb group of clairvoyants and smiled at his comment that if he (Larry King) would kill himself in the AM, if he saw what some of them saw. They, the guests, were explaining to the audience that energy never dies, energy changes form. They spoke of courage to acknowledge such things.

Speaking of courage.....
Dennis Kucinch, a Presidential Candidate, announced the release of his second book: THE COURAGE TO SURVIVE.

Actually, lets make Dennis Kucinich a Landmark on our Map.....
Having met Dennis on several occasions and my viewers awarded him the Human Of The Year Award for 2004, it would stand to reason this man has played a rather important role in the lives of many of the friends.
If a person would research this man's life, one would find that he has had the same goal for most of his life.
Some of us feel he is the only man capable and qualified to lead this great country to peace, trust and renewed prosperity. A man we could all be proud of to call the leader of the free world.

I heard about his book on the Jay Leno Show. I rushed out the next day to buy it. I was unable to find it anywhere, however, Borders agreed to order it for me. This was in late October. The book arrived from the warehouse on Nov. 5th. my birthday. It was still not on the shelves and unavailable unless ordered from the warehouse. I called the publisher and made them aware of this. It is now December and the book appears to be sitting in warehouses, apparently.

Instead of a picture of the Presidential Candidate for everyone to recognize his picture, the cover is black and white, it shows Dennis and his friend, at the age of 4, walking down a street in Cleveland, Ohio.
It covers his life from birth to the age of 21. It shows how this man can identify with each one of us because of his life experience. It is easy reading, fun and allows one to look into the heart of this great man. I am sure that IF the public had been able to read about him in this capacity, he would have won the hearts of many voters. It is my opinion the release of the book was sabotaged, not available to us until the elections are in place in a way someone intended them to be. After reading the book I am convinced Dennis Kucinich will be President one day. He will never quit following his mapped out life. I hope we will, at that time, still be able to recover as a nation.


New York...
Amy Goodman interviewed a man named Studs Terkel. He is 95 years old, a historian, another great man. He recalled his life, the challenges he conquered being black-balled by CBS because of his involvement with segregation and the civil rights movement. He called us a NATION OF ALZHEIMERS. I would assume a transcript of the interview would be available at

Amateur night at the Apollo has been a constitution for decades. I remember when Tia Marie and others finally broke through the racial barriers in the 1970s. They appeared at the Apollo and were accepted. As we, as people again buy into the sectarianism portrait by politics and media, unnoticed to many of us, we have again reached the point that people of certain ethicities do not get a fair chance to be heard and are dismissed prematurely.

Francis Ford Copola and George Lucas, visionaries as they were, together, produced 2 impressive works of genius.
1. KOYAANISQATSI (Life out of balance)
2. POWAQQATSI (Life in transformation).
Even though they were produced in the early 1990s, they are still available in Video Stores.
The insight into our present circumstances, brought on by negligence of men, which these producers had is incredible.
The film-making is exquisite, masterpieces, way ahead of their times. It shows the natural order of things on our marvelous planet. It then shows actions of men in their evolution and the outcome of the changes. There is no dialogue, which leaves the storyline up to the viewers disgression. By far the best Sleepers, along with Howard the Duck, ever made.

Seattle, WA....
Northern Exposer is in Reruns. The story takes place in the little town Cicely, Alaska. It is easy to become part of the storyline of the residence of the laid back place. The simple life and the challenges which accompany the elements of the seasons. All 7 seasons of this series is available at Fred Meyers. The slight metaphysical flavor of the show David Chase presented to the fans is very timely in the 21st century. Men in trees on ABC is heading in the same direction, It takes place in Elmo, Alaska. I am sure fans will cross path in their quest for mellow programs to watch. Programs a person can enjoy, identify with and just smile at the story lines which at times resembles our own.

Olympia, WA....
When sitting in my chair I have plain view to a window, which appears every night. Friends and neighbors come to look at the window because it is only visible from my house. Once one opens the door and steps outside the window is no longer there, or is it? It appears it is an interdementional portal of some kind. People have reported hearing people on a beach, which is not there either, in fact I have heard activity there in broad daylight.
According to viewers animals are behaving in unusual and strange ways. It is very cold at the moment, not unusual for the Great Northwest. It is unusual for outdoor creatures to want to come inside, including goats and peacocks. Pets have disappeared for days at a time and returned with different personalities and habits.

Bishop, CA...
During filming of the TV Show : "A visit with a person of high strangeness" a homeless man was captured on film. The camera was actually aiming for a fruit stand. After close examination of the footage it would appear the man is possibly a interdementional being. His looks and mode of walk resembles a small Bigfoot rather than a human. It was the second time we managed to capture a creature like this, the encounters almost went unnoticed since each time they.... what appeared to be female at the MIMA MOUNDS in Washington State and the man in Bishop, CA.... were fully clothed.

Tumwater, WA...
Inside of Lilian's head no-one ever sleeps. It is a constant highway to somewhere. People are actually surprised, if not offended, that when they call with a question and Lilian answers: "I don't know." They call for anything. Personal dilemmas, best bargains at the malls, issues with their children.
Should they go to a doctor or the Healthfood Store?
What was said on the Presidential Debates?
Where are the Earthquakes? When are they coming?
How long before the next storm?
Can they afford the gas prizes in 2 month?
Why is the moon so big tonight and OOOHH it is also yellow!
Where did I leave my wallet?
Where did I loose my keys?
Where is my cellphone?
Who stole my mail?
Traffic Jam! How do I get to the Westside on the back road?
I am in the middle of the country, how do I get home?
In the ladder Lilian pulls out her Atlas/Map and find an easy route, the size of her head has limitations.
Lilian did locate a small space in her head in which she keeps her thoughts for the year, which was 2007.
We, as a people are out of balance. We have the ...LEFT... and the ...RIGHT. We are no longer identifiable as ...Red... and...BLUE... Our opinions have been programmed to such an extend that unfortunately the world is again black and white. The gray we worked so hard to accomplished no longer exists.
2+2=4 was the norm at one time. 2.5+1.5=4 we had finally discovered.
One would think we would all be educated enough to be able to manually arrive at the latter figure again.
If programmed technology can be in error, which sometimes it is, we should be able to notice the mistake.
People are created equal. Like Dennis Kucinich said.... there are no illegal people.
We sell the infrastructure of our country to foreign entities.
We allow our children to be poisoned, in order to save money.
We conterminate our food for profit. www.badseed,com.
We try and force our religious believes on others.
We create the illusion of money which no longer exist.
We persecute Smokers, yet expect them to finance healthcare for wealthy children.... Lilian is smoking as fast as she can....
A spider had build a web outside of the window. First thought was to kill or remove it. Instead Lilian decided to share space with the spider, which by the way could have killed her with one bite. Spider started out small. One night she noticed a Yellowjacket came a little close. Yellowjacket could have also killed her with a sting. From savely behing the glass of the window Lilian saw the spider reach out in an instand and trap the Yellowjacket 4 times it's size. Within 3 minutes the small spider had cocooned the Yellowjacket, he remained hanging there for several days. Then the tail-end of Cyclone LING-LING came and blow the Yellowjacket away. Spider reappeared a short time later, repaired the web and lived out the life-span allowed. Lilian thought Spider lived a long time and she learned a lot.
On an episode of Golden Girls, Blanche was afraid of Airplanes. She dreamed the plane was going to crash. When the need arose for her to get on an actual plane Blanche leaned her head to the opposite direction at times, thinking she could polarize the plane. On TV she DID.
In our case as a people we have to find balance, this plane is NOT going to polarize.
We have to reinvent ourselves, find our way back to what we were intended to be. The people of the planet EARTH. America is the land which is inhabited of almost all races on Earth, we need to start acting like we KNOW this.

As we start 2008 we need to get out our Atlas/Map and rediscover the skills in reading a map.
GPS is OK. You can Google your butt off. I am almost sure Dennis Kucinich would agree with me. IF YOU DON't KNOW where you want to go, Map Quest cannot get you there!

Love and Light

PS. This newsletter is dedicated to my friend, the late Martha Barnhill.