Newsletter January 2008

More often than not, the daily news incorporates animal stories. Whether you do have a pet, might it be a dog, a cat, a monkey, a donkey, a goat or a pot bellied pig, or not, it is part of neighborhood conversing as to how our animals behave. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be some one’s pet? My cat, MS. ET roams the house as she pleases. She picks and chooses the paper she wants to lay on, seeks out boxes she wants to hide in and finds the weirdest places to nap for a time. She avoids places she is not allowed to sit on and plans her escape as soon as she thinks someone is going to open a door. She refuses to eat what she does not like and sits in the small amount of water, which sometimes gets left in my bathtub that sits on an angle which keeps the water from draining properly. When traveling in the RV she sits in a window and watches the trucks go by. When left by herself she mocks and teases any animal which passes by NAZHONI the RV. Mainly she trusts that I take care of her, she has a high level of trust for a cat and she knows that if everything else fails she can snuggle up to me, so I can reassure her all is good in our world.
The last month in 2007 was turbulent, to put it mildly, I almost wished I had been MS. ET the cat, rather than myself.

HMM, what would it feel like to be my cat…..

The TV in the big room appears much larger and louder than the one by the bed. They both are on 24/7, Lilian says the big one is for me, so I won’t feel lonely and get weird ideas. All I have heard about is the Katrina- like- floods that covered both Washington and Oregon. Helicopters were flying overhead for 3 days in order for them to fly rescue missions. A Lady whose lap I once sat on did not answer the phone at all. Lilian was worried about her and called someone clear across the state to see if they had heard from her. She was fine but the Ladies daughter and grandchildren had to be rescued from their roof top. It was said no-one was able to get to the Chehalis Tribe, Rochester and Chehalis. Hundreds of trucks were parked 2 miles from here because the major freeway…I-5... was 10 feet under water. I overheard Lilian’s niece call from Germany crying because she had seen her favorite Wall Mart immersed in water all the way to the roof in Chehalis. She saw it on German TV. The Home Depot looked the same way. Trains stopped running because hillsides collapsed on the tracks, bridges were out and thousands of logs swam down rivers, highways and fields competing with salmon, which had lost their way. The only way to get from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR was over the mountains to Yakima and along the Columbia River, a 480 mile detour. Oregon clocked winds in Gold Beach at 138 mph. It is said the West Coast has no Hurricanes…. Could have fooled me!

The roof of the extension had a hole from a flying object, people came from way up north to cover the hole, only to have to turn around and fix additional problems. Flying wheel-barrels and sprinklers were small problems compared to 6 people loosing their life in Washington alone. I had to wait for my water; Lilian had to boil it because the groundwater was contaminated from 700 dead cows and over one thousand horses, which lost their lives. They were just waiting for pick up and burial after the waters receded.

Not sure if the rest of the country realized the trouble we were in, the National Guard came for a few days and it was time for them to return to guard the borders. So many Guardsmen are in the war… I don’t understand the logic… what do I know? I am a cat!

Two weeks later we saw a truck with a license plate from Oklahoma. It had Flood-Disaster- Relieve written on the sides of the truck. On December 18th the prediction show for 2007 was re-aired so viewers could see how accurate Kanashibushan and Lilian were. I had to move really close to the TV set to make sure I saw it all, did not want to miss any of it. Here they were talking about a Katrina-like disaster, they did not know where, they also talked about an Ice Storm on Channel 22. I jumped off the couch and ran to the little TV by the bed, here on Channel 44, CNN showed the big Ice Storm in the Midwest. For a minute I thought I had nibbled on my catnip, but I remembered I don’t like it and Lilian gave me treats made in Germany that Claudia, her niece send, she, Lilian, is very strict about what I eat and where it comes from. FEMA took over a week to get here and the Governor had to fight to get any help at all. It was like in 2001 after the earthquake, we got little help. I think we are stepchildren, or maybe it is because we are a “Blue State”… Canary 6.8 is still on this website, so similar and the Insurance industry has changed little or none since than. I remember being homeless after the big quake, people were so surprised no-one covered anything on the news after the second day.

People scrambled for their very existence and here were the holidays. People still need help way into January and beyond!

Lilian had to fight for her heart pills, I was worried. I convinced her to write an article to post it on her website. I helped her pick the title: Another I cannot believe it story. We put it in the news column and hope it will be available in the NUTCASE CORNER on the site, for years to come!

The computer broke down; we spend hours trying to fix it. We got so cold sitting there. The furnace broke, the heater people came, charged $ 74.80 to tell us it would cost $ 691 to fix it, so we decided to use little heaters, which created electrical problems in our old castle we call home. The Electrician was nice, only charged $ 138 and he did fix it, but Lilian got paranoid and refused to use the little heater. Friends brought a generator and we are burning wet wood, the wood shed was hurt in the storm and leaks.

I thought we should drive thru town to see if we could find a propane heater, Lilian said: “We can’t because the car broke down!” It just goes on and on and on.

Perpetual according to Webster’s means: continuous and ceaseless.
Perpetual according to Follette by Glucksman means: verified, continuous, incessant and forever.

We sit close to the fire and watch the big TV. The news is funny! I have been known to be a TV Star! I am Ms. ET, the cat with the flat nose, many of you know me. I know how things work in TV Land. Lilian and I yell at the camera people, the newscasters just like if we were right there deciding the story lines. Perpetually covering the same thing. Politics! I know the interviewer can maneuver the conversation. Amy Goodman got into a big argument with Lou Dobbs about perpetual lying. She caught him in 12 lies. She put it on her website

Dennis Kucinich’s brother died, we send him condolences. We are also sad that AGAIN he was not allows to participate in the IOWA DEBATES.

The History Channel is airing new show on UFO/USO occurrences. We watched them on December 25th. We recognized many of the friends and chuckled about the fact that some people still believe the Government is telling us the truth. Just imagine, objects are not only flying toward the earth, they are also flying from the dept of the oceans towards the sky!

The alignment of the planets caused havoc in December, it had been 26,000 years since such a spectacular sight was visible, no written records was available what happened when Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Moon and Mars were so close to the earth. The possibility of an asteroid hitting Mars and interacting with Comet Holmes had even mainstream news speculating if the world was coming to an end. Sure it interfered with electronics, people’s emotions, starters, altinators and a variety of other devices. If we read this, we are still here and the earth is perpetualy turning.

So many things I hear as I try to take a nap ever so often, people puzzle me. Guess that is why I am Lilian’s DIVA CAT.

We take care of each other. We have survived fires, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, heat waves and sandstorms in the dessert. In 90-mph winds in Roby, Texas even I got scarred. I sat in my cage and closed the door behind me leaving Lilian with her thoughts. I promised to never do that again, so now I sit real close to her until she tells me to get away from her… I get a little clingy at times. In turn she turns off the TV and plays Oldies telling me about the good old days!
When a dollar was a dollar.
When people used words which expressed how they felt, words that are now politically incorrect.
When people had the freedom to think.
When people were not afraid of anything that moved.
When people knew their vote counted.
When people enjoyed their food, because it was organic and not contaminated.
When people though having wrinkles was a sign of wisdom rather than a curse.
When Opium was a sweet smelling perfume.
When a fat, juicy hamburger tasted delicious.
I thought these ARE good old days, people are strange, but what do I know, after all I am only a cat.

Love and Light
PS…. We will be starting a monthly astrological forecast by SANDRA JOHNSON. Please look for it along with the newsletter.

Ms.ET and Claudia, Lilian’s neice from Germany.