March Newsletter

Newsletter, March

Winter has finally lost grip on us weary “WASHITONIONS.” Much like Walla Walla sweet onion the layers of the season have peeled away, one little piece at a time. Avalanches are still burying roads on occasion, rather than daily. Thirty feet of snow remains, I guess the snow-pack is much higher, depending on the altitudes. It is said that no 2 snowflakes are alike. Since I was practically chained to the little woodstove in my living-room for months, I took a few hours one night and thought about that. It was actually one of my shows “Napping Giant” which brought on the deep thinking spell I fell into. In 2000 I took on an apprentice for 3 weeks. He was an English man, teaching English in Slovakia, visiting the US. Originally he sought hands on UFO investigative experience. UFO/USO does NOT appear on a schedule, the only thing landing on my back yard was a Search and Rescue helicopter. FOX, the man’s name, was very disappointed that I was unable to deliver what HE thought I could teach him… CRASH RETRIEVAL… In order for me to buffer his disappointment, I made arrangements for one of my camera people to take him to MT.ST.Helens for the 20-year anniversary of the eruption of the volcano.

May 18th, 2000 was a beautiful day and the footage they brought back was superb.
In December 2003 my son took my niece and her family to the volcano. It was a snow blanketed event; the footage they returned with was majestic.

There came a time when I decided to take the film from both, the visit to the mountain in Summer, mainly May 18th, 2000 and the winter visit from December 27th, 2003 and blend the footage into a mini movie, therefore showing the once giant in different phases and seasons. At one point Fox, standing on a ledge surrounded by beautiful sunrays in 2000, was looking downwards into the valley. At the same time, my son, standing in snow in the valley in 2003, looked thrue his binoculars upwards. In the shot they looked at each other in different timeframes. This scene was accidental, yet it was so profound inasmuch as it was past and present at the same time. The other thing which was profound was that FOX according to Ted Andrews Animal Speaks represents awakening of camouflage, invisibility and shapeshifting. “Between Times” working to blend in with the surroundings, to come and go unnoticed, moving silently about without revealing your intentions. Fox is fascinated with unusual odors. Fox has the ability to draw closer and closer without its pray realizing, as it is caught up in its seemingly non-threatening antics. At the right moment, the fox leaps and captures it’s pray with a camouflage technique one associates with behavior.

The word PERCEPTION according to Webster means: insight, intuitive recognition or judgment.
According to Follette by Gluckman PERCEPTION means: acknowledgement, foresight, feeling out, envisioning something expected.

Cleanup from the storms are 70% completed. It was said enough trees to build 20.000 houses were blown down and destroyed. Most of them on public lands and Weyerhaeuser property.

120 cows were donated by private parties to jumpstart a local dairy farm destroyed by the floods in December 2007. Flooding is still visible in places.

February 23rd had red night skies. They were ominous, yet beautiful and impressive at the same time.

Roundabouts within our City seem more idiotically irritating than ever; especially when it is so fogy one cannot see one’s hand in front of one’s eyes. The bronze statues of children flying kites in the middle of the streets and statues lining the sidewalk appear to be alive in heavy fog, ready to jump in front of one’s car, causing great distress to some of us responsible drivers.

My friend Mac Hooks was afraid of two things all of his life of 70 plus years. Leap year and things falling out of the sky. I gave him a hard time about that for most of our 40-year friendship. Little did I know how prophetic this turned out. In February 2008 Mac got both. Leap year and falling objects from the sky. A meteorite lit up 4 states before falling somewhere within a radius of 40 miles from where he lived most of his life. The verdict on the debris of the satellite is still out at this moment. Search and recovery teams are on standby in our area.

Aside from Texas law, according to Matt Rothschild from The Progressive in Madison, WI, business owners have been given permission to shoot and kill in case of an emergency.

An event… of at the time of this newsletter not identified… at a nuclear facility blacked out much of the State of Florida.

Fortunately there was so much political coverage of an upcoming debate that few people actually thought about the reality that we appear to have major problems within our land. No Wag the Dog necessary today.

When visiting a local doctor’s office some of us have discovered that his choice of music can constitute torture and change in behavior, to the point that not disconnecting from the overwhelming discomfort experienced, it would be easy to find oneself experiencing road rage, ending up in jail rather than home.

The series MEDIUM has recovered from the “GOOD AND EVIL” season and is back on track dealing with issues which involve and show the dilemma which some enlightened persons are confronted with. The ethics, responsibility and loneliness individuals of future insights are confronted with each day. Good job Kelsey Grammar!

Nip/Tuck showed an episode in which a survivor of a public bombing had remnants of the body of a suicide bomber embedded in her face. It showed how cells hold the celluar memories of any being. When transferred the celluar memory can remain and continue in the reality of the new owner. This was of interest to me personally, since I have known several people which retained allergies and behavioral traits of donors of blood transfusions and organs.

The full Lunar Eclipse was breath taking. Ebony and I managed to film the event in its entirety. We also managed to capture the blue rays which pulsated off/from the moon. We will share said footage at a later time.

Under the new revision of the cocaine/crack law Omar was granted a new hearing. For those of us which followed his plight for 17 years, this is welcome news. For those of you that are not familiar with the story, it can be found on this website in the book: And the Moral of the Story is: One person at a time starting on page 56. The book is free for download for you.

"Remembering your Future" is also available for free download.

The month of February was full of dualities and similar events, to the point that if taken notice one could see things unfold according to our own perception. Some days were rather predictable and parallels such an earthquakes following the eclipse we experienced. Reasons for rising gas prizes. Weather patterns, recalls, conclusions drawn from medical news and the state of the Union… the real state of the Union.

Back to that snowflake which took up my time with thought. I would assume there are only so many shapes and symbols possible in the Universe…. NOW THERE IS A PROJECT for some of you… It is too late to go to the mountain top to sort out hundreds of feet of snowflakes. I would assume everything in the Universe has a double or identical. We assume there to be dual/parallel Universes even some of which run timelines and storylines with similar eventual outcomes. Twins are often identical; however they reflect their individual personalities and life yourneys. Considering the bombardment of the upcoming election, it stands to reason to… on second thought… take the time and climb the mountains, locate that fox, examine the snow banks and I would almost tell you that I am at least 99% sure you will find at least TWO identical snowflakes!

Love and Light