Lilian's May Newsletter

Where the HAIL is spring, the sign reads. Good question! I was on my way to the Post Office, so there it was... the sign... by the side of the road. We set record low temperatures for weeks, six month of winter is just a little much, even for us robust Washingtonians. We have bumper-stickers which read: WE DO NOT TAN, WE RUST.

I think almost all of us can identify with the fact that, even though we resent being stuck in traffic or being forced to travel alternate routes, it creates time to actually think. I know we all pretend to pay attention to traffic, the roads we travel and/or our surroundings. However, one cannot help to get lost in our thoughts, in fact I, for one solve some of my biggest problems stuck at the railroad crossing waiting for 129 railroad cars to pass. Even though I know about what time I will encounter said dilemma, my subconscious almost always maneuvers me to that crossing right about the time it is impassable.
So here I am again!

Caboose.... In some ways April was a fast passing month, in other ways it just dragged along. Wonder if I missed anything. No, covered all Birthdays and appointments, paid most of the bills. Renewed Omar's subscription to USA TODAY. I was short on money so I asked ED to please check if there was a courtesy month available for a subscriber which paid uninterrupted for 17 years. No! Well, how about a free week so I have time to replenish my cash flow? No! Told him USA TODAY would surely reserve a spot in the newsletter. NO!

Car # 6.... I hardly ever drink water, in part "maybe" because I come from a place in which water makes you sick. I catch a lot of flack from friends and relatives when I explain as long what I drink it wet and warm by body is just fine. I grave water when I need water, the rest of the time I follow by bodies request for something fluid and/or wet. Warm beverages prevent excessive sweating and Ice is not for me either since it keeps my temperature from stabilizing as needed. Low and behold, Science decided in April 8 glasses of water are now a mere estimation and no longer set guidelines... My body knew this all along!

Car # 28.... Salmon runs are very low. It was announced that fishing for salmon may not be allowed at all in 2008, which will raise the prize of Salmon to $40.00 per pound. Native American Tribes are not allowed to sell or give away any of their bounty. The past few years excess fish was laid by the side of the rivers for bears to eat. Needless to say we are enjoying Salmon as long as we can afford it, Buffet in Indian Casinos still serve superbly prepared Salmon.

Car # 39.... Should pick a word for the month of May, lets see....
According to Webster AUSPICIOUS means: propitious, favorable, fortunate.
According to Follette by Glucksman it means: convient, happy.

Car # 41.... Most of the bees have died in Redmond, WA. No-one seems to know why, especially since a grant to study said problem was denied and the University of Washington is unable to get additional finances for the project.

It is sad to think voters are not educated in such important matters, if people realized that an insect as small as a bee is necessary to continue some of our food supply, I am sure the vote would have passed.

Car # 58.... This is a slow train, patience! It took better than 4 month before some of the houses from the December floods in Washington State were ready for human occupancy again. Oprah and the Big Give had representatives in the area and made some difference. When we add the disasters, floods, winds and food shortages from the past few month it makes one wonder what the rest of the year has in store for us globally. The audio version of the predictions for 2008 are at the top of the downloads on this web page.

Car # 111.... A brilliant documentary was released, it is called: Meeting David Wilson
David Wilson took Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have reached the mountain top" speech to heart and followed his lineage in the USA and Africa. The film was 3 years in the making and the release of the DVD was coincidental to arrive at the turbulent time in our American Election.

Car # 124.... Herschal Walker wrote a new book; BREAKING FREE.
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-3748-9 - It is well written and provokes thought in many. Please expect an upcoming article from me in reference to DID (Dissociative Disorder) and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). To date I have been invited and taped an interview for a 1-hour radio show in Hawaii.

Car # 126.... 15 minutes, I am still at this rail road crossing. Friends of mine told me about recent toothaches they experienced. What is different about these toothaches is that the friends have no insurance. They sought help at a local charity. They were requested to fill out forms and were instructed to please appear at the dentist's office bathed, shavenand to wash their hair. They were also requested to show up sober and drug-free for the day in order to get their tooth PULLED, not saved. The friends were somewhat dramatized by said requests, they ALL have jobs and are considered upstanding citizens in the community. They lack Health/Dental Insurance. The dentists were very nice and respectful, they did repair and save the teeth. I can well imagine how people in said situation feel, having to have seeked help a time or two myself. PLEASE do not give up! Things like this will touch many more of us under present circumstances. Many of us will not have money for many essentials, many will be put in a situation we find insulting. I do not think people whom draft these forms have any Idea how hurtful something like this can be.... OR they don't care.

Car # 129.... Today the Stimulus packages arrive, so we can go shopping!
Oh, I forgot! Some of us on Disability do not get a check, guess I cannot replace the quarter of a tank of gas I just used to sit here waiting for the train to go by!

I drive 3 miles and have to stop at a construction site. Guess I have time for another thought.
A friend was admitted to the Hospital with a minor ailment and send home a couple of days later. She then contracted Viral Pneumonia. She was admitted a second time and came down with MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Electron micrograph of MRSA

Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Bacilli
Order: Bacillales
Family: Staphylococcaceae
Genus: Staphylococcus
Species: S. aureus
Binomial name
Staphylococcus aureus

She infected her daughter. Eventually my friend ran out of money and Insurance, Medicare refused to pay for hospital care at one point and she was transferred to a Nursing Home where she died. The daughter recovered.

[Death by doctor/hospital is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Not only does the US have the most expensive health care system, it is also the most deadly.]

On a ballot in Washington State the voters had been asked to vote for a law which would have stated that when entering a hospital or facility with one decease and another was contracted or a doctor caused a second disease for what ever reason, the original caregiver was financially responsible. The ballot was written in a very confusing way and unfortunately for my friend the law was not passed.

On the move again, this time I drive 9 miles before coming to a standstill in front of Value Village.
I start laughing and remember a clip I watched on a DVD.

Tyler Perry's play: THINGS YOU DO IN THE DARK. The segment was of Mr. Brown shopping at Value Village. I am still laughing each time I visualize him picking the most colorful, eccentric clothes and things he could find. If they did not fit he bought them anyway, in hope to turn them into something else at a later time. I saw myself and decided to NOT EVER do that again!

My digital AV Mixer is broken. It prevents me from blending, adding and mixing footage of film I need in order to produce my shows. It is a very costly repair and not in the realms of possibility at the moment.

As most of us know by now in February 2009 all broadcasts are send in digital format to our TV. This AV Mixer also allows me to convert older shows into digital. I prefer analog, since some major shows are arriving as digital in our homes already. Get used to having your shows dissected, faces in squares and stuck for seconds at a time. It is irritating. I guess it is progress.

Finally, I am at TCTV, at the studio. I am looking for the blue screen, which enables me to transport myself into ANY background I choose. Mountains, Ocean screens, my house, Santa's Lap or Outer Space. I can make you believe I am at places I have NEVER been and by doing so keep up with progress and convince you of things which do not exist. The wonders of TV Magic! I am hoping to go on my yearly trip and get more footage to share and attend a fashion show by my friend FIFI BLUME, a designer from Australia. She is still in the hospital, we wish you we, FIFI. Not to worry for those of you, which have weddings planned, she is well and functional in cyber space.

Fifi Bloom wedding keepsakes - Australian contemporary designed & made chic wedding accessories

The blue screen is gone, it has been replaced with a green screen. Why not.... Green seems to be all around and the madness attached to it. With the help of the now green screen I can create settings which are AUSPICIOUS.

Long day, many delays, much time for though and I am finally home.
Here comes the next round of hail. I almost forgot.... Scientists have decided that alligator blood could be a cure for countless illnesses, including AIDS. They decided since Reptiles such as the alligator have roamed the earth for almost 40,000 years, it would be wise to assume their ( alligator ) immune system must have something in form of antibody for everything. All we have to do is treat People with Alligator blood. So, for those of you, which think Reptilians will only arrive from Outer Space.... Think Again!

Here is e-mail someone shared
I received a thoughtful email about the dangers of the new season. The subject is a brown recluse spider bite injury. You all probably know about this spider. Yes, I have heard about it also but I never have seen such a good photograph of one of those spiders. My EMS booklet does not come near this photo. Oh, by the way, it is considered one of the most deadly spiders is the USA and it lives hear in the Northwest among other places.

When you go to those cold, quite, dark places, be careful. Places like the shed, garage, places things are stacked for long periods and not touched.
The email recommends turning on the lights for a half hour before sifting through stuff. Pick up things carefully to allow the spider to run away. make noise or what ever.
The first pictures are of a recluse spider bite...
take care....

Love and Light