June Newsletter

At what appears to be the highest elevation in my town, Olympia, WA. is a park. It was thought to be in the middle of nowhere, unless you knew how to get up the back streets and find it, it could have easily been missed. This changed within the last two years' as some of us watched the evolution of the place. Trucks with enormous boulders arrived, it appeared they were there for the purpose of building a jetty high above the city. Dirt deliveries followed and within just a few month a subdivision was build, surrounding Outlook Park. Some of us questioned the insane decision of developers to build 200,000-400,000 dollar homes on man-made hillsides amidst of an earthquake zone... but what do we know? Most recently Ebony... my granddaughter/camera person ... and I drove up to Outlook Park to film the Moon eclipse. The lights of the cities were just far enough below and we got incredible shots.

Looking down on the TRI-CITY Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater the sky looks hazy. About the same color as the pavement below. The park is a busy place, the thermometer finally made the hump and maintained at least 60 degrees, people must have played hooky and rushed to Overlook Park. A young man sits on the railing, feet dangling off the sides, he smiles and points to the view. Puget Sound below in a distance appears to be endless, the Olympic Mountains vaguely visible today, just enough to remind us in what a beautiful State we live in. The State Capitol sits next to Capitol Lake, a ways right of that St. Peter's Hospital, right of that Lacey is visible and way off to the right is Tumwater, I can see the runway on the airport and the trees lines where I live ... at least I think that is where I live.

The boy asks me if I had heard that on May 1st the Union Port Workers walked off the job in protest of the war. I had and we mentioned how people still try to voice their opinion, even though leaving ports unattended for 10 hours on both coasts may not have been the greatest course of action. Affective though, the young man thought. Olympia had a small riot, uncalled for, created by inexperienced, hotheaded activists and arched on by hasty, overzealous police officers.

There is Ebony! She managed to slip by me while I was engrossed in my conversations. She is sitting on the park bench starring into space, could be she is looking at Puget Sound. She is DISTRAUGHT. On her way to the park she was pulled over by a Highway Patrol car. The officer was unable to give a valid reason for stopping her. We are famous for racial profiling in our TRI-CITY. He asked her how long she had been driving and she told him since March 2008. Ebony has a mild speech appedimin and her "March" was not exactly clear. The officer taunted her about this for almost 10 minutes, then gave her a warning ... she does not remember what for. I report the incident to COP WATCH, an organization we were forced to put in place to monitor the behavior of law enforcement.

According to Webster jocose means: joking, playful or jesting.
According to Follette by Glucksman jocose means: happy-bird, trixter, flirt and full of manure.

A woman in a wheelchair watched me from a distance. At one point she must have decided I was an OK person, in fact she finally remembered having seen me on TV. So we talked TV. Ugly Betty was a program we both watched. She mentioned she was glad to be as old as she is, I had to agree with her, neither one of us thought we could function in the stressful environment of today's workplace. It is extremely important to acknowledge the work and accomplishments of an employee rather than to point out faults or to say nothing. We are strange creatures as people, in fact we need praises sometimes, it makes us feel like we are noticed and not just a worker bee in the hive of the modern work machine. A little honey goes a long way, we try harder, thinking we belong, rather than worrying about being replaced by the next person, which in turn in no time feels the same way. A convearbelt of stressed out people debilitate a society.
Not to worry, we had both head on CNN a decision had been made to ration healthcare ... in case of a pandemic or disaster, natural and/or manmade ... not to treat people over 85. People with severe dementia, serious trauma and burn victims, severe mental illness and chronic disease. Well, having said that I guess neither one of us has to worry about the future ... nothing jocose about that!
We laugh about the commercial from Linkon Financial, in which people talk to their Future Self. Great concept! Guess that leaves us out!
Imagine what the producers of the show Boston Legal can do with that subject! RATIONED HEALTHCARE!
It is refreshing...no, wait ... surprising that the writers have not been forced to change the story-lines. Not only do they manage to talk about real issues in a truthful way, they also put the real names of the people involved in said issues. How is that for jocose!
I shared the fact that a study was done about people like herself which found that when people with Parkinson dance the shaking stops. I know we can transport our memories in time frames from the past, it is also feasible to be able to trick the brain into a time frame before a person was afflicted with Parkinson. At least that was our opinion and we liked said analysis. See you at the Dance next week!

Overhearing our conversation sparked interest in a Biker, he parked his Harley and leaned against the light pole. The thought good thing Michael Moore resurfaced. He (Michael) was on Larry King. The part about a Bank giving away a gun as a free gift when opening an account somewhere. I saw the segment but was unable to recall in which State this happened. Where ever it was he, the biker, thought he should move there and open a big account for a BIG gun, in case he needed it to protect himself from Space Aliens, especially now, since the Vatican said it was OK to believe in UFO's and other beings, all of creation.
He also saw the show about England releasing their documents on the UFO issue. Did I think the US was going to follow suit? We have been here before and I am not sure. I referred him to John Greenwald http://www.blackvault.com. John had e-mailed me and told me her has a copy of the disclosure from the British on his website. In fact he just posted his 1 Millionth document on UFO and other documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Another source of reliable info is at Steven Basset's site http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org . We thought it was jocose for having made fun of Dennis Kucinich having, during a debate in the Presidential Race, acknowledged he had, in fact, witnessed a UFO himself and then to find out Hillary Clinton was at least aware of the Rockefeller Investigation during the Clinton era. An open letter to Hillary Clinton was posted by Steven.

A woman pushing a double stroller stopped and joint the conversation. She commented on the hazy skies and how everything has become so unhealthy. Said she was a lot more aware of things, now that she had twins. I mentioned that a volcano was rather active in South America, there could be a possibility ash from there was circling the globe and blocked out a certain amount of sunlight. In fact this eruption is rather peculiar in as much as scientists are unable to explain why this volcano woke up after 9,000 years and is spitting Obsidian, rather than lava. It was a South American Volcano which eventually send parts of Europe into a mini Ice-Age in the 15th and 16th century. Said she had heard about China guaranteeing it would not rain during the Olympics. I heard something about that also. In the 1940s scientists discovered that seeding clouds with chemicals such as silver iodine and dry ice could trigger rain or snowfall. When a disastrous flood hit Rapid City, South Dakota in 1972 nearby cloud seeding was blamed. In Europe hailstorms are over-seeded to create small hailstorms instead of large ones, mainly to protect wine growing fields. American scientists use small rockets with trailing wires back to Earth to reroute thunderstorms to prevent lightening to strike the space shuttle during launch. In 1947 a developing storm moving from the East Coast was seeded. It turned around and caused tremendous damage in Georgia. How can a cyclone noone saw coming destroy almost a whole country.... the rice basket of the East at that! We should really concentrate on paying attention to weather forecasts rather than playing weather gods. Lets not forget the daily appearance of Chemtrails, those pretty chemical clouds deliberately laid. I showed her some pictures we took on a recent trip, which distinctly showed the airplanes involved. She, like many other people, thought what she observed at times were normal contrails from commercial airliners.


Have you ever seen a weather map full of airplanes? CNN shows them early in the morning. Like we have 2 worlds. Us down here and another whole society living in moving objects over our heads!

Today I drove back to Outlook Park. Some of the fresh boulders brought in a few month ago had grown weeds on them. If one did not know better one could think it was a natural elevation. The sun is shining bright with still a haze when looking over Puget Sound and our TRI-CITY. A new sign has appeared, the name of the settlement: Ridge at Suncrest.
I passed the same biker on my way here. He had stopped at the roadside and put flowers by one of the crosses put there, indicating he had lost a friend. He passed me 60 mph, almost like he had a death-wish himself.
I pulled over and sat for a while. I got to thinking how crazy life can be.
So many children without a father. So many deadbeat Dads. Imagine having to create a law to force a man to acknowledge his children and help the mothers to take care of their needs. Fathers wanting to share with raising their offspring, having to fight in court for the right to do so. Having to spend their lifesaving on lawyers instead of spending the money to benefit the child.
Why would any one want to be President?
We expect our politicians to keep us informed and tell us the truth. We turn around and try to annualize everything they say. In essence we are forcing them to speak in tongues. How is that for jocose....

Love and Light