Lilian's July Newsletter

The weatherman on Channel 4 called June JUNE-U-ARY. It was the coldest, snowiest June recorded since 1874! What a difference a month can make! Washingtonians FINALLY have sunshine! The areas which were flooded and damaged since November are starting to dry out. The winds have seized, seventeen hours of daylight has revitalized our outlook on life. Not that basic things have changed by much, but inasmuch as everything appears to be easier to deal with! We wonder how people in the Midwest are able to deal with the storms and floods for such a long time, we want to tell them we understand. We want to let the Earthquake survivors in China know that on a small scale we understand their trauma and send our thoughts to the Cyclone survivors. Much like the rest of the world we question decisions made by governments and their solutions for relieve. Add fires in the American West and people of the planet Earth are just a tad overwhelmed. One REALLY has to make an effort to keep up with unfolding news reels, one would think that to be one of the easiest things to do given that everything is right at our fingertips and can be access within seconds...minutes for me; I have dial up. Unfortunately this line of thinking is incorrect, since news is so trickled down, slow in coming and overshadowed by the political views and censorships of almost every corner of the Earth. A very few sources have managed to still report and pool information from reliable sources, a hard undertaking, since even we fall victim to misinformation occasionally.

In years past I have been on the road by now talking to people on back roads, villages in the middle of nowhere trying to get a story for my viewers. Winter was brutal, economics are brutal and people are either recovering, maintaining or planning to arrive at some somewhat sane space in their life in order to prepare for the next round of events which have become part of our daily lives. My request for financial help to undertake my yearly reporting trip has been unanswered. True, for me it is important to get first hand information for you, yet, it is also true that few people have what they need in order to have a meal on the table.
I saw an advertisement on the TV, it caught my attention and I stopped what I was doing. Several Hang-Gliders were taking off over a high-dessert type scene. I assumed it to be at the east side of the mighty Columbia River.
Each person flying the Hang-Glider had a different bird strapped to his/her chest. On closer examination one can see these are all no-flying birds. Penguins, Chickens and even Emus. A voice comes on and asks the question:
"With cash who’s life would you like to change…if you win the Washington State Lottery?" I know I am not going to win the lottery; so I need help to be the Hang-Glider, strap my camera to my chest in order to assist stationary people to understand what is going on and report what is not on U-Tube.

According to Webster the word BUT means: except, save, on the contrary, only or merely.
According to Follette by Glucksman BUT means: instead, without exception, almost always in lieu of.

Imagine opening your front door. A whiff of smoke goes by your nose, ever so slightly. Instinctively you know some one is barbecuing in the neighborhood. Only an open fire can caress both your nose and taste buds at the same instance. You follow your nose, make a left and YES, there it is, 3 houses down, an old fashion BBQ. Not a modern grill, an open pit black from prior smoke grill!
Your mind races… do I introduce/invite myself? Do I really want to share my cooking secrets? Do I just go home and start my own fire pit? TOO late, the neighbor asks you to help him with the coals, they are burning too hot and the food is burned. Looks mostly good except the main ingredients is missing… Patience. You remove the food, corn turns into popcorn… watch out! You grab a cold drink and allow the coals to turn colors. You know we should not pollute the air like this, in fact you forgot to find out if there is a burn ban. Raw, basic primitive cooking that is all you can think about, as you load up the grill with the next batch of goodies. Polluting the air like this makes little sense, BUT, then so don’t a lot of other things.

The message on the big screen TV reads: If you have suffered renal failure, heart attack or death during surgery call 1800.***.**** Law Offices of $$$ and $$$!

A man in Oregon is going to give birth to his first child this month.

Children in separate parent households on average have 4 Mommy days and 3 Daddy days.

A memorial was erected and opened in London, dedicated to Journalists, which have lost their life in the line of duty. It is a beautiful cone shaped glass building, which is lit up at night, by doing so it puts a light beacon into the sky and allows the writing on it- Breaking News- visible.

While taping a show about PTSD the phone rang. The caller wanted to talk about some of his issues, which involved weight loss techniques. Since I am not qualified on this subject I handed the phone to my guest. By coincidence she was a Councilor, Hypnotherapies and Reiki Master.
They talked back and forward for a good while. I did not want to interrupted and got busy occupying myself with something else. I noticed my Guest was crying. I heard her tell the man THANK YOU for becoming a mirror for her. She said everything she suggested to him he agreed with and followed with a BUT. Confusing little word and full of contradictions. I guess it depends on how to use it and in which context. Eventually we analyzed, what we thought was an epiphany, no matter how we tried justifying and substituting we decided changes were in order. In some ways we are ALL "BUTT" people.

Love and Light