Lilian's August Newsletter

Most people think I am this great Adventurer, when in reality I am an animal of habit. I go with the flow maybe more than the average person, except when it comes to my home, my kingdom. Each room is design for a different function, the library for reading and storing books, of course. The glass room we build on ... the walls are made of glass blocks rather than wood ... is for filming interviews and doing readings. The studio is for producing my TV Show and is home to the computer. The living room is for watching TV and occasional company. No need to explain bedroom or bathroom, they serve their purpose just fine. Then ... there is the kitchen! Sometimes I cook, it is headquarters for my coffeepot, which is in use at all times and there is the kitchen table. It is stacked with notes and papers, pens, a giraffe and a carved wooden bowl a friend made for me. Notes are pinned to the wall ... ran! out of space on the table ... the kitchen is where most of my time is spend on the telephone ruling my world. I am expected to have ALL of the answers to the questions put to me by the caller, I have for the most part, if not I hit the redial button on the phone and I am sure to know someone able to answer a question or two for me, which in turn I can pass on to the inquiring previous caller.

The state of the economy affects all of us, unlike times before when it hampered only certain groups. I am not able to go on the road to film shows this year, the $3.000 required are not in anyone's reality at this time, which shows me that even my previous sponsors are at the end of their wits. We all cut corners and abstain from many of our usual routine activities, change our driving habits, cancel outings and even switch our food to a lower grade of quality. Friends with gardens can no longer afford to share as they usually do, because they are substituting certain meals. Weather, fires and floods have ruined a lot of crops, take your pick everywhere we look changes have been forced upon us.

Not one person I know likes changes. They clinch when I tell them sometimes change is in order. We have free choice to make change willingly OR it will be done for us in order for our life path to continue.

Ms. E.T and Claudia, my niece and International reporter

Without warning we lost MS. E.T. the cat, during the full moon July 18th. I was out filming a show about my favorite band, Society's Child, when I heard the cat call me. Not a MIOW, it was more of an awareness of her and the need to go home. I did and found her dead by her food dish. A friend buried her on her property 30 miles from Mt. St. Helens. We notified the viewers and put together a memorial Show for her, MS. E.T. She was far from ordinary, she appeared on many television shows and had her own private fan club. She brought joy into so many lives. We thanked her for the 10 years she graced us with her presence. She traveled with me across country, faced Tornados, floods, hail, fire, earthquakes together and she made 1000s of friends along the way. We wish her safe Journeys in her next life.

Life without my Diva Cat forced changes on me. I pondered for better than a week. I talked to a friend about this and we concluded that change always has consequences. Many times adjustment is hard and costly, I might add. One of the songs on E.T's memorial tape is Lenny Epps singing: STILL WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE. We, as people claim to look forward to change, could it be we are actually kidding ourselves?

According to Webster the word STAGNANT means: not flowing, motionless, stale.
According to Follette by Glucksman STAGNANT means: total standstill, jammed and blocked.

A totally "GREEN" city, Masda, is being build in the dessert outside of Abudabi.

A bonus of $250 in gas is being added to the usual $1.000 reward Crime Stoppers pays for turning in a criminal.

Moscow's underground bunkers are being converted into shopping malls and art walks.

Tom Stahl, a friend and Wheat Farmer, lost 30 acres of his fields on Bagger Mountain, due to lack of fire jumpers, most of Washington State firefighters are battling blazes in California. 2 have lost their lives during the 3rd week in July.

Washington endured thunderstorms for 13 hours straight. A first!

In honor of the United States 232nd birthday, July 4th 2008, Amy Goodman aired the play: Voices of the People by Howard Zenn featuring James Earl Jones, Alfa Woodard and Denny Glover amongst many others. It is archived at

Mt. Adams has ... ongoing ... fires set off by T-Storms. We hope James Gilliland and his retreat will remain safe.

We are lead to believe that the melting of the North Pole will bring down gas prizes.

Almost ALL gasoline now contains at least 10% ethanol, Conoco, Shell and Chevron has listed it on their gas pumps. My Toyota does not like corn in it's diet and suffers from ingestion.

Nelson Mandella celebrated his 90's birthday. A birthday party was given in his honor with many of the musicians/actors/actevists which were instrumental in his release from Prison and his election for President of South Afrika. Zimbabwe allowed the fundraising unified concerts within it's borders AT THAT TIME. South Afrika was still under Apartheid and it was illegal for multi colored/multicultural musicians to perform together.
How fast tables turn, it is now Zimbabwe which is under dictatorship!

The 5.4 earthquake in the Los Angeles Area was a close call, even though I feel it was only the beginning of things to come.

But wait..... we were talking about change. The local cable company is running a special. TV-Internet-Telephone bundled into one is $99. The same amount as TV and telephone bought separately from two different companies. What a deal! I am finally getting hooked up to the net while I am still within my budget.
A nice man comes on Friday, drills a hole in my house, sticks a cable thrue the hole and puts a little box next to the ancient computer I borrowed for a while. He plugs in the telephone cord ... wow... I am all set. He leaves.
I use the phone, three words at most ... the phone cuts off and there is no dial tone.
Dial tone returns, I make a call to the cable company, 5 words, it cuts dial tone.
Granddaughter arrives, calls cable company on her cell phone. Cable company pushes a few buttons, we are all set for calls.
Six identical complaints to the cable company... Cable company decides there is a problem, they will send a technician out in the morning.
Tech comes out on Saturday, makes a few phone calls to cable company and tells me I have a problem.
Cable generated phones do not run thrue analog phone cords. HE SAID.
My old phones damaged his brand new modem. HE SAID.
All new outlets have to be installed, at my expense. HE SAID.
That is a bundled of BULL. I SAID.
He installs a new modem, makes a couple of calls. All set. HE SAID. He leaves.
I receive one phone call, after several words I get cut off. I call the cable company. Technician returns. Still Saturday.
He picks my old rotary phone from all the phones I have presented to him and hooks it to my computer. The computer is located in the studio, 70 feet from where I conduct my every day living.
He explains how I have to have 2 digital jacks installed...totaling $70.00... and have to buy a digital telephone... $69.00. If I don't like it I have 30 days to switch back to my regular phone company, at which time my monthly bill would raise by $65.00 since I then I am no longer bundled. He leaves.
Over the weekend I have a rotary phone stuck to my computer. I can neither hear it, get to it and I cannot call the cable company to remove voicemail with 2 rings, because I am not able to push 1 for English, nor 2 for excising service, nor 4 for service in Washington State. Ms.E.T. would have alerted me to a call, but she is no longer here.
Monday I call my old telephone company to inquire what it would take to switch me back. Easy... THEY SAID. $230 to hook my telephone number back to a satellite, in case I forgot, the number had be rerouted after the earthquake of 2001, I live somewhere totally different and it is the only way to keep the phone number operational in my present location. Forget it! I SAID.
Still Monday, from someone else's cell phone I call the Cable company to reason with them and ask to have my problem taken care of. OK, $70.00 for new jacks and a digital phone. THEY SAID.
Tuesday. Try to reason with Cable company about the cost and again explain my budget dilemma. No Change.
Still Tuesday. I tell cable company I will make them a TV star and tell what happened on TV. No Change.
Wednesday. Lady at cable company agrees with me, it is a bundle of crap. She agrees to take $50.00 of the bill, if I will pay $19.99 plus tax for second jack and buy a digital phone. A technician will come out on Thursday after 1PM. OK. I SAID.

Change seems to be the word of the year. It is used by every one for all sort of things. The world is stagnant for the moment because change is coming. We actually look forward to it without thinking what that means. It is so much easier to keep things as they are, stick with what is familiar to us, remain stagnant and safe. It takes time to adjust to new things, that does not necessarily mean new is better. Better is more of the same. We want different. Different is hard and it will take time to get used to doing things, which are unfamiliar to us. Even the most thought out willing change can become nerve-wrecking. Educate yourself about the possibilities of the future. Be grateful to have an old rotary phone or at least knowledge Of it. So what if we get stuck for a week, can't afford to bring back the good old days, the only choice is to BUNDLE IT! Give chan! ge a try and maybe you can start someone else's good old days. IF I am wrong you have just bundled all over yourself!

Love and Light
PS. OR..... you could go dancing!