Lilian's October Newsletter

Don't you hate... Hate is a strong word, maybe I should rephrase to TOTALLY dislike ... don't you totally dislike people that claim to have all of the answers? No matter what you ask, THEY know! It would therefore stand to reason we have, for the most part, very knowledgeable people in our midst.

Imagine for a moment an office in Washington, DC ... lets call it that ... we were told has staff members which spend their time there part time. It is a simple office, two small tables, 4 chairs. A simple bookcase with assorted reference books to give the appearance of warmth. Two tape-recorders or what ever is called for in order to go with the times. Maybe a potted palm-tree and a money-tree offsetting the purple drapes. The little mandelbrot shaped table in one corner of the office is covered by a bottle-green satin tablecloth. On it sits 2 small wooden boxes. One is plain purple, the other has native sand paintings on it. The 2 women, which are suupose to be working in this office, are everyday-down-to-Earth-Ladies. They are, between them, 136 years of age. Between them they have 75 years of work experience. They are not in yet, if you like you can wait.

My sleeping schedule is a little different from the average person, I go to bed about 3:30AM. About 11:00AM it is time to take my heart medication. I make a strong cup of Java, smoke a cigarette and then return to my bed so I can snooze for a bit, at least until someone calls and jerks me out of my slumber. It is during this time sometimes I dream or "GO SOMEWHERE." Dreams appear very vivid and realistic, could be I really do go to another realm.
The first few years living in the United States I had 1 friend. Her name was Margie, short for Elisabeth. We were Army wives, first on Base and then we were next door neighbors, actually more like backdoor neighbors. We lived on different streets and our back yards touched. We raised our kids together, she had 6 and I two. We spend many an hour together while our husbands were on their second tour in Vietnam. Margie died at age 37.

The other morning I found myself sitting in Margie's kitchen. We drank tea and talked about current affairs. I can still taste the tea, a mixture of Red Rose and Peppermint. I can still feel what her table cloth felt like to the touch. She had brought it from Germany, some kind of fancy crocia. We talked about rising gas and food prizes, we were leery of the future and were angry at the useless war our husbands were fighting. To protect us from Communism, while we had no idea what our world would consists of the next day, hoping the next President would fix that mess.
She said: "You know, the world is a messed up place, the definition of the enemy has changed, while everything else remains the same. The present war makes as little sense as the last one." I agreed. She thought the political arena was like a boxing ring. The fighter with the best management, finances and larger fan club was going to win, since often the talent was secondary and the fighters were mismatched. To also assume the former champion wins was underestimating the skills of the newcomer, it is because of.... The phone rang which slung me back into this realm and I never heard the rest of the explanation.

I have discovered myspace. I have made it just that. MY space. My granddaughter set it all up for me according to my specifications. I was excited when she took me to the place where we found some of my favorite songs, which transport me into different times of my life. I was able to put everything on the page that is important to ME and I can share with the new friends, some of which I have not met yet. I like the feature which allows me to only open my virtual home to people I like to get to know. So much on TV about staying safe ... just as you would in your real house you just have to invite the right crowd. I love it! What a unique place to meet. I have trouble walking these days so I will be able to spend time in MY space. Feel free to drop in for a visit at Make sure you announce yourself by requesting to be a friend.
I am currently putting a book together, my third, THE BIG P. It is a collection of all of my articles, newsletters and short stories I have ever written. I hope to have it done by December. Excerpts will be posted on my blog on myspace. We have several German speaking friends, eager to find out if the translator program works... So what if a scrabbles a bit! I am hoping to create a circle of international friends to share stories, so we can compare notes as to how to get from one day to the next in this difficult world we live in. How to cope with disrespectful employers, rude teachers, anal people and just maybe have a laugh or two to lighten our burden. The stress of unemployment, lack of necessities are almost unbearable; globally. Lets not forget about some of the paranormal stories which can emerge during an afternoon ... night in my case ... in myspace.
It is helpful to create yourself an escape, it is more fun than the bathtub. I am hoping someone will create "SMELLAVISION" soon, smells is the only thing we are unable to duplicate...

There is no word according to Webster or Follette which can describe September of 2008. Therefor there is no word for October.

Hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Kyle came to the US, wonder if anyone asked for their passports and/or visa.
A lot is in a name, a 80 year old guest on my show once told the story that when her grandparents arrived at Ellis Island they discovered the did not have all of their documents in order. They told the Immigration officials their name was Murphy. It was assumed they had to be Irish and they were waved thrue the long line of applicants. When we name storms we give them identity. In alphabetical order or not, it would be wise to take a look at the name first. Nomenology is the art of interpreting names. It would be wise to examining the negative aspect of names given to weather systems of such magnitude.
Case in point:

KATRINA= pure, unspoiled.
Fiery, noticeable, even from a distance. Wickedly sarcastic, if patronized one will come away with more than a little sting. Difficult to be restrained in any fashion. Has the ability of grouping people and makes a good coordinator setting in place model events.

GUSTAV= worthy of respect.
Well build, of considerable strength. Macho, not happy playing "House Husband."

IKE= Sea Friend.
Authoritarian personality. Swift. Does not learn restraint until adulthood. Greedy, demands possessions. Temperamental, shows off and occasionally needs a "time-out."

KYLE= straight, narrow piece of land.
Rather than a business owner he prefers to act as a consultant. Straight and to the point, no variation allowed from course. Very decisive. Respects human values. Main goal is to avoid boredom.

A LOT IS IN A NAME! Some cultures name their children according to their personalities and/or their expected life path.

The craziest, to date, Experiment ... in my opinion ... was attempted in the Swiss Alps. The goal is to reconstruct the Big Bang in a controlled environment in order to better understand the Universe. The HADRON COLLIDER, CERN. Try your hand at running the LHC and interpreting collisions on a simulator at
Due to the overwhelming interest in the subject of 2012, many of you asked me what my feelings are on the subject. Up until now I never had an opinion. When I learned of the experiment ... keep in mind, it is so dangerous that some scientists had asked courts to stop it and save the rest of us from eventually being consumed by a black hole from within the Earth ... it occurred to me that this could be the explanation for what the Mayan Prophets saw. Often we, Seers, Prophets and Futurists see things either in metaphors, which are hard to interpreted, OR, like Nostradamus in visions which we are unable to understand since the things we look at are not in existence at the time when we perceive it. IF the Mayans saw a wall of darkness or a black hole, they could have interpreted it as unable to penetrate, nothing visible, unable to see on the other side and therefore stopped counting time, which is perceived by many as the end of the world as we know it. I suppose we have to wait till 2013 to fully understand what took place. At present I think the (Mayans) saw the experiment take place.
Some requested Divine intervention, whether Earthly or Alien to stop this project. It malfunctioned, time will tell if we are allowed to continue with this madness of a few.
It was reported to me by people living in the vicinity of the Alps that there were physical consequences almost immediately in form of nausea and headaches, loss of equilibrium and mood changes. These afflictions lessened a couple of days after the project was halted.

Wall Street. Well, the chaos is still unfolding, I suppose much of Novembers Newsletter will be devoted to that subject. OR NOT! The greed and irresponsible decisions of a few affected the globe..... IF we can still afford paying for Internet accessin November. LOL

Back to the women in that imaginary office in Washington, DC....
For 11 years, once a year they have, on television and other news outlets, given people a general idea what is ahead for the following year. Their motive is to make people aware of what is coming their way, sometimes even giving solutions to an upcoming problem ahead of time. Mostly to inform; so many pitfalls can be avoided.
At times they have consulted other people like themselves to double check their findings, especially when something sounded so bizarre that it was inconceivable what it was they found.

Over the years they have predicted ... to mention a few... Sept. 11, votescam in 2000, recall of major medications, financial "disorders" plus wars, floods and a multitude of other natural disasters. Home made Copies of these prediction shows starting from 2000 on are available on request. Please cover S&H. Donations welcome.

2008 has so far materialized many of the predictions made by the women and their "Double Checkers."

Floods in the West and Midsection.
Gustav and Ike.
Mayor issues with Wall Street concerning Credit due to GREED! Bailout by Taxpayers.
Loss of financial portfolios.
Presidential candidate selection.
Choice of GOP for VP.
Gay marriage.
Trouble with car industry.
Pet food recall.
Writers strike in Hollywood.
Potential disturbances in Venezuela.
Contermination of cosmetics.

The Office with the purple drapes is finally ready for occupancy. Lacking is the nametags on the door.
Kanashibushan and Lilian Mustelier

We should be able to get that job according to our resume... Oh WAIT ... we can't do that! No-one hardly ever listens to us, we don't know everything! Who wants to be hated for nothing???

Love and light