Lilian's November Newsletter

The world is a confused place at the moment, suppose we should be grateful that we managed to get this far. But wait a minute... I am not "great" and I am not "full." Most people I know of aren't "Grateful" either. Summer lasted a whole 4 month in Washington State. Taking lessons from a busy squirrel population we hurried and gathered a little food, made the enormous repairs, which were afflicted on us by storms and floods during the winter and stuffed our nest with bare essentials, so we can attempt to get thrue the next 6 month.

Last Monday, earlier in the day ... while stuck in a traffic jam... I observed a man getting out of his car. He had what appeared a net in his hand and amidst the almost chaos he choose to catch butterflies in a nearby field along the highway.
Like many at the moment I was in deep thought driving home from running errands. Somewhere along the line my mind must have directed me to make a slight detour. I found myself sitting at an old friend's, Margit Brennan, kitchen table. We ate dark French chocolate and sipped on peppermint tea.
Margit is a world renowned artist, her father and herself painted for the Vatican at times. After the Pope's death Margit was invited to the Vatican. She shared her pictures from that trip. Our visit at her kitchen table resembled an afternoon at one of the side walk cafe's in France. Sipping tea and watching the people walk by trying to guess who was who, their nationality, age, likes and dislikes. Sitting there, it appeared the by-passers followed their own agenda in the time frame allowed for activities chosen.
Margit is also a Delegate for Barack Obama, so while spending time in our imaginary "French Cafe" episode I shared the following with her.

On September 28th 2008 I had a dream. In it I found myself sitting on a wooden bench in some sort of stadium or lecture hall. A man sat next to me. I recognized him, it was Barack Obama. He asked what I was looking at so intensely. I mentioned to him that I thought the filters in the overhead lights had the wrong filters. He inquired how I knew this and I explained that I had learned about these things when I took classes for certification in order to operate all studio equipment in order to produce my TV Show.
I informed him that the present filters would make him appear very dark. He was quiet for a moment, then handed me 5 $100 bills. I told the lightening technician what I thought, at which time Mr. Obama's phone rang, he appeared upset. He had been notified his younger daughter gotten hurt in the middle of the street.

The scene changed, I was now knocking on the door at the Obama residence in Chicago. Ms. Obama answered the door. She wanted to know what I was doing at her house and let me know I was NOT invited. I told her "I had fixed it," she was crying and went back into the house. I woke up.

Eyes half closed I went into the kitchen and wrote it down, so I would not forget it. I was also hoping I would be able to continue my dream, unfortunately that did not happen.

On October 6th, 2008 we filmed the United States predictions for 2009. Kanashibushan came across the mountains shortly after she suffered a minor stroke. She said she was fine and fine she was!

When looking ahead for the country our job consists of locating potential problems and sometimes talk about solutions at the time when we are at the cross roads which still allows for correction or change of direction. This was the 11th year of us making public predictions. As it turned out we ... unfortunately ... have a 96%-98% of accuracy, due to the fact anything is hardly ever changed by people in charge. Over the past 4 years we have advised for you to "fasten our seat belts." This time period is over, we need to switch to a surfboard, it will allow us to lean and duck. We may get wet and fall a time or two. Strapped in a seat-belt we are at the mercy of what ever means of travel we find ourselves in. We were only problem shooting, I am sure there a great things also. No time to look at good things in a 1-hour show.

Here is a summery of the predictions:
A lot was given in metaphor and we had problems pinpointing time.

  • Food distributions, hard times for people to continue in the usual lifestyle.
  • Mars and Pluto could detonate a war, it made reference to the 4th horse in the bible. HOWEVER, I believe it pertains to information given by the late William Cooper in his book: Behold a pale horse.
  • I perceived a ship being strangled by an octopus. The crew had to cut the tentacles with a machete in order to free the ship so it could regain its equilibrium. The ship represents the country, I think.
  • An instability is going to occur on the sun. As a result some will experience a gland malfunction and /or hormonal imbalance.
  • Loosing our house to me means a forced change.
  • Earthquakes will continue at present rate earth-wide.
  • Immobility, hard to put or maintain roots.
  • BULL, Wall Street, possibly in May will see another major disturbance. Confusion and blindness, indicating the present bailout did not accomplish what some had hoped for.
  • Earth and population has to go back to basics. Earth provides food, shelter and knowledge.
  • A new system in science will present its self, some of which is not known yet.
  • Critical month are January, February, March and September, as well as November.
  • Many floods in the midsection and west coastline.
  • At this time we were unable to tell who is president. It indicated a rerun of 2000. Massive legal battles.
    Both MC Cain and Obama are Leo, we were unable to distinguish between the two. Whom ever wins will occupy the Big House for a short time. Elections will not be resolved until spring. There were protests. There was a danger zone in Oct. 2008 that Palin will metaphorically DISAPPEAR. Hillary Clinton will seek and get appointed to high position, regardless of who wins.
  • Government has to multitask, there are large problems. It showed me a teaspoon and a shovel. We will move problems by teaspoon ... to give you a comparison.
  • Problems with Postal Service and similar deliveries.
  • Broken backs, representing hard work, harder than usual.
  • Changes in the Prison System, cutback in inmate medical availability.
  • No changes in medical coverage for the rest of the population.
  • Problems with the components of imported medication. Chemical.
  • Change in the flow of at least one river, problem with overall infrastructure of the country.
  • Changes in gun laws.
  • Blackouts and soldiers on American Soil.
  • Anxieties, even about petty changes.
  • Problems with Textiles. We are going to utilize talents not used in a very long time.
  • Washington, DC damage from wind and water.
  • California has mega problems, talks of Mexican territory, will blame illegal workers.

One of the candidates has to make a quick trip over seas before the actual election.

According to Webster the word Democracy means: Government by the people.
According to Follette my Glucksman Democracy means: Government by the people.
Imagine that! After defining words each month for 11 years, we finally have a word which means the same in any language!

A friend in the financial sector compared our troubles on Wall Street as a cadaver on life support. We have to think global in anything we do, as much as attempts are made to divide us as a people, we have finally reached a crossroad in time where decisions are unavoidable. We have to take a stand as to our decision as to which road to take.

England is considering permission to use HYBRIDS Human/Animal embryos for stemcell research. Repeat... Hybrids Human/Animal embryos.
Those of us which are fans of the X-Files are not surprised.

October was beautiful in the nature department. Golds and reds, wonderful weather, the calm before the storms.
Human drama was more turbulent. Jobless, homeless, hopeless and afraid.
French sidewalk cafes are in a far distance for many. At best we can sit at our kitchen table ... those of us lucky enough to still have one ... and define Grateful. Grate meaning: metal bar framework, reduced into particles by rubbing, scrape with a harsh noise. Irritating.
I think a bowl of Tony the Tiger is called for... I can scrape the bowl with a harsh noise.... One more spoon full and I guess I consider myself GRATE-FULL.

Olympia @ sunset; picture by Ebony Moore

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Love and Light

Britain approves use of hybrid human-animal embryos for stem cell research

By Associated Press
4:18 PM EDT, October 22, 2008

LONDON (AP) _ British plans to allow scientists to use hybrid animal-human embryos for stem cell research won final approval from lawmakers Wednesday in a sweeping overhaul of sensitive science laws. The House of Commons also clarified laws that allow the screening of embryos to produce babies with suitable bone marrow or other material for transplant to sick siblings.

It was the first review of embryo science in Britain in almost 20 years.

The legislators voted 355 to 129 to authorize the proposals after months of sometimes bitter debate that has pitted Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government and scientists against religious leaders, anti-abortion campaigners and others anxious about medical advances.

Brown says he believes scientists seeking to use mixed animal-human embryos for stem cell research into diseases such as Parkinson's will help improve — and save — millions of lives.

Decisions by Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, an independent body which regulates fertility and embryo research in the U.K., to allow the practice have previously been vulnerable to challenges in court.

While Britain has been seen as a world leader in stem cell and cloning research, similar work to create human embryos from animal eggs is also being conducted in China and the United States.

British lawmakers had already endorsed individual proposals, but Wednesday's vote involved the complete draft bill.

"One in seven couples need help with fertility treatment, 350,000 people live with Alzheimer's, every week there are five children born and three young people die from cystic fibrosis — all issues that this bill addresses," Health Minister Dawn Primarolo told lawmakers, opening a debate on the draft laws.

Britain's government opted not to allow legislators to use the debate to consider the country's abortion laws — last drafted in 1990 — frustrating hopes of both anti-abortion lawmakers and those seeking to liberalize current regulations.

Ministers said lawmakers needed to focus on important revisions to rules governing stem cell research and other scientific advances, rather than examine the emotive issue of abortion — which isn't covered by the draft laws.

Brown is a strong advocate of stem cell science and has said Britain owes it to future generations to support the research. Opponents warn an easing of laws on creating embryos could lead to the genetic engineering of human beings.

The process involves injecting an empty cow or rabbit egg with human DNA. A burst of electricity is then used to trick the egg into dividing regularly, so that it becomes a very early embryo, from which stem cells can hopefully be extracted.

Scientists say the embryos would not be allowed to develop for more than 14 days, and are intended to address the shortage of human eggs available for stem cell research.

Under the new laws, in-vitro fertilization clinics will no longer have to consider the need for a child to have a father when deciding whether to offer treatment to lesbian couples.

Those opposed to the proposal insist the change fails to acknowledge the role of a father in a child's life.

Opposition Liberal Democrat lawmaker Evan Harris said he had hoped the debate would allow him to put forward proposals to extend the right to have an abortion to women in Northern Ireland — where terminations are not permitted.

Nadine Dorries, a lawmaker with the main opposition Conservatives who attempted in May to reduce the upper time limit for abortions in Britain, said the government had ducked a potential fight over terminations.

British lawmakers voted in May in favor of keeping the current upper time limit for abortions of 24 weeks.