Lilian's January Newsletter

The phrase: Planes, trains and automobiles jerk memories for some of us. Try this one: Planes, trains automobiles, bikes, skateboards, ferries and everything, which does not resemble a slate and that will draw you the picture if at least a couple of weeks in our homeland. No-one is going anywhere fast, any times soon.

In the predictions we mentioned that things would get so outlandishly bad that Mother Nature would have pity on us.

Imagine, if you will, for a moment the month of December with pleasant weather. An occasional house with holiday lights. People window shopping at the mall, yard work on the weekend and children writing demand.. ops.. wish- lists.. to the fellow at the North Pole. Electricity, Cable TV and the internet working perfectly, everyone comparing notes for the shortest routes to Grandma's house on Map Quest and overloading the system on Prizeline to bid for the cheapest tickets available.

Wrong story you say?... Oh ja.. In order for this to be the truth we would have to have a house to live in, a job to pay the bills. Power to heat our dwellings, money for presents and lets by no means forget food. Thousands of people would still have their jobs, American cars would take us where we want to go. Circuit City would start a lay away instead of a going out of business sale. Food banks would have plenty for the many hungry citizens and homeless Vets, children have wa rm coats and a hot lunch while in school and sick people have the medicine they need. Credit card limits would have been raised, so we could all have a merry HoHoHo.

Nature did have pity on us and put almost everyone in a deep freeze. In Washington State it was reported that a winter as such had not occurred since 1861. Oregon called in the National Guard, to the surprise of many, since we assumed The Guard was unavailable and fighting some other problem abroad.

The East of the United States was without power for many days and storms and rivers were raging in the mid section.

Over the last 3 years, when ever the Seattle Seahawks play in Seattle, a MAJOR storm occurs. The Sea Hawks were sold to Oklahoma City and left. They returned to Seattle for a game and all holy hell broke loose. One could actually look at their schedule and prepare for a weather event. The fans are fantastic and somehow manage to fill the stands, their determinations is something to be admired.

People had to reflect in December, it was all that could be done. We were frozen to the ground. If someone attempted to leave the safety of their home there was always someone with a shovel to give a helping hand. People concentrated on necessities rather than wants. Schools were closed so the old coats were not noticeable. The mail was undeliverable in places, so nothing went to the North Pole. Banks were shut down, so bills were late. No paying on line since there20was no Internet.
Driving was impossible, the fact that lots of places ran out of gas was not a big issue. The delivery trucks were parked by the freeway for safety, at least we knew they were going to get to where they needed to go... eventually.

Olympia made the international news, we had roofs at schools, nursing homes and Apartment houses collapsed. No one was killed as a result of the storms.

3 great women died. Miriam Makeba, Odetta and Eartha Kitt. All three were pioneers in their activism. They used their music to relay messages to so many. All three had developed signature sounds by which to recognize them. Now we have computers and can duplicate sounds, when they started their journeys, they had the wisdom to create sounds which addressed the subconscious and gave a signal as to the importance of the message they were about to deliver.
All 3 were active and changed many things for us a s a people.

Miriam in Afrika and Apartheid.
Odetta in the civil rights Movement.
Eartha Kitt in international race relations.

All 3 saw the change our country is about to undertake and must have felt comfortable enough to leave, knowing that there are some of us which are willing to take their place.

MSNBC featured a Cello player. Yo Yo Ma. It was so interesting, he talked about his Cello and explained all of the pieces of wood and things. He told where everything came from and how it covered the Earth. Because if this he said one could drop him anywhere on the planet and he would fit in.

According to Webster the word INEVITABLE means: assured, avoidless, certain, definite, fated, imminent, positive, sure, unavoidable and unquestionable. According to Follett by Glucksman it means: no way to get around, and predestinate.

I received some e-mails in which I was asked if I agreed that in February... at the time of the changing over to all digital... the TV’s would have a monitoring device build in so we can be spied on.

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, this is NOT one of those.

In 2007 the TV Station I broadcast out of was converted from analog to digital. We had to change our formats and equipment. At no time were we aware that anything subliminal and such was added to our program.

In the e-mail it was asked why the Government spend such large amounts of money for converter boxes IF there was no ulterior motive. I appreciated the $40 coupon, my equipment is old. I appreciated that someone had enough brains to realize not everyone could afford this new way of doing things, the electronic waste would have been too much to get rid off and I would assume "THEY" knew there were so many other ways to spy on us, this would be irrelevant..... in my opinion....

As bad and turbulent the world appears to be at the moment, having been at a total stand still in Decemb er, it occurred to me that the energy change which we experienced in November is here to stay. I am sure much effort will be wasted by some to attempt to throw us into new conflicts, continue the fear we have been living in for many years, but somehow I think we have turned the corner in our conscious line of thinking.

The banks were lenient with late payments, the retailers forgave us for not spending our life savings. The man from the North Pole did not fly Alaska Airlines and got stuck at the Airport. I saw him on the news, he was a diver and maneuvered his way thrue the water, he actually got to some destinations.
The kids were happy because there were many snow days and presents seemed secondary.
Hawaii got on the weather map due to a very strange power outage while President-Elect Obama was visiting his home.

The earthquake activity on the continent has resumed.

People were nice, friendly, neighborly and helpful. Some out of necessity since their passage was obstructed, never the less it was a merry time for people in America.

Miriam, Odetta and Eartha are smiling down on us, we found our own signatures and should everything else fail… We can always blame Mother Nature.

Love and Light

PS. Links to the Ladies can be accessed at 2008 predictions under videos. We have many international friends sharing stories about their lives and changes also occurring in their consciousness.

The 2009 predictions are up in audio format and for those which missed this great Ice formation here it is again.

An anomalous ice formation that grew on the outside of a double paned window in front of an aloe vera plant. The most likely explanation is that the plant's energy influenced the growth of the ice. Click on image for larger photo.