Lilian's April Newsletter

It took a whole month to collect my notes for the newsletter and then.... the paper disappeared. There was a time this would have greatly upset me, I cannot say it did not raise my blood pressure momentarily, as a natural result, this time, but there was nothing I could do about it. I made a cup of coffee and started writing. As I tried to reformulate my memory, I looked up and the paper was right in front of me. It is my personal opinion that we have reached a point in time where we are forced to go with the flow or else.

A recent Email I received reminded me that on the Show: Predictions for 2009
The audio version is on this web site middle column towards the beginning of the page.

On said show I held up the book: Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. ISBN 0-929385-22-5. I mentioned that originally I thought I was making reference to the Pale Horse in the book of revelations, but corrected that immediately and guided the viewers to the book. I own 2 copies, I was unable to locate either of them. I asked a friend to send me his and it finally arrived. While waiting for the book I realized that it must be very important for me to re-read it in order to understand why it would show up in the predictions. In 2008 I predicted Gary Locke would go to Washington, DC and he did as Secretary of Commerce. It took 2 rejections of candidates for this to happen, so it appeared for some time I was wrong. End-result was I was right, therefore I paid close attention to the prediction about the Pale Horse. During this time a study revealed that 10% of ALL religions suffered an exodus of attendees and broadening the number of free-thinkers and spiritual people on the planet Earth.

Regardless of the unfavorable portrayal of Mr. Coopers character, he rendered a great service by writing his book over 20 years ago. At that time his claims, which he backed up at that time, are fully applicable and valid at this time. I would suggest you read the book yourself, because different persons could easily arrive at different conclusions. It deals with Secret Societies, treason in High Places, enslavement of the poor and disadvantaged, Rule by the Elite and it makes reference to the extraterrestrial connections and involvement. What I arrived at is the following: When Mr. Cooper recovered the files in the computer he ended up with he was looking at what could appear to be a projection of a "master plan" as to how to shape the government in the future. Had he been a psychic he might have realized what he was looking at, the fact that he was a very logical individual he thought it to be important to inform the public, He did an excellent job on preserving documentation on how this was to come about. The way this fits into my story here is that everything seemed to be on track until our new President was elected and is in the process on unraveling.... knowingly or not.... everything which was implemented so the projection could become a reality in time.

I use cards in my work, DEATH to me represents the end of a period, a new beginning. Having said that the analogy of the Pale Horse does fit. It appears to me this is the end of an era and it is a time for new beginnings. Change is always hard, some welcome change, others fight it with all of their might.

When we consider additional chain of events... behind the scene... one can see the added unfolding of the future.

Jim Marrs...Rule by Secrecy and Dr. John Mack in Passport to the Cosmos also referenced many of the same subjects at a later time. I need to add that only Jim Marrs is still amongst the living, Bill Cooper and Dr. Mack were murdered. It was my privilege to have known all three of these men. Jim Marrs in present tense.

My computer crashed while writing this newsletter. In my momentary frustration I sat and watched TV for what I thought was to clear my mind for a few minutes. Instead I got involved in 3 movies, which were very timely to this subject.

One of the challenges many of us had in the month of March was the physical discomfort some of us experienced during atmospheric disturbances, a fly-by by an Asteroid, a Comet very close to Earth, clusters of earthquakes in very vulnerable areas, 3 volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean and 1 in Alaska and horrendous weather conditions.

Two days prior to the Asteroid fly-by I noticed myself and others to be very static. Animal had seizures and most of the population suffered from some kind of painful back/joint event.
I needed to fill up my gas tank and luckily remembered I was a conductor...everything I touched sparked... so I asked to have the attendant pump gas instead of setting the pump on fire.

The first movie I watched was: Earthstorm. It was about a mega earthquake, which had occurred on the Moon and had very dire consequence on the Earth. It disrupted the magnetic field around our planet and had the potential of destroying the planet.

The second movie I watched was: Polarstorm: A story about a Comet passing by the Earth lost part of it's tail and a broken off piece hit the Earth in Alaska... spooky, since a Comet with severed tail, not once, but twice, was a REAL event in March... By doing so the Comet in the movie also disrupted the electromagnetic's and magnetic field of the Earth. It started by birds confused during migration, flying into things like buildings and planes. Whales and dolphins beaching themselves off the coast of Australia..... Speaking of Australia... I have finally heard from the friends in Australia, which were indirectly affected by the fires, everyone is unharmed and back online.... In the movie at first some and then all electronic communication failed.

The third movie was: Darkstorm. It was about an experiment in which dark matter was being contained and the dire consequences of that experiment. As the movie started I assumed it to deal with the present day HADRON COLLIDER in the Alps.... it is said the Collider is inactive and under repair at present. My niece lives in the area of the Collider and has had such difficulty that she is renting out her house and moving to Portugal. She is unable to function in the vicinity of the Collider, it affects her physically and emotionally....

The movie got very Hollywood, but I did watch it to the end. I could not help but think about the writers, which had been able to put such a movie on the screen and wondered what it was that they knew and who's book they may have read.....

At present the documentary Planet Earth is on the Discovery Channel. In one of the episodes it allowed us to witness the cooperation of some of the sea creators. A swarm of fish were traveling in large numbers in order to avoid becoming prey for others. At one point it showed MANY sea snakes chasing the fish. In a bit it became appeared that the snakes were chasing the swarm directly into a community of other predatory fish. By doing so and the cooperation of both the snakes and the large fish there was...unfortunate for the swarm of fish... dinner for everyone.

When visiting the Cheyenne in 2003 I was taken to Buffalo Cave. It is a cave in which when times were hard the woman would sing and a buffalo would walk into the cave and lay at their feet, sacrificing himself because he knew the people had to eat. It was a powerful feeling for me to sit in the cave, I could only imagine how it must have felt to be present at such a time when it actually took place. The sacredness still lingered.

Everything has a natural order to it. Unfortunately we live in a time that we ALL feel we have all the answers and have the right to force our "suggestions" on the rest of the world. It would appear we, as a species have run into a little resistance and rightfully so. Regardless how we interpret the "PALE HORSE" it is pointing to a time of reconciliation.

According to Webster the word stimulus means: incitement, stimulant, incentive.

According to Follette by Glucksman stimulus means: Bribery.

We are still in a phase of STIMULI in many ways. Our choice is to be a little patient, make the proper adjustments and pray like hell we will be able to return to some normalcy in our daily life, more importantly in the natural order of things OR it will be done for us.

For those of us that understand the concept of change it is welcome. For those of us resisting change you may reconsider.

I met a wonderful man online. His name is Lester "Smitty" Smith JR. He is the author of a book:
Living in Flow Motion. ISNB 1-59975-690-0 It is a fun book and available

The Seattle Zoo sells ZOO DOO each year. It is the dung from all of the animals collected over a years time which is ripe and ready come garden time. Because the animals were fed contaminated genetically engineered food last year ZOO DOO is not save for fertilizer this year. I know change is hard... NO ZOO DOO FOR YOU!

Love and Light