Lilian's May 2009 Newsletter

At last... winter has lost his grip, new life has come to my world. As I am sitting on the dock realing and look across Puget Sound, the Cascade mountain range is finally visible, the fog has lifted and I can actually see the ships, which came all the way from China and are docked in our Port. My home town of Olympia made the green list two month ago, even though I thought we had been "GREEN" for many years, because it is also home to the Evergreen State Collage and students attending there have been "GREENERS" since 1971.

A little before my time, I was actually hatched across town at the Landfill 21 years ago. Food and shelter was plentiful before recycling, but just about the time I reached adulthood modern technology made that a little difficult. Had heard the pickings are better in town, by the water, so one year I decided to relocate to the bay and give that a try. It was much nicer and no one shot rubber bullets at me, so I decided to stay. Now all I have to do is circle around the water and , for the most part, just wait for by passers and all my needs are met. I sit on tables, cars or anything else I can find and try to befriend the people which come for walks, lunch or festivals. They leave me the best treats
I try to identify myself as I deep dive or walk between their legs, not sure if they understand. I tell them I am Sea Gull, but they just respond with:" Here Birdie, here Birdie."

Photo by Ebony Moore

Humans are mostly unaware of the fact I am intelligent and have long-term memory. That's OK, guess I will just tell you about some things I heard in the month of April.

Two of the guys, which always sit at the table behind the Deli, were complaining how uneventful things were at the moment. One thought the most exciting report he heard was that Neo Breweries are on the rise and it showed 15% increase in Alcohol sales, reminiscing of earlier times when he had struggled paying his bills in the 1980's. His friend though the dumbest thing he had heard was the Novelties lighters being banned and fines of $ 250.00 issued, for not abiding by the new law. He thought parents should be responsible for keeping track of pretty lighters and keep them away from children, rather than having the government regulate something that frivolous.

Complaining about the possibility that stores run out of bullets, since hoarding of ammunition has started... needlessly... he made reference to what is referred to as the Apocalyptic thrill... fear of the end of the world... in comparison to Porno. Seems humans prefer an artificial adrenalin rush other than life itself.

I sat right in front of them as I picked at the scrapes they fed me and started telling them about what the other birds in my flock were discussing. The fact that Seagulls are the national bird of the state of Utah because "Legend " has it, when Utah was overrun by grasshoppers, the seagulls traveled inland, ate the pests, returned to the great Salt Lake and regurgitated the insects in order to repeat that process till Utah was saved from the plague of grasshoppers, with that earning the nick name Mormon Bombers. They are not listening.... I will visit with the young girls walking along the dock. Gosh, they walk fast, must be swift on my little legs to keep up!

One girl talks about the natural looking, fake eyelashes Michelle Obama wears all the time and how she, the girl, is trying to buy the same kind at the Mall, except no one knows the name of the brand. The other girl shares the story her Mom told her about Jackie Kennedy, another trend-setting American First Lady. European tabloids followed Jackie's every move. A third young Lady joined them.... I better get out of the way, she almost stepped on me... They are arguing about the word insight. So many sights... hindsight, foresight, how confusing to have so many words. Glad my language is easy.

According to Webster the word Competitive means: rivalry and skill.
According to Follette by Glucksmann Competivive means: concurrence, gamble and betting.

A couple camera people from TCTV, the local TV station, sit down overlooking the Marina. They got a lot of bags on top of the table... can't eat that! Wait, a corn dog and nachos... if I dive at it just right, I might be able to.... OK he just dropped the corn dog... that ought to hold me for a few hours. He looks mad. He is not mad at me, it's something else....something else. Digital TV. The show Monk and how the new formats are separating the picture and distort the sound. Yeah, get use to it! It will be like that from now on. Fancy televisions and disk players, yet, new technology unable to perfect a smooth picture.

One of the guys is also a Ham radio operator , he explains how the storms on Jupiter interfere... no... enhance the reception on his radio. His friend thinks it is solar flares which bring clarity to the sound reception, except according to the news there have not been any solar flares the whole month of April. Officially. Seems like the news is selective in what they want people to know. To me that is strange, since life goes on regardless, rather uncomplicated, all I need is food and shelter. Maybe a mate, that's it! When I am competitive it means that I am looking for food, I have to be a little inventive, but the rest of the time I just go with the seasons and the flow.

I heard some ladies talk about the flow. They were partially leaning over the railing, one peeling an orange, the other had a banana in her hand... Don't throw that peel in the Sound.. Lady! This is a green city! Doesn't anyone ever listen to me?

What's your worth the older one of the two asks. The young one does not answer. What's your worth repeats the older one. When she realizes her friend does not understand what she means, she answers in her place. " I am priceless" she says.

Never expect people to treat you by your worth, if you don't know what you are worth.

Recession and all, psychics are in demand. The news reported that many people are seeking help from psychics since they are unable to find answers anywhere else. The average personal reading at the moment is $350.00 and the charge for corporations on retainer is $10.000 per month.
I got something to say about that! I am insightful and intelligent with 20 years of experience in human behavior...Listen... no one ever listens to me!

What's that sound? A teenager with music stuck to her ears just singing from the top of her lungs. A Walkabout, perhaps? She is in her own world, not concerned with the fact that a large cloud just dumped an inch per foot of water on her, she is just singing and content with herself. Now that is something I can relate to. I don't care if I get wet, I just shake my feathers, wait till I dry off and strut my stuff on the promenade

I think I am going to fly across the road and see who is doing what by Capitol Lake. This way I can also get a good look at the freeway and check on the traffic conditions. Lots of bikes on the road uptown, as soon as the Sun comes out, all kind of people everywhere. Too many people for an ordinary afternoon, something is going on at the Capitol. It is a demonstration! Olympia is always demonstrating. Some of the TOP ACTIVISTS are "Greeners". What are we demonstrating about today?

Move over, this is a wide enough ledge for the both of us. "What's going on?"

Something silly, as usual. They have funny hats with tea bags hanging on them. They are complaining about taxes and blaming their New President for everything, including the weather. Humans have such short memories. The present President has nothing to do with their present tax dilemma and certainly nothing to do with tea bags hanging all about their cloth. So what am I suppose to expect from intelligent people with tea bags hanging from their head? They are NEVER happy about anything. Can you see the people on the other side of the Legislator Building? People in wheelchairs and their companions? Lets see what they are talking about.

The Governor mismanaged the state budget and is taking money from the poor, disabled and sick in order to make up the devisite. Now that is reason for a demonstration. Humans are strange. Always competing in the way they do things instead of helping one another, cooperating and sharing a ledge with.

Heh.... grab some of those tea bags to take back to the Sound... I am assuming you are going that way!

A group of students working on some papers. A laptop and everyone has a Starbucks cup. I found a grape, better get it before they chase me away.

"Here it is...Ford Derrick Laboratories, Maryland. Home of the Aids Virus. 1970."

It was JUST reported some viles of biological material were still missing. An old story perhaps, but current issues since we have seen the beginning of what WHO ( World Health Organization) would like to categorize as an upcoming or ongoing Pandemic. Swine Flu. It just happens to be a combination of all the different viruses combined.

It sounds like someone is preparing for an article. Kind of dangerous to speak of things like that, even in Olympia.

I can tell them about the last time people were afraid about illness,' everyone was afraid and did not come out. I had to return to the landfill for a little while, till it all blew over. People got out of the Apocalyptic thinking and went back to Porno...... he just dumped a whole box of cookies. There is no janitor on the boardwalk, just me and my friends, we will have to eat all night now.

All I know is that I am glad it is Swine Flu rather that Bird Flu. I am too old to dodge bullets. No one ever listens to me anyway. I may be a Sea Gull now... in my next lifetime I will be a CROW!

Love and Light