Lilian's June 2009 Newsletter

It would stand to reason Summer is here, except for the friends in Australia where it is getting pretty nippy. Either way, with the change of seasons thought patterns and behavior change. In the bitter cold of the winter we think about cold fruit soups and iced tea, floats and fresh strawberries that come along with the hot summer days and in the heat of Summer we sometimes long for comfort food, which we like in Winter. Stews, soups and a hot toddy before going to bed. Somehow we KNOW, if we wait an appointed time, our wish will come true and we will get the changes we seek.

Winter is gone for good in America. I thought I would visit relatives and surprise them with a summer-type meal. I thought about it for a couple of days actually and during the night my thoughts manifested and laid out all the foods I wanted to prepare. Unable to sleep from having all the tastes and smells floating in my head, I got up and prepared a meal, which looked exactly as I had visualized it.

I boiled rice, spiced with the curry a friend brought me from Europe.... the curry originated in India....sesame seeds and fresh ground pepper. Eventually I fried the cooked rice in butter, fresh garlic, parsley and roasted pine nuts. Zucchini was sauteed with Roma tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil and turmeric and later became the bed for roasted chicken. Baby beets were pickled with vinegar, fresh pepper, sesame oil, a large piece of was later removed, since some people do not care for raw onion.... and parsley sprinkled over the beets.

When I got to town with my food and dished it out, the expected respond did not come. The fact that the food was colorful and contained nourishment for everyone some kind of capacity... I added smoked salmon from our local Native American Tribes. A nibble here, a nibble there. At the end it was decided I was to take the remaining food home and eat it myself. Tried peddling it with some of the friends on the way home, they were not interested either. There was not enough food left to feed my daughter's large family and I opted that thought. As I pouted and drove the long way around to get a handle on my emotions I noticed so many cars.... had hit rush hour... so many different cars. Everyone of them looked different, in color and models but they all had one thing in common. They got people where they needed to go. Well, I am assuming they did. My little red Toyota took me where I wanted to go. Home to lick my wounds.

According to Webster DISPOSE means: adapt, adjust, arrange, bestow, classify, conform, give, locate, order, place, regulate and settle.

According to Glucksman by Follette DISPOSE means: to put in order, to choose a place for, getting rid off and finding a place to park.

While driving home I had the crazy notion that I was somewhat disposable, so I looked it up and realized I was so far off in the interpretation of what I thought I felt that I LOL.

The cat smelled the curry, which lingered in the vicinity of my picnic basket, so I had a little talk with her. She seemed interested in what I had to say. She watches TV with me faithfully.

The Astronauts landed safely after completing repairs of the Hubble space craft. So many literally out of this world amazing pictures reach our computers as a result of the existence of the Hubble. I guess we really should be grateful to the people making such a wonder available.

Neuroscientists tested several people, which after further examination were found to to "SUFFER" from Synesthesia. Their taste, smell and what they looked at were reversed inasmuch as they perceived things different than other people, proving that some of us are WIRED different. I was extremely happy about that conclusion since it is hard to explain to people what it is like to "LOOK" at everything a person says to me. I visualize everything and jokingly tell people I ...SEE... what they are talking about.

Rashes were reported in several states, some thought it was shingles, others had no name for the infliction. What was interesting is that in almost all cases Chemtrails were involved. People had noticed an increase of activity in the skies above the areas where the live.

When attending an event where people were 3 hours late I was overheard talking to a Lakota friend. I mentioned that I thought we, her and I, were in good shape since we arrived on "INDIAN TIME". Indian time to us represented natural time, in reference to the elements. It was perceived as a racist remark by a spectator and created a small uproar.

The documentary: The Missing Link was shown on the history channel. It is about a 47-million-year-old fossil named IDA, which is a possible link in form of a transitional species to humans. To me it was fascinating to see how due to "back-engineering, for lack of a better word, we can obtain such incredible information.

I took my left-over food, nicely arranged it on a plate. Determined to dispose of it somehow and sat my hammock. The rice was excellent, especially now that it had aged a bit.....
It has been an eventful month for me, in part because Of a DVD I received in the mail.

For 12 years I have aired an 1-hour weekly TV SHOW: A visit with a Person of High Strangeness on the Government and Educational Channel. I take great pride in the fact that, even though controversial at times, I am politically and religiously neutral on the show. I consider myself an enlightened person spiritually and in everyday life, which requires me to be aware of my surroundings.

My plate of food sort of reminds me of that. I would have preferred some of the smoked salmon in the mix, however I left that for one of the children, since he really liked it. If I am to claim any political affiliation, it is Libertarian. Since I realize that line of thinking is not going to produce an American President at this time, I would have preferred Dennis Kucinich to be elected.

I knew this was not realistic at this time and I was excited when Barrak Obama became president. In part being a foreigner and having witnessed the struggle of America, as a people. I appreciated the new faces of the country since it is time that we are perceived as we really are. Multicultural.
First week in May I received a DVD from a friend. We share the libertarian view of things. When I opened the Package I immediately became offended by the cover. The Obama Deception the title reads and it shows President Obama wearing a very bad attempt of a Doo-Rag, a scarf worn by some of us with curly hair while sleeping.

I knew my friend did not want to upset me, so there had to be another reason he send it. I ignored the DVD for several days.

Like the beet on my plate, it looked like one thing, but the beet was picked and the taste was rather different that the looks would indicate.

Being a reporter, talk show host, I decided to look at the DVD from a neutral reporter's point of view.
I am no stranger to vast subjects, such as conspiracies, UFO encounters, metaphysical explanations and at times just plain stupidity on people's part. I have seen almost all of it.

With an open mind I watched the documentary, twice. On the cover it stated: Covered in this film who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through the hype, this is the film for you. It reminded me of being on a jury. The prosecution states their case.... it makes say: "Yeah, that is what happens!"

The defense presents their case and you say: "Yeah, that's what happened. As a junior you than look at the case from both sides, determine which presentation had a better story and decide. Either, OR.

You can take a 3rd route and look at he law, exercise a jury nullification, dismiss the case, and hopefully at one point change the what you consider a bad law. This is time consuming and not without controversy. Kind of like the vegetables on my plate. They look pretty colorful, except I am not really sure what made me cook zucchini, onion and tomatoes together. Come to think of it, it now reminds me of okra.

For the month of May I made it a project to watch each news channel each day to compare what was being reported. They all covered the main story of the day for the most part. What I found was that each station reported things from their perspective and called in experts to discredit the stories according to their findings. Of course the experts appeared to have been picked in line with the political outlook of the station/newscasters. Therefore it appeared all very logical, except there were always two opposing opinions, depending which station I watched.

Producing a weekly show each week is no small task, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to cover 24 hours of a small amount of events and drag this out and make it interesting. It must take a genius to find a number of people talking about the same story for hours on in. I am no stranger to DEBUNKERS, due to my background in UFOLOGY. Debunkers make it their profession and life mission to dispute people and things they have no idea about, are narrow minded and rather than finding a field of their own choose to dispute subjects already in existence. Unfortunately that creates repeating pissing contests and we, as a competitive people, don't seem to mind or care.

I fight with my webmaster. It always happens in two month cycles. His pool of news sources....all 300 of them.... are different than mine. I suppose they are "Independent" or what ever else we choose to call them. They come from a pool of neutral reporters and for the most part look at things from a totally different perspective. The articles are good and mostly fair, however I object to the headings under which they are posted. It sounds RUDE and ANGRY almost all the time. It was explained to me that if the heading is not eye-catching people will assume it deals with the same old, same old. In order to maintain an international popular web site we have to use catchy phrases. If our disagreements... the webmaster and mine... were a contest, I would win a game, he would win a game and that it would be a draw, at which time we start the battle all over again. The Obama DVD was RUDE, ANGRY and OFFENSIVE. I watched it anyway. We will try to do better with the web site. It is intended for information, NOT hate mongering.

The rice on my plate is just that. RICE. The curry added the yellow, the parsley the green, the garlic the brown specs, the fresh ground pepper the dark specs and the onions the occasional little clear squares. IT IS RICE!!!

I am a child of the Universe, I am interested in respectfully earn the right to live on this planet for a time. Unfortunately, rather than going with the flow and living my earthly purpose I, TOO, have the notion to want to be important and change the world.

Like the chicken on my plate, there are different parts of the bird and some would rather I would not have a chicken on my plate at all. Different textures in the meat, various tastes, depending how it was prepared and served.

Politics has been around as long as mankind existed. Some feel superior and Elite and continue to oppress the rest of the world. Empires fall and we never learn from the past. It is always the same.
Personally, at times I feel I do make a difference,yet, sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, I feel disposed.

I am grateful not to fall into the category of debunkers and stay informed. I wish we were less judgmental and eventually live in peace.

While watching all the different news casts in the month of May I tried to imagine what it would be like to have to be President. Everyone dissecting thoughts, words, motives, the clothes you wear, to be prisoner of your own ambitions. The world expecting EVERYTHING to be perfect in four month. He started out with RICE and added the ingredients which were available to him. Had he have been able to do his own shopping for groceries he might have chosen different spices.

In the series LOST time travel and bi-location is part of the storyline. Every time something changes...FLASH.... new circumstances, new challenges requiring new solutions. Some of us have been ...LOST... for 5 seasons. Try to be President for 4 month.

When reading or listening to the news, please do so with and open that Jury and use your own judgement. A lot of what is presented is a partial story and designed to address your emotions. I was thinking that just maybe, maybe, some of us could be that link in an transitional species which evolves into a new beginning with a peaceful Earth and in harmony with the rest of the Cosmos.

As careful as I was to enjoy my dinner, I realized, it's OK , it all goes to the same place.
Each political season has it's own beauty, dangers and challenges. When it is Winter, we want it to be Summer. When it is Summer we want it to be Winter. NEWSFLASH! When it is Winter on one side of the Globe, it is Summer on the opposite side of the Globe. RELOCATE!

Love and Light

PS. Am I going on the road to interview everyday people on the cross country back roads this year? I cannot. I am financially not equipped for such an undertaking. The present economy has hit all of my sponsors hard.

And just so you see how open minded I am... here is a summery of some of the subjects we covered on my show in 2008

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