Lilian's July 2009 Newsletter

The fig tree in my backyard is trying it's best to come through the window in my studio, each time I open the window.  It is a most amazing thing, I can literally watch it... the fig tree... reaching for the window seal.  The process all takes place within a few minutes.  Almost appears the fig tree is waiting for me to allow it entrance and is seeking the energy within my dwelling.  Just the other day I stroked it's leafs and talked to it, telling it about how lucky we are in this part of the country when it comes to weather.  The storms are over, it is pleasantly warm and ever so often a breeze caresses us ever so lightly.  I explained that I welcome the company, but it is time to close the window, since my little room would only accommodate a small part of one branch, at best.

My granddaughter goes fishing every chance she gets.  I, on the other hand only went fishing once, when I was 25.  Fished at the Nisqually river and my bounty consisted of a boot rather than a fish.  I have been in a little dilemma in reference of sorting out some things, which have come to my attention.  Thought, since it was such an exquisite day, I would attempt a new fishing experience and maybe, by chance, would be able to brag to my granddaughter what a great fisher person I was after all. Grabbed a piece of a branch from the fig tree, which the wind had deposited there during the winter storms and a roll of fishing line from my "Junk Draw".  Stopped at the corner store and bought some marshmallows...had seen men in the SOUTH use marshmallows in place of worms...

The Nisqually river is one of the fastest in the country and claims many life's each year, so I was careful as not to sit in the wrong place.  2 family members are AVON representatives, so I used plenty of Skin So Soft to keep the bugs away.  A marshmallow on the string...All set.

June was a harsh month, each day a new story. I got a letter in the mail from my friend, which had send me the DVD: The Obama Deception, I had called the cover offensive in JUNE'S newsletter.  He asked me how I could have mistaken a mask for a doo- rag.  It took me a while to see what he meant.  He was right, it was a "mask". As it turned out I thought I owed an apology to my friend.  I was rather disturbed about having upset my friend, so I took the DVD cover and showed it to 20 people, randomly. 

One person said it was the Presidents face used for target shooting, because of the bull eye.
Another person said it represented non-patriotism, because the flag on the lapel was backwards.
On my show the person said the President's ears were tied with a string, so he was not listening.
It was the most amazing thing, everyone saw something different.

I went to the web site, it was blocked, along with the Prison Planet site, but I found a lot of comments, which did not even resemble anything that was discussed on the DVD.  All of this resulted in a large discussion, mostly because everyone saw something different.

Perception according to Webster means: acumen, acuteness, apprehension, cognizance, comprehension, discernment, insight, keenness,recognition, sharpness and understanding.

Perception according to Follette by Glucksman means: acknowledgement, to look at, to visualize and to determine.

The fish are biting, oh.. it's big, it's an alligator... no, it is a piece of a log tangled up in my pole!  Let me unscramble that before it pulls me in the river.  I don't want to let go...I got It.. that was close.  The boat speeding by must have created little waves.

I am apologizing to my friend and thank him at the same time for having created a wave, because the DVD would not have been seen by so many if we had not looked at it in the way we did.  However, we did agree that the person presenting it was a very angry person and might have, for the most part.. accomplished the opposite of his original intent.  While some of us were still preoccupied with the deception issue, it appeared things were changing rapidly.

Genetic screening for Cancer in order to personalize treatment  was discussed.  A programmed pill, which would only attack the cancer cells themselves, in what ever part of the body the cells are present.

For some time many of us have used programmed water, which in some ways works on the same principle.

Gary Locke returned to Seattle for a weekend to participate in a Walk For Life, which takes place once a year.  I was impressed, one of the things I always liked about Secretary of Commerce Locke is that he was always available to any of us before, during and after he became Governor of Washington State.  It would appear he is still interested what happens to us, the little people of his home state.

A slight breeze has come up, the water looks so alive.  Or deadly, depending on ones perception.
Should have brought my cat Girley, she would have a field day.  I think she is bulimic, she eats and eats, then regurgitates and eats some more.

A Labrador was high on marijuana. They said on the news he looked so stoned, looked at his pawls and carefully attempted to run up and into the wall, to the point that the vet bill amounted to $1500.  How is that for perception?

Driving on the highway next to my house I noticed something on the side of the road.  Unable to identify what I was looking at I asked my passenger what it was.  She did not know either.  I put on my emergency blinker and slowed down to alert the 6 cars behind me.  Just about then, a large truck...18-wheeler... made a U-turn on the little 2-lane-highway and had to maneuver turning for quit some time.  We wondered what possess him to undertake such a challenge and realized, the truck was 2 feet taller than the underpass he attempted to drive through..  I know the drivers behind me were not happy with my original hesitation,  but actions always have reaction.  Now they were glad, since I don't think any of us could have avoided running into the big truck,  now straight across  the street, like a gigantic steal wall.

A little rustle, can you believe it, there is actually a little snake slithering towards the river.  Better hide my marshmallows, in case the little critter thinks it is an afternoon snack and crawls into my bag.

I always visualized the 21st century to be "out of this world".  Some of our politicians have been injured, broken limps, heart surgeries and it makes me wonder how can they be back to work a day or two later.  Do we have Star Trek laser like ability?  Did I miss something?

Just last night I saw a hair comb advertised.  It is called a BUNITS.  It took me backwards to the days of Jackie Kennedy.  We all teased our hair to kingdom come and wore it as high on our heads as we possibly could achieve.  And now there is a comb one can hook into the hair, throw the few locks we have across it and whew, we are back in the 50's. and 60's.

One of my earliest memories are petticoats made out of sponge, draped with starched lace and itched like crazy.  Kodachome is a thing of the past, on to the next thing... we are engaging in Ciber-Wars. So, are we attempting a U-turn on a small highway or what?

It is getting noisy by the river.  Little boats have appeared and they are blasting music, beer bottles hit the shore occasionally. People never cease to amaze me.  Maybe they don't see me sitting here, trying to catch something... would prefer a fish to beer bottles.  I would really like to catch a fish, wasn't that the reason I came?  The sun is going to set soon, the bugs are biting, another quarter of an hour and I am going to pack it in.

One morning I decided to get on TWITTER...PSYGERIA....  It took a bit to master, but I was determined to upgrade my computer skills and get with it!  The next day the elections in Iran took place.  Like so many, I got on TWITTER and followed the posts which came across almost each fraction of a second.  It made me think just how skillful and connected the people were.  At one point it became appeared that some people acted as "traffic cops".  No, don't go that way, try this link, don't use this number, it is a trap, re-route to France, try Canada.  It reminded me of the stories of the old people in Europe when they told about the ingenuities of the Concentration  Camp prisoners, how they were able to communicate and sometimes find relatives in totally different camps across the country.  It made me think of the human spirit and even if some don't believe we are connected by water, air and everything else in the we are; all connected by an electronic highway.  People were so skillful and helpful to connect everyone to the people on the ground.

On the second day I received a video from one of my non-English speaking Arab friends from one of my TAGGED social site.

It was " WE ARE THE WORLD" with Michael Jackson and all the friends.  I was moved to tears that this friend was inventive and send something we were able to understand.  I posted it with an explanation as to where I got it from.

In the past few month several people turned into killers, because of something someone said, in a hateful way, somehow the energy portrait in the presentation, regardless of context.  The energy of the presentation makes ALL the difference.

Obama Deception was informative, but presented in an angry way.  It steered up many emotions in the people I talked to.  They did not see the message, only the way it was presented.

We Are The World accomplished the opposite, it was loving, uniting, universal and we ALL knew it represented love, regardless what language someone spoke.

The next day Michael Jackson died.  Some thought I had posted the video in his honor, once I pointed out the day of the post, it became eerie.  TWITTER became active again, most traffic was about Michael, rather than Iran.  Again People of the world were united in spirit.  It can be done!  It never occurred to me that one person can make such a difference.  Which brings me back to the electronic connection.  Is it my perception or ARE things changing on a global front?   It would be so wonderful to be able to see something this momentous taking place.

I went on a shoot for my TV Show, people were  discussing all negative aspects of the happenings of the past 2 weeks.  Rather than getting caught up in the negativity, I was able to present another perspective.  When we look at the logistics of events in the world, one can only marvel at how one thing balances the other.  I guess people that only see bad will continue to stay in that miserable frame of mind, regardless. Those of us who rather partake in positivity are free to make that choice.

I have connected with the most wonderful people through TWITTER, TAGGED, FACEBOOK and MYSPACE.  How can I have a bad day?

It is getting late, no fish for me.  I thought I was fishing, turns out I was thinking.  There is always Safeway with a fish tank.

As I drive on the Reservation Road I notice a man with strange arm movements.  I pull over, stop and ask him what he is doing.

He stops and answers:" I am flying an imaginary kite for peace!  What else would I be doing on a day like this?"

Love and Light

1. This GRAPHIC video was send to me by a friend from Europe.  NEDA IRAN 20/06/09

2. This video is the one from my friend in Egypt to relay a message.