Lilian's August 2009 Newsletter

Washingtonians are in a critical heat wave. Temperatures of above 100 degrees.  The weatherman said since weather was recorded....I forgot the year, 1902, I think he mentioned, but it has been some time... it was never above 70 degrees after midnight in Seattle, until last night. It was 82.  I live south of Seattle, weather always varies by several degrees up or down, so we are in our own... weather world...  Very few of us are equipped to handle a situation like this, since the majority of households do not have air conditioners... we don't get that hot. Once, in the late 80's, and in 98, it was 108. I took a picture and the picture was shown on the national news.

Today I went to town early and saw the Sheriff Department patrolling neighborhoods and checking on people.  Some of the homeless, normally residing in the parks, were headed for town to sit in the Cooling Centers the City made available for the people. It was announced on the news that fire trucks would patrol the streets and hose groups of people down, at their request.   For years some of us have talked about... and noticed... Earth Changes.  It is now the mainstream population noticing something doesn't feel right... things ARE changing. 

At least 100 degrees outside, so I sit in my living room with my feet stuck in a bucket of cold water, to cool my body down.  I learned that from the Navajo, when visiting the friends in the bush in mid summer.  On the reservation we use empty coffee cans.  Unless your feet are a size 12 and a can is too narrow.  There is wind on the reservation, lots of wind.  Not so in my living room, so I use a small fan to blow around the hot air.  The cat looks at me as to say : "Now that is stupid and just hot air going in a circle."

Cat is right, except it makes me feel like I am doing something, at least.  Want to cover her in a cold wet towel, but she does not think too much of that. 

Someone at the door!  Its Malcolm, my grandson.  He is coming to check on my well being.  I get him a wash tub filled with cold water...he wears a 13... and aim a fan his way.  After I am all caught up on his adventures we talk about mine.  When the chit-chat is out of the way we talk about changes we either experienced or willingly made.

"Turn the TV up, so we can see what they are talking about".   KOMO is showing the snow storm from 2008, like that is going to make us feel better....well, actually it is.   Look at all that snow, people breathing and having smoke come out of their nostrils.

Due to the heat joints on a bridge expanded, a drawbridge, so no one is able to open the bridge.  The workers took burlap sacks and wrapped them across the joints , kept them watered in the hope of reversing the expansion.

Highways buckled from the heat.

Fire alarms went array and caused false alarms.

A stretch of the median on I-5 caught on fire.

Ballenger Island, a bird refuge, in the middle of a lake burned.

A thundercloud deposited 2 inches a rain per minute and created a mudslide  300 feet in width, which shut down highway 20.

Insulation on power lines melted, burned the power poles and left a couple of townships without power.

People standing in line since 1 AM at Home Depot were given numbers for air conditioners, the truck delivering the air conditioners is stuck somewhere, not sure if it even arrived before the heat wave is over.

The weatherman shows a thermometer, as it passed 120 degrees it makes a flip and registers MINUS 120.  Weatherman is awestruck, he has never experienced anything like it.

A renderer truck dumps the load unto the freeway.

Malcolm helps me to hose down the house, the well water is very cold, that seems to help a bit, we get back into the house to stick our feet into the water buckets again and treat ourselves to Mangoes.  Too hot to snack on anything else.

According to Webster the word TRUST means: firm believe in some quality of a person,  thing;  hope, confidence in; obligation; custody; have faith or confidence in, rely on and believe.

According to Follette by Glucksman TRUST means: faith; pawn; in good hands; confidential, curator.

Malcolm inquires about a rumor he heard.  He heard I am bringing the TV Show to an end at the end of the season.  Malcolm has worked on the show since he was 8 years old.  Not lately, since he is all grown and busy now.

Not a rumor, I am not able to do all the things it takes to produce, film and edit a weekly one-hour TV show.  He seems disappointed, no, the word is surprised.  I guess when we are young we do not consider the fact that people do get old, in our mind everything remains the same with the people we love.  A gray hair here or there, but everything else remains the same.

I have used a walker off an on for years, some days I feel I can run track, other times I am barely crawling.  I am flattered that I give the appearance of being invincible.
"How many shows do we have?  700 or so?"  He asks.  No, only 674..

We reminisce on the 12 years, we think about the people that helped us financially and physically over the years.  Some of them lost their business during the recession and some have lost their lives due to accidents and illness.

We reminisce about the places we went to, in order to get the footage, the interviews we filmed, which were so prophetic and sometimes years ahead of the times.  We consider re-airing the earlier shows, but are told that re-runs are not permitted.

We reminisced about the downfalls and advances we made over the years, the times when we had no idea how we was going to accomplish a new task either in technology or practical application.  Somehow we figured it out.  Looking at it in hindsight necessity made us rather inventive.

We reminisced about the bloopers and the "craziness" of learning how to rearrange our thinking according to what was needed to put a new show on each week.

We reminisced about the yearly picnics we attended with the other producers and staff and just how many had fell by the wayside long before we expected them to.

We reminisced about the young people all grown up now with children of their own.

In the natural order of things the human species has always been able to adjust to the changing of the planet.  They tuned to animals, which ...for the most part... sensed things ahead of time.  They followed the food chain and some, till this day migrated with the seasons.

Man became tribal, even at that, adopted according to the circumstances.  Physical appearance changed, genes mutated according to the environment, intermarriages were necessary to protect from outside dangers.  It is modern man, the only species on the planet, which has decided to master their environment and developed the notion to think everything can be maneuvered.

Suppose the Europeans had ignored the mini ice age, which befell them only a few hundred years ago.  Suppose the cultures of a blush Sahara had thought they could outsmart their home turning into a dessert.  Men has always been on the move according to their survival needs.

True, we have hastened the changes on the Earth by our unreasonable behavior and destroyed a good portion of this beautiful globe in space.  It would stand to reason that now that we have gained that realization we would attempt to rectify this within reason.  You would think that.  Instead we tighten the borders, become even more territorial, manipulate food supply, create new diseases and try to define the odds of the natural order of things.

Changes do not come easy, especially when given a choice.  We make excuses, go into denial and are so surprised when we find ourselves in a position we have no control over.  We continue to build cities in the desserts, overpopulate the planet, overpopulate the land with industrial farms to raise an animal food supply.  We strip the Earth of natural resources, yet expect a positive outcome.

In our personal life we HAVE TO be in charge.  We are taught we can do anything we set our mind to.  On a subconscious level we are doing this, because we believe we are entitled to to do so.

Struggles for racial and cultural domain remains, even in this "ENLIGHTENED" age.  We talk about faith, when in reality we have very little.  We have programmed ourselves to be in charge of our own destiny.  We have convinced ourselves that we, and only we, are right and allow ourselves to be bombarded with lunacies sometimes draconian ideas of others, which feel the same superior way we do. 

" You want me to change the water in your bucket, mine is hot already?"
" Yes please.... and get me another mango while you are in the kitchen, thank you".

The news announces that President Obama changed his airtime for a news conference by an hour because the singing wonder Susan Boyle has an interview scheduled.  Many people want to see the Susan Boyle interview rather than hearing what the Leader of the free world has to say about health care.

" Guess he... the President... is wise enough to make a change, huh"?

In some cases it is easier to have changes made for you, like a sudden disaster or event.  No time to think about anything and deal with the consequences later.  I am sure we have all found ourselves in a situation when we were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I hindsight times... it turns out we were at the wrong place at the right time and our life changed as a result of it.
" And you are telling me all this because"......
" Hard as it appears, when we make changes by choice we can maintain a certain control over what happens and adjust a bit better.

When we have faith.... a better word is TRUST... things have a way on falling into place and we eventually realize the action we took was somewhat pre-destinated, we would have arrived at this point anyway.  Like a suppository.  We can do it the easy way or the hard way, either way.... that is where it goes."

"Drought in Texas, unbearable heat in Washington, deadly monsoons in places.  So what do you do?'

I guess we have to have the wisdom to acknowledge that we are part of a cycle on this planet.  We need to spend our time wisely while we are allowed to dwell on the Earth.  We need to respect life, each other and all that we are gifted with.

" So are you sure we are going to end the Show?  We went from BETA to SVHS to DVD to DIGITAL to HD." "Yep, my body went with the natural order, downhill and I am in the Autumn of my life.  My feet stuck in a bucket to stay cool.  As sure as you can smell snow before it arrives..... Change is coming"."Thanks for checking on me, don't stay away too long.  Please hand me the phone, I want to place an order".
ASPRAY.. and pocketshot  $14.99.  If I order within the next 3 minutes I will get 2 of each for the price of one!

Love and Light

Bang Bang, You're Dead