Lilian's September 2009 Newsletter

Have you turned on the TV on on a Sunday?  One would think on the one day, when many of us have a day of R/R, important and informative programs would be readily available.... NOT SO.  It is sometimes over the weekend I get many calls about things, which is of interest to some, because the weekend is also the time when many surf the web and sometimes accidentally ran into things and subjects some have not really thought of.  While channel surfing I ran into a 5-minute discussion with Comcast and a City Council man.  I don't know from which city.  I found it really interesting, because they were talking about the fact that the city was in the process to create ONE web site to access everything connected with the city and have full disclosure as to anything being discussed in reference to the happenings regarding the city.  The reason the Councilman gave was that they wanted to make sure the citizens would be able to examine and decide for THEMSELVES what was said and how it affected their life.

Last weekend I was looking for something...don't remember what it was... and found several articles pertaining to my web site.  It listed me as the author of articles, which did NOT originate with me.
Please note that there is a disclaimer on the site stating that I do NOT endorse articles and Ideas posted.

My web site contains daily headline news from other alternative news sources, information from paranormal/scientific reports AND/OR articles by private citizens, which give opinions on a certain subject.

According to Webster the word ETHICAL means: decent, good, honest, honorable, just,  moral, principled, righteous, scrupulous and virtuous. According to Follette by Glucksman ETHICAL means: well in moral, well behaved and truthful.

During my 12 years of writing and interviewing people I have earned the reputation of being ethical.  I allow and respect people's opinions, check  my facts and do not attach myself to the outcome of the story, since things mean different things to different people.

Unfortunately we live in a time period where "DIVIDE and CONQUER" is the theme of the day, not to mention feeding paranoia and fear. Many articles are written, which are influenced by the writer's political views, believe systems and deep down need to present personal views and ideas to the reader in order to sway people's opinions.  More often than not, some information has been  presented as a novel, rather that a fact.  There is more truth to a novel than one might think.

COMCAST... our local cable company is running an add at the moment, which I like very much.  It is a character/cartoon setting with only 3 actual people in it.  Like Roger Rabbit, only more fitting for the times.  The add lets one use the imagination of many possibilities and how it affects the human characters in the story line.  It makes the point how we can create our own reality and comfort within the world that surrounds us.....In this case Comcast costumers are much better off than costumers of other cable/satellite providers.  For the purpose of this " newsletter" lets step into this ...Comcast World.

Human behavior would like us to attach ritual to many things, when in reality ritual is not required.  We live in a world that is no longer based on a certain protocol and human interaction, we get our information electronically, for the most part.

Many people mindlessly TWEED about things which mean something to them, rather than the rest of the world.  Little or no thought is given to the consequences or the feelings and actions of others.  This can prove to be detrimental to some, in an age where...because the instant availability of information... some act on something they read, were enticed by or promoted a certain idea, which results in destruction of property, and even kills.  Like in the Comcast world, everything is illusional except ourselves. In a way we do live in a fragmented Universe, therefore the divide and conquer.

I stopped to visit a friend at a car dealership.  He had already left for the day.  On my way out I notices MANY burlap sacks leaning against the wall.  I asked what was in the sacks.  I was told that one of the customers facing repossession of an automobile had decided to pay off the car.  IN PENNIES.  Thousands of dollars in pennies sitting against the wall at the dealership waiting to be counted.

My Doctor requested I get a TempuPedic mattress to prevent my back from braking, while I am asleep.

A friend made the purchase possible and a whole new world of sleeping opened up to me.  It is painful, for the most part, since it forces me to sleep in an unfamiliar fashion.  My granddaughter came to take a look at this fantastic mattress I was talking about.  I suggested she lay on it.  She did and immediately commented that she cannot sleep on her back.  She laid on her side, her head resting on her arm and we talked for a minute.  Unknown to her I watched the mattress create a mold of her body and ever so slightly grab her, inched her onto her back and held her there.  It reminded me of a Venus Flytrap.  My granddaughter did not notice being turned and trapped until I pointed out to her that she was now on her back.  She got up slowly, the mattress also prevented her from making sudden moves and we continued our conversation sitting on the couch.  I LOVE my TempuPedic, I can see what the doctor was trying to accomplish.  It works and it no longer hurts....Sleeping, that is.

Red Rose Tea did not have an animal figure in the box, as it has for the 40 years I am drinking it.  It had some weird pumpkin.

For several month I have noticed and wondered why chickens no longer have backs with meat on them.

Finally, the way to import chocolate made with camel milk  has been cleared.

5 Days after suffering from a heat wave the weatherman is wearing a wool vest.

VETS finally got their new GI BILL.  I am glad, it should not have taken that long.

Cigarettes are very hard to smoke these days.  They keep going out, unless you suck on them constantly.  This is do to the new regulations in reference to the paper used.  The paper will extinguish itself almost immediately, if not puffed on. It is rather irritating, on the plus side... one less thing to blame the smokers for....lit cigarettes.

There is finally a class action lawsuit about bad medication.  I am glad, because many Doctors I dealt with during my  "IMAGINARY" pain did not want to listen to complaints based on bad medication.  The fact that I had needles stuck  under my kneecap, leaving small holes...  WITHOUT NOVOCAIN, because of my allergies... carried no weight in a diagnosis either, or the compassion of the Physician over a 15 month period.  Only after signing a contract in reference to pain medication did I, after 12 month of suffering, get some relieve.  The behavior and the lack of assistance of the medical profession involved with my debilitating condition was cruel, inhumane and bordering on criminal.

According to our prediction for 2009, the economy should stabilize in September.
Kanashibushan is unable to help with the predictions for 2010.  She is recovering from heart surgery and her house burned down. She is in need of all of our support.

I walked my granddaughter out and smelled the most wonderful scent.  The aroma addressed all senses and was unidentifiable.  I felt I had been given a sign from heaven.  The neighbor noticed my delight and puzzlement as to what it was I smelled.  She pointed to the back of her house.  The heavenly scent came from her dryer vent.

I am saddened by Ted Kennedy's death.  When I as young I had 2 brief encounters with President and Jacky Kennedy, while in Europe.  I always followed all the stories about the Kennedy family.  It was only after I saw the summery of Sir Ted Kennedy's life that I realized I remembered most all of this great and humble man's actions and how they affected me and my life in the United States.
Safe Journey Sir Edward Kennedy.

Guess there are only 3  behind the scene politicians my opinion... that can truly make a difference.  Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer and DENNIS KUCHINICH.  Unfortunately the Libertarian Party suffered a large set back.

Let's get back to the setting of the ad in which everything around us is non-human except ourselves.

There is a bottle, the label says Ice Tea.  I open it and out jumps a Genie.
Like any genie he grants me 3 wishes.

1. The wisdom to be able to be fair.
2. The fairness to respect all people's opinions.
3. The privilege to have everyone read all my previous newsletter to see that I have always been able to see HOPE, LOVE and CHANGE.  Always been able to find positive, no matter how grim or dark the circumstances are.

The City council man had a good idea to hook everything into the same web site in order to actually  allow people to witness the running of the city, providing you make the time. 

PolitiFact is a NEUTRAL fact finding entity, which analyses fact from fiction in the decisions of the government.  Please bookmark this address if you are interested in this approach.

I have the misfortune to break vacuum cleaners as fast as I buy them.  After 3-6 uses they break down. .. The exceptions are RAINBOWS, which are faithful to me for many years...  I acquired a brand new vacuum, cleaning number 4 was as long as it wanted to cooperate with me. I dug out the instructions, followed the trouble shooting section, dissect the machine looking for clogs and things.  Everything looked perfect.  I reassembled the Vaccumcleaner.  The directions of the instruction book were printed in a foreign country and somehow a couple of parts did not fit the way it was described.  A big BANG.... Vaccumcleaner was dead.

One thing I do know is a FACT, I am a Vaccumcleaner KILLER.

Love and light

PS.  This is VERY GRAPHIC footage.  I am NOT a vegetarian, Vegan nor opinionated as to what people should or should not eat.

I thought I would give you a choice to watch this very dramatic documentary...permission obtained.... and see what you think.  After all we are truly ALL..... EARTHLINGS.