November Newsletter 2009

I am trying, no, I AM putting my book:  THE BIG P together.  One would think that after 18 years of writing I would have figured out how this works, only each time I think I have learned how to master the word processor, a new program comes along and reminds me just how computer illiterate I really am.  I was born under the sign of Scorpio, so the word "defeat" is not in my vocabulary, not only that, I also arrived  when Mercury was retrograde.  I have noticed over the years that if anything lays dormant or is unfinished, all I have to do is wait till Mercury goes retro and like clock work, everything falls into place.  It is for that reason that most of the friends keep me informed as to the status of Planet Mercury, so I can get ready for a wild, productive time period, while everyone else is totally unhappy for said time period.

Mercury begins the year already retrograde from December 26, 2009 at 21 Capricorn
Mercury turns direct January 15, 2010 at 5 Capricorn

Mercury turns retrograde April 18 at 12 Taurus
Mercury turns direct May 11 at 2 Taurus

Mercury turns retrograde August 20 at 19 Virgo
Mercury turns direct September 12 at 5 Virgo

Mercury turns retrograde December 10 at 5 Capricorn
Mercury turns direct December 30 at 19 Sagittarius

So I guess I have to wait till 2010 till I get another go around, unless I get some help NOW!

According to Webster the word: PANDEMONIUM means: wild disorder or confusion and Chaos.
According to Follette by Glucksman PANDEMONIUM means: noise from Hell.

I watched a program on PBS the other night, about Black Writers. One of the Authors featured was Sly Cheney Coker.  He is a native of Sierra Leone, he has resided in the US for decades.  He said something very interesting.  I am not able to quote him, but it was something to the following effect: Writers should not write what people want to hear, but write about uncharted territory and make one think.

On my way home from visiting one of my grandsons, I stopped at Goodwill to use the restroom.
I remembered seeing a couple neighbor women without a jacket a couple of days earlier.  It had turned cold, so I inquired why they were walking around without a coat.  The said they did not have one.
I decided to brows around the was a pink tag special... and see what was available.  My intention was to stop and have a nice meal for myself since I had been stuck in the house for 3 weeks, due to my back problems.  As I was looking at the coats I decided warmth for a person was more important than a meal for myself, I had plenty to eat at home and what better way to spend the last money in my pocket, than to help some one.
A young Muslim woman started to talk to me, we mentioned how expensive everything was, even with the pink tag special.  How when people give things to organizations for charity, thinking they are helping and to see how unaffordable the merchandise is when it finally hits the rack.

The young woman asked me what had brought me to the store and I told her. She offered to help me make a choice, she tried the coats on, so I could determine if they would fit, especially since one of the neighbor women was expecting a baby. 
The young woman insisted I pick 4 coats, 2 to spare, she said. She walked me to the cash register and SHE paid for all of them.

It is OK to spend your last dollar on someone in need.  The joy it gave me, not only to see the kindness on a total stranger's face, a young Muslim woman, then again later when I gave the coats to the neighbor women and told them what a great experience I had.  I ate at home and still have my $ 20 for the next time I go to town.

Zookeepers in GAZA painted stripes on a donkey, so it looked like a Zebra and children could enjoy it.  The Zebra had been killed in the last attack launched by Israel on the people of Gaza.

A friend moved his 5th wheel from Lake Stevens, WA, to Olympia, WA, a couple of days ago.
I offered to help him find his new parking space and remembered he could only get there a certain way.  His rig was a half of a foot taller than the railroad trestle covering the old Highway.  Being a man he did what men do, he did not arrive on the route specified and we had to double back and detour 40 miles, in order to enter the Highway on the proper side of the railroad trestle.
I drove ahead of him, I knew the road and it was a beautiful drive.  The Autumn leaves were breath taking, even though it started to rain so hard, be barely escaped a flash flood.

While driving and trying to figure out men and their ways, I thought about the MAIN EVENT in the month of October.  Balloon Boy.  The boy in the flying saucer, which turned out was not in the flying saucer.  The world was worried about the child, only to find out it was a publicity stunt.
In a way I can almost understand the motive, I deal with people, which love to be on Television or find the need to surround themselves with well known people, for whatever reason.  There are many willing to overstep boundaries, in order to be acknowledged.
What disturbed me more than anything is the fact that legitimate UFO researchers and paranormal investigators have a hard enough job as it is, because of many narrow minded people.  So, when this Wanna-Be Scientist pulled a stunt like this, he affected many facets of the subject.

Speaking of Wanna-Be's, the incident in Phoenix in which  3 people died in a so-called sweat lodge, is equally frustrating.  Many genuine ceremonies are conducted by the native people of our country. The pandemonium of it all is fame and money. 
I found it fascinating that both occurrence happened so close together, just as the Metaphysical community thought we had been blessed with at least somewhat of a beginning of exception.

I am in AWE of our new President.  It appears he systematically works through issues long neglected. You turn on the TV and he has addressed and fixed another issue. I am sure before his term is done, one morning he will have addressed the UFO issue and very nonchalant, in passing, notify everyone that the UFO files have been released.  He has a habit of giving us the facts and to remind us he says: " LET ME BE CLEAR"

I was concerned about the "crashing into the MOON" by 2 satellites. I thought it was utterly insane, since the moon affects all of our oceans, the weather and a one little wobble could send us spinning into outer space.
Here is the answer I got from one of my  scientist friends: I hope NASA knows what they are doing. Of course, the Apollo LEM ascent stages were crashed into the moon back in the Apollo era and nothing happened but a moon-quake that registered on their seismometers. I plan to watch on the NASA TV channel.
I do not have the capability to watch the NASA TV Channel, so I am STILL holding my breath.

Flash Forward is a new Series on ABC.

In the storyline ALMOST  every one on the planet blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  During that time everyone saw themselves several month in the Future' April 29th 2010.
In an announcement one of the main characters, an FBI Agent, made a comment and said: "everyone here now is a prophet.  I have never seen a prophet, which had an easy life.  I have never seen a prophet, which God does not love."
He also said:" you have to be living for the future, not living by the future."

Until then and the next time Mercury is retrograde I will just continue my quest to remind you to think for yourself, examine the facts and make your own decisions.
We can choose pandemonium promoted by hateful, misinformed people, or we can exercise our right as the people of the planet Earth and remain who we were design to be, a loving, caring being, which is part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Just as I am ready to close this newsletter with some of my famous sarcasm stories, like: " don"t worry about blowing up the Moon, we just discovered 32 more Planets to blow up", I received an e-mail from a dear friend.
He gave me permission to share my mail from him with you.

Being from Oakland,
we are exposed to ALL cultures.
True, 155 languages are spoken in The Holy City Of The Pride and Poise, "arguably" one the most ethnically diverse places on EARTH?
Human nature dictates certain behaviors that are constant amongst the species. Greed, lust, envy, myopia, hostility,indifference, insensitivity, cruelty, harshness; animosity, antipathy, or hostility.
The antithesis of these characteristics is the Human pension for compassion, empathy, sympathy, condolence, altruism, charity, rapport, generosity, which equates to one word; LOVE.
By defining your Humanity, one can chose the negative, or when one has achieved self awareness, one can chose the POSITIVE.
By the grace of God we are given this choice, to either be a harbinger of deceit, or be the messenger of goodwill. That is what makes an individual, his/her choice, or even still one's decision, to be benevolent or chaotic.
My example points to the people of Japan, to whom Club Nouveau and The Sekret Service paid a visit this weekend.
Speaking to a resident of the Island of Okinawa, she informed me the Japanese people view the number 49 as evil? They refuse to use 4 or 9 to number an apartment, or the floor of a building, etc? How can I disagree with this ADVANCED culture? :)
Because of my exposure to Asian culture in general, I portrayed a humble demeanor, (Jay will disagree), but this is the FACT. When speaking with someone, I would bow, utter "arigato" for their kindness, and recognize their cultural mores and social "value" system.
Throughout the world, the vast majority of the populace cannot relate to the "differences" between Human beings. Most adhere to their particular PROGRAMMING to dictate their behavior, EXUDING "myopia". These individuals believe the color of ones skin defines their worth, not the content of their character?

I composed a song years ago called "Power 2 The People", which stated.

Hold it? Let me finish my story, mine eyes have seen the glory of brotherhood, solidarity
That was taught by Martin Luther King
The children are the hope of the future, that's why I'm here to introduce you
To an alternative to a selfish attitude, I know it's rough but don't be rude
Extend your hand, to your Brother man, in other lands
Understand the difference in culture, CRUSH the Vulture of prejudice and ignorance
Make some sense, it's a rough world, make a place for all the little boys and girls
Rise to the occasion, all the women and men, one world one Nation.

We, as Club Nouveau, preach 'Lean On Me", I don't need "Jealousy", and 'Save The World". It is the RIGHT thing to do, the JUST thing to do, and the CORRECT thing to do. EMBRACE your fellow Man and his "differences", though no one will charge you to AGREE with him/her, RESPECT what you may not comprehend, and do your duty to make the world a better place. If for nothing else, the world's children. You lead by EXAMPLE. :)

Club Nouveau, Okinawa Japan, October 2009!

James L. Richard II

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