February 2010 Newsletter

Where to begin, where to begin! January presented a roller-coaster of events, had it been a slide show, depending of the set speed of the projector one might have become dizzy.
I am still ill, so I have lots of time to keep track of the going-on's in my family, my neighborhood, my State, my country, my Planet and my Universe.

Early in the month we saw pictures and footage of the tallest building in the world, which opened in Dubai. Immediately my mind said: pretty, but OH OH, Tower of Babel.
I am working on an upcoming show in which I feature an interview with Edgar Mitchell, the former Astronaut. The subject is Quantum Hologram. I am really excited about the subject because it it finally gave me a correct explanation for people when they ask me how I do what I do. To remind you, I am a psychic. In essence it broke it down in elementary language. The way he, Mr. Mitchell explained it was as follows: Actually, it is my interpretation of what I understand as a result of his analysis : Imagine a box. Surrounding the box are what appears to be sparks. The Box represent the Universe and the sparks are the residue shooting into the Ether.
We are able to pick up the "sparks" containing all of the knowledge Universe has to offer. Then in turn, our brain can translate the residue into a hologram or a picture and here is your story. It helped me to understand that when I perceive something I sometimes misinterpreted the picture. The story is complete, however I attach the wrong hologram to it. For example.
In the 2010 predictions we talked about an event similar to Katrina, in as much as many people would have to be relocated within the country after a catastrophe. I mentioned that when Katrina happened I thought it had to do with Haiti. To me Haiti and New Orleans is similar in energy. Even though both predictions were accurate, they were reversed. The hologram created in my mind was reversed. Imagine how Nostradamus must have felt when he translated people, things and places into something, which was not even in existence at that time. It always upsets me when people take everything literal and apply it to the present, that is not always possible and with their action creates errors and confusion.

So, when I saw the highest building in the world I thought Tower of Babel.... with limited knowledge of the Christian Faith... I translated
Babel into confusion.and chaos. Story was right, my interpretation was wrong and chaos it was, in many areas in January.... depending on one's interpretation.

A firestorm was unleashed when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of corporations. Please note what was on Dennis Kucinich myspace and facebook. I am assuming it is OK to use this, since he put it on his social sites and allows to share with other members.

(January 21, 2010) Congressman Dennis Kucinich reacting to the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission released the following statement:

Today's decision will allow corporations to spend unlimited funds in support of political candidates. It will increase the stranglehold corporations now have over politics. There is no more effective way to concentrate even more money and power in the hands of the wealthy.

Already, Wall Street is thriving on government largesse while America struggles with rising unemployment and foreclosures; insurance companies are preventing meaningful health care reform; and fossil fuel companies are preventing meaningful climate change legislation. The foundations of our democracy are at serious risk.

The five-man majority has overreached considerably. The five-man majority brought up this issue of its own volition and has now legislated from the bench. The Supreme Court's actions and decision violates 100 years of precedent as well as the Constitutional prerogative given to Congress to legislate. In his dissent, Justice Stevens somberly remarks, "The Court's ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation." Congress can hardly ignore such a stark and foreboding comment.

Now, it is incumbent upon Congress to act. We must reclaim the democratic process and protect the voice of American citizens. If we allow corporations, many of whom are owned by foreign interests, to exert the kind of influence allowed by today's ruling, we will have, finally and completely, abandoned Lincoln's government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I called a friend in the legal profession to make sure that I understand this issue on layman's level. I of course was excited that "FREE SPEECH" was preserved, once again. I even talked about a local case in which a Reverend preaches in the nude. He was forced off the air. He filed a lawsuit and eventually won his freedom of speech case. As bizarre as it appeared, especially those of us on Public Access Television were saved by the " NAKED PREACHER".
In plain English.... The Supreme Court ratified a law dating back to 1886...Southern Railway verses Santa Clara County. A corporation is now same as a person and therefore has the same rights as a person..... one of which is FREE SPEECH ....wonder why I got excited? Had they fought the free speech issue the same way the unclothed Reverend did, we would have maintained much of our democracy.....Much rather would have had a Naked Preacher.

The Greeks were the first people set up like a democracy. All males were equal and permitted to run for office. The way a president was chosen was by lottery. Names on clay tablets were deposited in a caldron. The first name drawn was President for 1 year. I could be mistaken and the term was for 2 years. In any event it was not sufficient time to do a lot of damage. The clay plate was destroyed and the person was never able to serve again. Military leaders were appointed.

Speaking of appointment.... Dr. Roger Beachy was appointed as the new director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).
He was closely associated with Monsanto. He states he is a scientist who believes in technology. He is interested in a food supply with reduced strain on the waterways and fewer need for agriculture chemicals.... according to the Progressive Farmer, January 2010 edition.
IF corporations are allowed to bombard the airways with their message, backed by seemingly reputable people, I don't think salmonella contaminated pepper is our biggest problem.

I was laid up for a few days, in which time I watched some unusual programs on TV. At one point I opened my eyes and saw a precession of what I thought were toy soldiers. I soon realized they were not toys, but rather police officers in a formation at the funeral for 4 police officers, which had been murdered. The officers had come from all around the country and Canada to honor the fallen comrades. It had never occurred to me that Police Officers attended an academy almost identical to military training. There was a time most of us looked at the police as a friend and protector. If we consider the times we live in and the harsh reality of the brutality of the times, we should not be surprised when some officers conduct themselves like soldiers, rather than our friend.

I thought it was dreaming when I saw the story about the explosives planted by Slovak police in a air passenger's backpack. It was not detected by Airport security and made it's way all the way to Ireland and caused the poor passenger a Mega Problem. Every time I traveled since 9.11 I had a note in my luggage from security that was bag had been searched.

Several new Planets were discovered, one which was described as a Styrofoam Planet. This was of interest to me and here is why:
The UFO object, which belongs to the Estate of Bob White is very familiar to me. I handled it on many occasions. It looked like metal, I was always fascinated with the texture I felt when closing my eyes. I kiddingly called it Styrofoam. The object is extremely hard and it was hard to cut small pieces needed for test at Los Alamos and other places, BUT it felt so light at the same time. Styrofoam. I thought about the new planet and how easy it could support weight... and life for that matter. www.hardevidence.net. Some of us always thought Velcro came from somewhere other than earth... we joked about it, especially since the glue UHU glues EVERYTHING, except Velcro.

There is no word for January, I was unable to find anything descriptive. Weather like a teeter- totter, The earthquake in Haiti. Politics as combative as I have seldom witnessed in times past.

I lost my smell and taste due to a medical treatment I received. It complicated many things for me, I use all my senses in my daily life. SMELL was one of my most attributes. I have a hard time sleeping along with other side affects I am still struggling with. In the past ... when everything else failed... I employ Aroma Therapy to relax and fall asleep, Even though I am unable to smell anything other that orange peels, my body still responds to Aroma Therapy. I am happy to have learned at least that much in my "ordeal without end".

Most of the Northern Hemisphere is in a deep freeze, in Washington State we had a warmest January on record, birds are singing in the morning, frogs under my house welcoming spring and some trees are in full bloom. Mother Nature is confused, so why should we be surprised that we are all bonkers?

Love and Light

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