February 2010 Newsletter

I accidentally had an interesting weekend. My intent was to attend a yearly POW WOW long enough to recharge my energy level, which has been next to nil since undergoing a medical procedure 4 months ago.  Guess I need to explain the part about recharging my energy level, so much talk about Vampires, and there are those of us, who associate Vampirism with draining of energy from others.  Think about the time you started out having a GREAT day.  You come in contact....by phone, in person or some other way... with a person, which is all negative... I hate political correctness, it hinders me to use the proper words for things. so please substitute what applies to this circumstance.... complaining about their life and blaming everything on someone or something else, without ever taking responsibility for their own action.  They are needy and worrisome to deal with.  After a few minutes they are all chirpy and happy, leaving you feel like crap, tired and down.  What happened, without realizing it, or in some cases deliberately, the people have transferred their negative energy to you and "SUCKED" the life out of you.  I see you are smiling, guess you know what I am trying to say.

I draw energy from the vibration of drums, happy events and places, which give me joy.  If you have ever attended a Pow Wow you will be able to identify with the electrifying energy such an event can bring to a person.  So rather than Vampirism, adding your own energy to the festivities will recharge your spirit to an extent that reaches many heights and feelings of well-being. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF_BA8e14Bw

In preparation for the monthly newsletter I watch the National/International news closely in order to gather information sometimes missed by people because they are busy or on a different time line.  One of the things greatly discussed is the divide we are experiencing in the USA over politics.  In an opinion pole 2.21.2010 it showed that 86% of people taking part in the pole said they thought our Government was broken. I researched this subject a little and discovered that for at least 30 years, when asked, people complained about government being "broken".....

There were close to 1000 people present at the Pow Wow.  While having access to so many people in one place, I thought I would ask the same question of some of the people I talked to.  People in attendance were very multi cultural, since it was open to the public.  What I found is that people only paid attention to what was important in their life.  Spring has arrived in Washington State, we were discussing "SPRING ISSUES" compared to some of the vendors present from other states.  The were still on winter issues, in fact the Navajo were not able to get here do to weather conditions.  A man from Wyoming had a different perspective of our excitement about spring time. Point being, everyone looks at life according to their own circumstances and, for the most part, spend little or no time concerning themselves with the question how broken government is.

Three cable networks are solely dedicated to covering politics.  Depending which network on your telly your information will be spiked with the sometimes personal opinions of the presenter. Top Stories are shown as they unfold and again, it is at the digression of the network as what is considered news.

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC was responsible for enlisting the aid of his viewers to hold free health care clinics in several major cities in the US and also coming to the aid of the native Tribes in the Dakotas, which were suffering greatly from the grips of this brutal winter.  Sometimes a TV Host can change things much quicker than anyone in Government.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677//vp/35339539#35339539 

When the politicians we elect resemble my AMIGO electrical scooter, great to have around, because it still works and gets me where I want to go with the exception of going well around the corners which now have build with different measurements, the solution is to update and upgrade for a different result.  Government is not broken, the operators need an overhaul, just like my house needs to be modernized IF I intent to keep my AMIGO.

Most people have no idea what I am talking about when I tell them about my Amigo, it is unfamiliar and does not concern them, same with Politics, in order to pass judgement you have to understand it.  Please educate yourself... I am not talking AMIGO here.....

Remember Professor Henry Gates?  He is the gentleman, which was arrested in his home when he questioned the motives of the Police Department when they unkindly responded when he asked: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?  I must admit I had mixed feelings when a "BEER PARTY" was necessary on the White House Lawn.  While searching for something for an article I am writing, I came across something presently airing on PBS.  FACES OF AMERICA, a 4-part documentary about famous Americans, which heritage showed they were the offspring of Immigrants.  Being a film maker myself I know how time consuming an undertaking of that magnitude is.  Travel, filming, editing, it takes a long time.  As it turns out it is Professor GATES which presents this documentary.  Chances of his quest to show the need for uniting different "Tribes" of Americans, Turkish, German, Italian, Japanese and Irish was completed long before he post that question to the arresting police officer and meant something totally different than what is was presented as, to the average person on Television.
Henry Gates JR.

My friend Mike doubles as a camera person for my TV Show for me.  He was kind enough to create a winter residence in Olympia.  We decided to take the time to revisit a TV Show from the 90's.  DEEP SPACE 9, a spin off of Star Trek.  DS9 was first aired January 3rd 1993.  It continued for 7 seasons and it takes 176 hours to view... without special features.  I had watched it in marathon style a few years ago from a spiritual angle.  This time we, Mike and I, watched it to prepare for a couple of upcoming shows we are working on.  We wanted to see how well science fiction compared to real life in the 21st Century.  It was amazing!
From cups, dishes, clothes, bedding to Bluetooth, Kindle, thermometers, medical equipment, it was barely noticeable that we were NOT watching regular programs on our television set.  There were a few episodes in which it was obvious this was science fiction, unless one is familiar and acceptable to the alien races portrait.

Vocabulary was up to present day, military scenarios were familiar.  400 years from the DS9 Star-date Earth is a peaceful place, yet Capain Sisko's father made an interesting observation.  He asked his son why, IF the Universe was is such a vast and infinite place, are so many races fighting for such a small space of it. 176 hours is a long time, but I would do it again...watching the whole series... it was so enlightening, we could learn alot and save ourselves a lot of problems by comparing present circumstances with the science fiction story line.  DS9 is worth the investment in terms of money and time.  Especially now that we have been introduced to Avatar, which by the way was being discussed at the Pow Wow.

According to Webster the word BREAK/BROKEN means:  shatter, violate, annul, smash, ruin financially.

According to Follette by Glucksmann BREAK/BROKEN means: to get away, recess, crack, breaking point., kaput.

As long as I have been in the US a space shuttle would make a trip into space, I have even seen one of the rocket boosters on display in Utah.  Never paid too much attention to lift off and landing of the big bird, except this time... the last night time landing.  I made it a point to see it on television.  I will never get another chance to do that.  I lost my smell and taste due to my medical procedure.  Once I identify the texture of a food, I add my memory of it and have learned to enjoy my food without being able to taste it.  Same with events.  If we enjoy an experience we can remember and imagine what it was like.  In these trying times we need to remember what things can be and try to mentally duplicate what it is we wish to remember. 

I welcome a good conspiracy theory and can only speculate what is taking the place of NASA transportation, the night landing of Endeavor will always remain with me..... just in case the theories are wrong.

A hiker, after successfully climbing MT. St Helen 62 times, while taking a picture, fell over the edge and died in the crater.  The body was recovered, but some of us had a long conversation about that.  Imagine... he climbed the summit 63 times in order to meet his destiny.  Suppose the mountain had not giving up the remains and archeologists 1000 years from now would have tried to reconstruct this man's life, as the did with King Tut.  I am sure they would have concluded that in or about the 21st Century we again sacrificed humans to the live Volcano.

Speaking of destiny..... The Concord was donated to the Museum of Flight. http://www.museumofflight.org/concorde.
I was on a plane to Detroit the day the concord crashed.  I remember being very upset, seem every time I am airborne something crashes.  Some friends and I talked about the logistics behind that disaster, in as much as all the people on that plane paid a lot of money in order to fulfill their destiny and collectively arrive at the same location at the same time.  It gave me comfort in some strange way and in a way it made sense.  I guess that is how destiny works. 

A friend brought snacks/treats for my cat.  She, the cat, absolutely will not eat that brand so I went to the feed store to see if they would kindly exchange the treats for something she does eat or Cosmic Catnip.  It took some time to search for the bar code, since I had no receipt.  Eventually the clerk in the little store found a solution we were both happy with.  I thanked her, got in my car and put the car in reverse.  It was at that time I noticed someone had locked the gate. I must have been the last customer, so the door was now locked, no sign of the Lady.  I was locked in the feed store lot a half a mile from my house.  Eventually I located a man in the back of the place, he guided me out another way from behind the building unto a different street.

I wondered how anyone could have missed seeing a bright red Toyota with UFO and Crop Circle signs all over parked in front of the door.  Guess as easy as not paying attention to things unless it concerns them, the car in the drive was of no concern, it was time to go home.... So He Did!

If you are one of the 86% which answered the poll and think the government is broken remember this.  There is a glue, UHU, which will fix everything which is broken, it will glue everything except Velcro. So U=understand...H=help with the solutions...U= unite... even if you think current issues do not apply to you.

As for the Vampires appearing in your life, recognize them, send them on their way.  You will maintain a healthy energetic blood supply. Not today my friend, not today my friend!

Love and Light