June Newsletter

The storm, an unnamed  cyclone at that, has finally lost it's effect... after 5 days.... and the air is fresh and crisp.  Unusual for this time of the year, but nothing has been normal lately. My feeder has been refilled, so I suppose I can hover for a bit and enjoy the nectar, which was left for me.  I have to feed every 10 minutes and have my hands full, so being able to be stationary for a moment is really helping me out.  I am kind of hoping to have company after a bit, my feathers are groomed, the reds, blues, greens and golds all organized as well as I could in a festive fashion, was a little in a hurry and have a lot on my mind.  A bright light is rising above the old pine tree, a welcome site, I can now see the owls, rather than just hear them, so I cam feed in peace.

" Hey you"  the dark voice is coming from the light. " What are you doing up so late?"

" Eating, there is a cat in the house always watching my feeder, I can maneuver better in the quiet of the night and do my thinking while I eat."

" Cats are the least of your problems, it's humans you need to watch out for."

" The woman living here has a healthy respect for me, she admires my beauty and talents, but stays pretty clear.  A few years ago, once when she came out of her house she wore honeysuckle perfume.  One of my relatives mistook her for a feeder and started buzzing, picking at her forehead.  Ever since than she has a healthy respect for my kind.  She watches and enjoys me from a distance.  I hear her moving around in her house.  She has a hard time moving around after a medical procedure.  She talks to herself when she cooks.  Was worried first time I heard the moans.  She was duplicating something she saw on facebook , some kind of bean dish. She was sad that after it looked so good, she had to use a microwave and kill the nutrients.  The stove is too hard to handle.  She has cried a lot all month.  I heard her tell herself just how terrible it is for people to have ruined the planet.  Everyone is upset about the oil in the Gullf of Mexico.  The loss of jobs and the economic consequences from that man-made- disaster.  She cries for the sea creatures dying such a horrible way."

" I look at the Gulf each night.  How can human needs for energy and profit justify what happened to the waters of the Gulf? In part it changes life on Earth for some, the ecosystems and the species living in the water world, which sustains so many life forms.  Not to forget the weather is like a relative, we are interconnected.  It will be hard for me to regulate the oceans, should they change the face of the planet.  Astronauts in space can see the distraction from space almost as well as I can, except I have a personal relationship with the waters on the surface of the planet. I looked at Nashville and how fast the water rose. the weather pattern is changing so rapidly.  I looked at Sweden and Finland, as well as Russia, they are suffering from a heat wave.  Floods in Poland are trying to cover parts of Germany.  Last night the German Province of Brandenburg had multiple Tornados . Instead of trying to preserve the Earth humans are now interfering with my function also.  The crash rockets into me, I even have a flyby going to an Asteroid.  Wonder what havoc that will create for my neighbors."

" SHHH... she is talking to someone on the phone."

" You are the only creature on Earth which can move in ANY direction, try to get closer and tell me what she says. You don't have to eat for another 7 minutes."

" Ok.... something about an incident which brought her attention to 1969.  She is talking about the parallels between 1969 and 2010."

Kadafi became president of Lybia, Arafat became leader of Palestine.  Two leaders presenting problems to the US.
2010 At this time it appears we have problems with two leaders, Iran and possibly Afghanistan.

General DeGaulle resigns and changes the way Europe functions.
2010 The British Prime minister resigns and the government changes in the UK.  Will be interesting how that changes European politics.

Stonewall starts the gay rights movement.
2010 Arizona escalates the Immigration movement. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed.

Thurman Marshall is appointed to the Supreme court.
2010 Elena Kagan....a woman who worked for Thurman Marshall will be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Rowe versus Waite.
2010 ????

Maiden flight of the Concord.
2010 Maiden flight of space rocket going to an asteroid.

Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
2010 Moon missions are put on hold for a later time.

Oil is discovered in Alaska.
2010 Oil destroys the Golf of Mexico.

Tobacco Companies are forbidden from certain advertising.
2010  Smokers are penalized for smoking by unreasonable taxes.

Final troop surge in Vietnam
2010 Troop surge in Afghanistan.

Angela Davis is expelled from Campus.
2010 Angela Davis gives Lecture at the Evergreen Collage in Olympia Washington.

Alpha Net was launched, the forerunner of the Internet.
2010 We live in Ciber Space.

1969 was the year of the Monkey.
2010 ended the year of the Monkey and went into the year of the Tiger.

" What do you think she is saying?  Let me rise a little higher, so you have more light.  Can you see now?"

" I don't have to see. I can hear her just fine. I think she is more talking to herself again.  She sees a raw egg with a hairline fracture.  The fracture is not noticeable to regular people, only to someone paying close attention to the world around us.  The hairline fracture represents a crack in time, like someone pushing a reset button.
Are we being given a second chance in making different choices?  Is a new generation more thoughtful in their decisions when it comes to preserving the planet?"

" I stopped at the bayous of Louisiana and looked and listened.  People look for government  for solutions and pray.  I am amazed how humans figure how they can create problems of that magnitude and then expect things to be corrected by Higher Up's.  Almost time for me to keep going, if I want to finish circling the globe."

" The woman is quiet, here comes that cat, I have to finish my meal.  Do you think Humans will ever realize they are the only specie out of balance"....

"They would not believe you if you told them."

"I can't tell them, I am too small, too swift and  they do not comprehend my speed and decibels.  So you try telling them."

Said the hummingbird to the man in the moon.