July Newsletter

Help wanted, the sign said, it was dangling from an overpass on the freeway.  The wind had blown it a little crooked, so I made a U-turn to attempt to read the rest of the banner, as I drove under the overpass for the second time.  HELP WANTED.... CARNIVAL WORKERS.... APPLY IN PERSON

With absolutely nothing on my schedule, I decided to visit the going's on  at the Carnival.  It reminded me of the times, when as a small child, the circus came to town, with people, animals and things from far away places.  Granted, I would have preferred the Circus, minus the elephants...I am allergic to elephants... Carnival was close enough to bring back memories of the old country, along with the smells and sounds.

A group of young men were standing at the north side of the mall watching a couple of men struggling with hooking a platform together.  Some wore bandannas, one chewed tobacco and another emptied the contents of a plastic water bottle over his head.  I inquired if they were part of the carnival or had come to apply for a job.  No, they were just onlookers thinking they could meet some girls from out of town and invite them to the Pub.  They pointed to what appeared to be a gazebo looking overhang to something and said for me to go there.  I was walking with my walker, a fancy one with a seat, where I can always sit when I don't know what else to do.  I think they wondered why I would apply for a job in my condition,  I opened the lid to my seat on the walker, took out my camera and asked if I could take a picture of them for my TV Show.  They let me, and so I did.  

When I arrived at the gazebo looking overhang, several people were sitting on lawn chairs, smoke everywhere.  I asked if they were having a pig roast in the middle of the going's on, no, I was told, the main generator had quit and the refrigerated meat had to be cooked.  They were just sitting and waiting for someone to repair the generator and killing time, while local workers erected some of the rides, stands and tents.

A guy on a unicycle came around the corner, jumping off the one-wheeler, he said his name was Jan.  He wanted to know if I wanted to sit for a minute, I did, especially since I had my own seat.... attached to my blue walker.  I rolled myself next to a woman, Olga, she was braiding hair on the head of a much younger woman, Kelly.  A scruffy  looking dog sniffed my leg, he must have liked me, since he settled right down and laid by my feet.  A clown in jeans asked if I wanted to see a card trick.  I liked the trick and explained I used cards in a different capacity, he assumed I was a fortune teller and I explained that was not the case.  I related that once a year a friend and myself did predictions for the United States, using cards, since most people want to see what we are doing, so card was our tool of choice, since it would look rather peculiar to just sit and start talking about things happening 6-15 month in the future. So what did I see for 2010?
Well, in hindsight, a lot actually.

  1. A recycling on the TOP in government.  If you follow the news you can see how many politicians were reshuffled, including General Patreas.
  2. Many new women in leading positions.  It said female, it neglected to say that some of them were a little off kilter in their line of thinking, never the less they are females. We saw even larger divides within the country.
  3. We described the problem in Haiti and the Mexican Gulf.  Since there has NEVER been an incident like this, we had no point of reference.  We talked about re-locating of a whole group of people due to a Katrina-like event.  We described, raising of the ocean floor, need for more levis and sea walls to protect the rivers of the country. And the upheaval.... which turned out to be the earthquake... in Haiti.http://www.highstrangeness.tv/shows.php
  4. Increase of body count in Afghanistan and no changes in Iraq.

Jan thought that was pretty good and if I ever decided to change jobs I could come and work for the Carnival.

Olga was done with the braiding of the hair and moved a bit closer, her earrings dangling and making a clicking sound.  She thought she was getting too old for all the chores required of her, besides her performance during the time the carnival was open for business.  I mentioned that on the suggestion of a friend I took Dr. OZ's test online, HOW OLD ARE YOU REALLY.  I filled out the pages of questions, they were general questions and did not allow me to detail my answers.  When it was all said and done the result was as follows:  Biological Age: 62.  REAL AGE: 83.5.  We laughed and she mentioned she was computer illiterate and did not trust machines.  I related to her that I knew very little about PC's but used the blasted machines to communicate my thoughts into cyber space and managed to have many people pick it up, if you will, and it was working out pretty good that way.

I watched a movie on Hallmark Channel a couple of weeks ago.  On Saturdays they air a marathon of movies, which always have happy endings.  It is very refreshing, I call it No-brainers, because I do not have to think, just watch the movie and relax.  The name of this movie was Dad is Home.

It was about a single father, which worked as a advertising executive at the same company for 20 years.  His sales fell and he was fired.  When applying for new jobs he discovered that his way of doing things was so outdated.  When asked if he Twitters, Facebook, Myspace or any other of the social networks were part of his approach in reaching people, he had to admit it was not part of his reality, he did not like socializing via PC and thought sites like this were monitored and manipulated by some outside force.  Needless to say, he was not hired.

A couple of night later a report was shown on one of the News stations.  It talked about how our brains are changing, inasmuch as during the time when we talked to people we had instant feedback and when we read a book, we choose what we wanted to read and retain.  In the mean time, when watching the News, we see banners on the bottom of the screen, comments from Twitter, facebook and others are shown, sometimes simultaneously while listening to the anchor.
The report explained that in order to compute the simultaneous information, our brains have to use more than one compartment at a time.  For this reason we do not always fully understand the information, which is fed to us, we have an overload and do not register the importance of some things we are learning. " In one ear and out the other" I am sure we all remember our parents telling us that one time or another.  The young people are used to multi-tasking within their information centers in their brains..... and there is me... According to Dr OZ, I am 83.5 years old.  Regardless, it is necessary for anyone living at this time to have a basic knowledge of the Computer Machines, as Olga put it.  There are VERY few jobs or activities which do not require knowledge of computers.  Any Online Business without communicating on SOCIAL SITES is missing the point and lots of exposure.

The clown stuck a straw in his ears... too much, too much.... where is the laughter?  He bee-lined for Kelly and planted a big, wet, kiss on her face.  She gestured him to go away, he did not, so she fled and sat with the rest of us for a bit.  She thought since the world was turning to crap, she wanted to know what other craziness I had seen on TV. Jan and Olga both agreed that I might be an intelligent woman and knew fact from fiction, so Kelly wanted to hear only factual reports, since I was the one taking the time to keep track of the world, for those who had more important things to do than watch the news.

To date, 22 Crop Circles have appeared worldwide in 2010.  This will increase by much as soon as all crop required to make a formation is ready.  There have been as many as 4.300 formations worldwide in any given year. http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/2010.html

There was a Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina.  Since the news carried the story in a non-derogatory way, I assume it was a valid report.

Washington State's Mt. Rainier had numerous ICE QUAKES. And a new rather troublesome earthquake fault was discovered going from West to East in the Northern part of Washington State.

Japan killed 260 Whales under the RESEARCH act.

America caught FUSSBALL/SOCCER fever, much to the delight of many immigrants.  Unfortunately Nelson Mandella was unable to attend the opening ceremonies due to the death of his great-grand-daughter.

Some have suggested the MSNBC Anchor Rachel Maddow run for President in 2012.  Of course this does not appeal to Rachel, however she saw it necessary to address the Nation as the "Pretend President" and made so much sense that even more people think she should do just that....run for President.

There was a huge Spaghetti-O's recall...now that interfered with many parent's solution as to what to feed the kids after school.

NASA is concerned about the magnitude of Solar flares creating storms in space.

You see Olga, IF you were on Facebook/myspace you would know these things, Lilian posts important things on her social sites, along with her web site.  The voice belongs to Stradislav, the juggling POET.  He thinks that the dinner being prepared is not to his liking.  Beets with vinegar, beans with sugar and pork on sticks, pink in color with mint hanging off the sides. All agree Stradislav likes very little, maybe they feel he does not understand and he talks funny.  He, in turn thinks he speaks very well and explains that according to Webster the word WASHOUT means: erosion of earth by action of water and according to Follette by Glucksmann Washout means: to rinse, to allow ones self to be deceived and diarrhea.  Tell me I talk funny, I recognize crap when I see it.... pork with mint over the sides, should have been parsley... or when I hear it, he mumbles to himself as he heads for the News stand which has finally been erected.

The generator is still not operational, almost Sundown and the performances start tomorrow in the afternoon.

Stradislav returns with Hippy the Preacher.  He tips his top-hat with a parasol,  doubling as a walking stick.  His left shirt sleeve is torn, he does not appear to care.  He has one of my friends in tow, she apparently saw my red car from the overpass and decided to see what brought me here.  He thought the "LITTLE LADY", my friend Lisa, could give me a hand in convincing the by-now... crowd of the Circus of non-believers... what ever that meant... and have a straight talk about all the things they missed by not listening to the news.

My friend Lisa, related an experience we had on Father's Day.  It did not make the news, because abnormalities are familiar to us and most times not noteworthy to anyone except us.
We had not been invited by anyone on Mother's Day, so we thought we would have a nice Father's Day dinner.  When it was agreed where we would celebrate it was 5:40... twenty minutes to 6.  I got dressed, combed my hair, smoked a cigarette, located and put on my shoes, smoked a second cigarette.  We drove 6 miles to the Restaurant, parked, ordered and waited for the Caesar Salad and my Steak and Fish Dinner.  We ate, talked, used the facilities, paid the bill and walked 400 feet across the parking lot into the store.  We located french bread on the other side of the 1/2 city block long store and got a pack of Cat treats off the shelves on our way to the cash register,  2 ladies were in front of us and we paid the bill.  Walked back to the car, drove 6 miles back to my house and discovered it was 6:50.... ten minutes to 7.  We assumed it was 8:30 and the clock must have stopped.  We checked the time on the TV, Cell phone and PC.... it was 6:50.
It did not disturb us, since time warps and time discrepancies seem to be part of our reality.  In fact we had speculated that the rumor about a time portal must be true, that is why the space shuttle was supposed to re-enter over Olympia in order to land in Florida.  What was noticeable about that was that per Evening News, the citizens were told we would hear a sonic boom 8 minute after re-entry.  We checked with friends in Aviation and they assured us that we were right in thinking it would take seconds, rather than minutes for the sonic boom to follow.  We were unable to test our theory, since bad weather canceled the event and the shuttle landed some other place.

The next day I was looking for a price list for my vitamins, which I was unable to locate, instead I found a paper from a talk given at International Forum on New Science, Sept. 15th, 1995 in Fort Collins, CO. Erection of the Holy Cross. Astronomical Earth-Grid Spacetime Mapping, by Nick Anthony Fiorenza. http://www.lunarplanner.com/
It has numerous maps, of which all is way over my head, BUT... the following description of The Holy Cross caught my eye.
I called one of my Scientist friends,  who had been a part of this conference and project,  and had him verify how I understood what I read in plain English.

Long before the Christian Era the term Ocean of Holy Alignments was used in reference to Astrological occurrences.  Astronomy came later and was born out of the need to find and see what Astrologers were talking about.  At a 90 degree angle a cross or crossing is formed, astrology measures things by degrees, latitudes etc.
So, the term Holy Cross only means an object etc at a 90 degree angle, rather than a religious description.

During or close to.... nothing flips on a dime...Solstice, the sun is located at the same ecliptic  longitude as a galactic equator.  The nodes are at 90 degrees.
This was unique this year because the Earth-time was in the same processional cycle. It overlaid the meridian, planetary placement onto the Earth location in order to pass under alignment with Uranus, a principle trigger for events.  Add the Moon Eclipse and the location of the shadow on the planet from the eclipse and more likely or not, we will see major havoc in the real close future.  Earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, landslides... time distortions are likely.

The same Scientist has also recorded sounds in space and by doing so has noticed sporadic "POP-UPS" which grab the level of gravity.  It is therefore possible to see another weight increase of about 2 pounds of any living being on the planet, in order to stabilize themselves when the gravity fluctuates.

NASA released information in which they state they had detected... what they called MUSIC ON THE SUN.
My friend has given permission for one of my Musician Friends to work the actual sounds of the planets,mostly the Pleiadies, as they are in real time, into her music.  Alignments often serve as a bridge between worlds.  Very little is said about time after 2012, I only saw one article mentioning 2014 Pivotal Disasters, in passing.

At the moment the West Coast of the US looks really busy on the earthquake map.

It's getting dark, where are the people fixing the generator?  Preacher, see what you can find out, the rest of you better get something to eat!

"If you don't want to be our fortune teller, can you suggest a different Crowd Pleaser?  Money is scarce,  not sure if we can last until the end of the world," Jan said.
I agree," have you ever had a male belly dancer?  I saw this unbelievable dancer on U-tube."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axUixg0RFaI&feature=related

Speaking of U-tube, have you ever listened, NO, looked at what Israel Iz Kamakaui Wo Ole describes in his song: Somewhere over the rainbow?  If you visualize what he is singing, by the end of the song you will be refreshed, better than any meditation.

Olga starts folding up her chair, time to go.  I am not waiting for the generator man, nor am I pondering on the end of the world. Oh well, life is good, it's not over till the Fat Lady sings.  We, as voluptuous Ladies are NOT singing. NO WAY!

Love and Light

PS. Here is an update on my dilemma with my Reclast infusion.  It was posted as an article on my web site.  I have also added a clip with a young man struggling with after effects of some antibiotics.