August Newsletter

An opinion is like a certain body part, everyone has one. July was as opinionated as it gets. From findings/remedies for the oil spill to politics, what a month it was. Somehow I seemed to have been stuck in time warp in more ways than one. On a personal basis I was stressed with appointments, complains about a mini heat wave of 94 degrees.... the lowest in the country... and the blessing and excitement to welcome my second great grand child into the world.

In 1999 I visited a display of the "AIDS QUILTS". They were on display at the Capitol Building In Olympia, the Capitol of Washington State.

It came to my attention quiet by accident, I saw it on the Information board at TCTV, The station which hosts my TV Show. No-one was covering the event, so I went to the Capitol to film the display. The tapestry/quilts were hanging on the marble walls, looked like someone had draped the enormous quilts like wall paper, some were even hanging across the realigns, where people could stand and overlook the magnificent layout of the impressing building. I wondered just how someone had managed this task, looked like it was very complicated and time consuming. It took about an hour to film and I returned home. When I checked the footage I discovered there were disturbances in my footage, some technical perhaps, but mostly of a paranormal nature. I called the person in charge of exhibit and asked if it could be arranged for me to go for a second shoot. It was agreed that I could come on the day the quilts were being removed and prepared for return shipment. When I filmed the quilts the second time, they were spread out on the floor and we were interacting with the quilts. We were able to touch and feel each square telling the story about a person's life and the Lady accompanying me explained that each peace represented part of the person's life they wanted to immortalize and relate to the person viewing the quilt. It was explained to me how quilting was an ancient art and used by many cultures to record history.

I was reviewing some old shows from 1998 and 1999, when I rediscovered the phone number of the woman, which I befriended that day. I called, but her phone was disconnected. I sat and thought about the conversation I would have liked to have had with her.

According to Webster the word INTERLOCKTORY means: lock on with another or to fit together.
According to Follette by Glucksmann INTERLOCKTORY means: to facet, going hand in hand and to hide in a closet.

Imagine, if you will, to take the events of July 2010 and prepare little squares to sew a quilt.

66,000 pounds of Bison meat were recalled.

Despite the effort of many entertainers to safe the wild horses in Nevada, 250 of the wonderful animals were rounded up for slaughter over a weekend. It was NOT due to lack of adopting families, in fact we posted pictures of rescues as far as the Dakotas and the Pacific Northwest.

Rachel Maddows broadcasted 2 shows from Afghanistan, with that explaining in a 2 hour period what the war is about, why we are there, what we are hoping to accomplish and how history may record it eventually. It was simple and I thought that if something like that would have taken place before it would have saved the American people a lot of speculation and ill feelings towards the opposing fractions. About a week later in the neighborhood of 90,000 confidential documents about the war found themselves' to a blogger web site for all to see. The fact that they were somewhat outdated, fact remains this should NOT have happened.

The irresponsibility of the people responsible should have consequences. We live in a time where we need daily sensationalism and excitement. I was under the impression that rules change during wars. This is WAR TIME, even though we, as the mainstream population in the USA are not directly effected. Unlike where people have war at their front door and actually KNOW what it is like to live in a war zone, we watch TV and read reports. My personal feeling about war is irrelevant here, It is what it is and it is irresponsible to put our soldiers in a position to either loose their lives as a result by a few uncaring people forgetting the rules OR simply put some of our soldiers in a frame of mind in which they realize the idiocy's of war and become hopeless as to the guidence they receive from their higher Ups. As a rule the emotional fallout has a very high reach for ALL of us, after the war is over.

Our "BAREFOOT BANDIT" was finally caught in the Bahamas. He became famous for stealing many things, always preferring Islands of some sort. We are talking cloth of cloth lines, food from sheds and storage containers, cars, planes and rather unusual things he needed to promote his lifestyle he had developed while hiding from Authorities for almost 2 years, after his escape from a facility, after an early conviction. He accumulated quiet a following, I believe his mother was his biggest fan, a web site had been established in his name and maintained by his fan club till his GOT- YA moment arrived after flying and crashing a stolen plane to the Bahamas and getting arrested.

Mr Cheney ended up in a rather peculiar situation after heart surgery and has to be plugged into the wall at night AND a humanoid robot is slated to live on the space station.

The giant UFO sighted and filmed over a Chinese Airport turned out to be man-made, at least that is what the official report read.

New earthquake faults were discovered in California, Nevada and Washington State.

The Solar Eclipse was so intense, I checked to see where it throw it's shadow. It is the "SHADOW" area which indicated the major upcoming trouble spots on the planet and just like clock work, THREE 7+ earthquakes hit the Philippines, several 7+ in the Allusion Islands, floods in Chicago and a dam burst in Iowa.

The comedian Mark Gungor explained the difference between the brain of a man to that of a woman.

I wondered what creatures had taken over the Government, since there was no trace of human logic or compassion when Unemployment Benefits were denied repeatedly. Unemployment is an INSURANCE, not a social program.

Crop Circle arrived at a steady pace. 3 in the shape of boxes. My first thought was that it was telling us, the cap on the oil well was the wrong shape and had to be changed/adjusted, in order to be permanently sealed.

US Crop Circles have not appeared so far, considering the weather and poor crop it does not surprise me of the lack of fields needed to accomplish that.

The Rockefeller Report is a document which reports the findings of chemical effects of Agent Orange. IF you remove the cover sheet and just read the findings, it also describes after effects of chemicals used in genetically engineered food. Add a third story to it, it also fits the description of the chemicals contained in the dissolvent used in the Mexican Gulf. Just as in case of Agent Orange or Frankenfood, it can remain dormant in the human body for decades.

NASA notified us that they have discovered a MONSTER.STAR.
NASA notified us of their concern about changes in Space weather and how it can affect our daily life on the Planet. EARTH, that is!
NASA notified us that time is disappearing.
( I have known this for a while, older I get, shorter time appears. LOL)

As of press time the new immigration law in Arizona is still scheduled to go into effect.

I took the time to watch a Dateline Program on Migrant workers. It appears every 10 years of so, reporters follow a migrant family thrue a harvest. NOTHING ever changes. The circumstances for the workers and their families remain the same since the first documentary in 1970.

I made myself a strong cup of coffee and sat and reconstructed in my mind what I remembered in my 6 decades of life about migrant workers.

I remember playing in ruins of buildings after the war. I remember finding bombs and grenades the woods when walking to the next village. We told the police and they called the "SICILIAN GUEST WORKERS". Men from Sicily. They would clear away the dangerous objects for the locals.

I remember the" ITALIAN GUEST WORKERS" clearing and rebuilding the streets, hauling wheelbarrows full of cobble stones all day, cheering when the American tanks came in the morning and ran over some of their handiwork, flattening and packing down their toil from the previous days work.

I remember the "TURKISH GUEST WORKERS" rebuilding buildings and infrastructure the Sicilian and Italian workers abandoned after they realized that the treatment of much needed migrant workers would never improve and finally went home, without a thanks from their HOSTS.

Turkish workers refused to leave, especially since they had been encouraged to send for their families. It had become apparent the locals did not appreciate interactions between the locals and the foreigners.
Europe changed and the population resembled a beautiful colored flower bouquet.
To this day the old timers complain about the changes, when asked why they did not do the work themselves, they get rather touchy.

I remember the smell of sweat when walking by a "BAUSTELLE" a work area, these men worked so hard for slave labor wages and appeared to be grateful - or so I thought when I was a child.

Most every land as far as documented history is available Guest Workers have taken jobs the locals refuse to accept. When you enter the Homeland Security Building in Seattle the first thing you see, besides an armed guard, is a wall, which tells the story and the plight of the Chinese Immigrant which build the railroads, the tunnels and the highways in Washington State. After taking a closer look I wonder why they wanted to be here in the first place. Maybe the display is for physiological reasons and discourage people from other lands to stay.

It amazes me that in every instance when a said time period expires and the original purpose for the reason Migrants were necessary in the first place becomes a memory, Locals turn on the people and blame them for taking their jobs, a job they themselves were not willing to take for multiple reasons. Migrant workers have always been the backbone of almost all countries, as far as I can remember in my 6 decades.

I made another cup of coffee, looked at the imaginary squares for my quilt. I could hear the woman tell me about how important it is we pay attention to people and events as they unfold. I saw her caress the pieces adorned with trinkets, representing the life of the people portrait in the snippets of story lines. It is all there, the July Quilt is ready for display, if only we bring it in the right position, rather than have it aimlessly dangle from the wall, we display it in a way the onlooker can understand the story while current, rather than waiting for a story form in hindsight.

The phone rings and brings me back to real time. I guess we can really perceive things from opposite angles, as long it does eventually meet in the middle there somewhere. Well I guess it is a true statement , everyone has one...... an opinion that is!

Photographer unknown

Love and Light

Here is the Dateline special Children of the Harvest.