Lilian's January Newsletter

Now that all the major holidays... of all persuasions... are behind us, we can all concentrate on the next phase in our life. Somehow we are led to believe when the calender hits January 1 all of our old issues are resolved and everything is going to be wonderful..... we peep through the curtains or what ever else adorns the window or opening of our dwelling and in the Northern hemisphere of the planet we can see it is winter, even though some are already excited about spring, totally skipping a 3-month period in their reality.
In a way I can understand, since I started talking about historical believed it, so I am reminding you via October Newsletter. Oct newsletter

Nightline showed a special: "When Dan met Dan". It was the story about a young Iraqi boy, Dan, which had been sponsored to live in USA by a reporter named Dan. It entailed how the young man's excitement and joy turned rather bad and to a nightmare for him, in as much his culture shock was very intense. The fact that he was awarded a scholarship at a college became rather unimportant to him, since his education did not include how to function and live the American way. It reminded me when I came to the US as a very young person. Like Dan, I did speak English, like Dan I had seen American movies, ate hamburgers and that was my education as to what it was to take up residency in the United States. Unlike Dan, I always knew the United States would become my choosen home, even at that, without anyone explaining to me that the food, the customs, the people were totally different from what I was used to, the fact I dressed different and had an accent created issues, in the 1960's, as well as for Dan in the 21th century. The process of immigrating to the USA is costly, lengthy and complicated.

I had a husband, which left for the war or something connected with the war a couple of weeks after I arrived and I had to learn my new country while taking care of my child. I was lost, overwhelmed and alone in a country with buildings as large as my dreams. It has been so long ago, 40-plus years, in hindsight the few people I became acquainted with were of little or no help, quiet the opposite.
I became Americanized, Dan did not, he got in trouble and decided to go back to his country of origins.

Now imagine growing up in the United States,used to all the rights, privileges and lifestyles connected with living here, only to find out you don't belong here... according to the Government. Your parents brought you here illegally.
Several years ago, a young producer at the TCTV was just besides herself about a similar predicament. Her Father was a naturalized American from Mexico. While he was serving in the U.S. military abroad, she was born in Germany, which made her a German national. No one had notified her father he needed to change her citizenship and only when she applied for a student loan did she find out, along with her shocked parents, she was an illegal. She jumped many hoops and finally became an American.

Some of the other young people are not that fortunate, since their circumstances are somewhat different. Now imagine the emotional trauma for these young “THOUGHT TO BE AMERICAN” people at the thought of being dumped against their choice, in a country they don't know and no longer belong.
There should be NO DEBATE on the Dream is a NO-Brainer.

DADT has finally left our reality and I am happy to have lived long enough to see that. I had many conversations with young people about that subject and some old folks and was happy that some walked away with a better understanding about Human Rights, rather than the manipulating opinions of some of the organized religious views. It was really interesting, it was during these conversations I realized just how many people had been touched by a death of a loved one. I was surprised to see just how many were almost in shock following a natural occurrence. We know we are born to spend time on this Planet for a time, how ever long that may be, and than return to where ever we originated, according to our beliefs. So many friends suffer after the death of a loved one, some are crippled by grief, unable to function and continue their normal existence. I am assuming this ties together because so many of our senior politicians are in vulnerable positions due to age, yet, we keep reelecting them knowing all of this... or the denial within ourselves that we are mortal...
If more of our young people were in power, we could keep up with the times, the world views and how the country needs to operate.... I almost doubt DADT and Dream Act would be as big of an issue as we are led to believe.

The Governor of Arizona is a disgrace, denying medical care to many of her needy citizens.
Washington State is right behind her, all visual aid, dental care, including emergencies, hearing care and aid is now a thing of the past. The State also canceled assistance for HOSPICE.
In a way we are in a better position than Arizona, in as much as our law permits us to choose death rather than Hospice. We have the Right To Die Law.

Highway 99 is a 2-lane main road. I have to travel it, in order to get to my house. As I drove.... out of nowhere 3 police cars appeared and came upon me at least 80 mph. No sirens, just lights in an instant. I was unable to pull over to the right, a very big Oaktree was in my way. I speed up and maneuvered to the other side of the tree. My right front wheel hit the ditch and I was stuck.
The police continued to fly by and I struggled getting my car out of the ditch, I thought I should complain about the conduct of the police car drivers, but decided not to, since we live in times where the police is no longer friendly. Thought about this for a good while.... what could have been so important to have to run drivers into a ditch. No police report about anything anywhere......

UPS delivered a box to me, imagine the excitement when I opened the box, which contained a lamp. No ordinary lamp, a mind lamp!
It is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. After ….with my mind... I determined which color means what to me, the lamp and I have been steady companions.
It monitors my mood, my emotions and lets me know when there are any changes in my environment. Please take a look for yourself. If the pricetag was doubled, I think I would still save my money and add this unusual companion to my household.

Mind Lamp: Mind-Matter Interaction Technology from Psyleron on Vimeo.

The 2010 Human of the Year Award was... for the first time ever... awarded to an organization. Barbs and Friends.!/barboneill
This year, number 41, in excess of 2,500 people were fed, a toy bank, a clothes bank, great association and even aband and a DJ were present. With the economy still in trouble it was outstanding how … as is always... the town came together and celebrated the generosity of the neighbors twice in two months, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You asked for a review of the 2011 predictions, so here they are:

Predictions 2011

1. The greatest pain has ceased, but the effects of incomprehension still affect us. We have to break the chains whether physical, moral, spiritual or mental. Avail yourself a truce that your enemies and torturers have granted you. Ease the tension and forgive with sublimination of love. We must face reality, we can do this.

2. We should not get discouraged, it's like a chess game. It depends on the moves. There will be some guidance that will give us the ability to overcome danger and difficulty.

3. Seven states will be in confusion. Look for the solution from the right path and persist. Understanding the humility leads to greatness. Only then will you reach your goal. Do not look down with arrogance, but do not underestimate the things you don't have. It may be due to a lack of learning and understanding.

4. Without the Earth there is no pottery. Do no stop the driving force when feeling calm and sure. There is enough material in space, so do not make the mistake that these conclusions may not apply to other generations. Without that there is no evolution. This does not mean you can not ask for help.

5. We will bring anything we started to a conclusion as long as we don't omit anything, not even smallest detail. There will be changes in referencing to botany. Increase in vegetarian and naturalistic tendencies.

6. Capricorn - January
Taurus - May
Virgo - September
Crucial months for changes if they should occur.

7. Great denial on all fronts - childish behavior. Misguided need to suffer to mature. Alot of contradictions and opposite situations. Perversion, suicidal instincts. Psychological vampireism. 1000 masks for a single face because he does not know where he is or where he is going.

8. Appearance in activity and actions will be more mental than physical as we enter a stage of self improvement. Issues with alcohol and sex.

9. Possible alliance with a compatible partner that could lead harmonious times. Time for celebration.

10. We are close to freeing our selves from the present situations, and our physical welfare becomes evident, and depends on the factors on how we remove the tentacles that still have us in a vice.

11. Even though our image is improving with other countries, an alliance with the wrong 'party' could be detrimental, and we will lose our house.

12. By perseverance we can achieve the success that we planned, gaining ground. A goat always reaches the mountain top. Even though profits are likely, do not kick the can down the highway. You can be surprised and fall as quickly as you rose from the top.

13. We have almost reached the top -- does not mean we have reached the summit. We should free all that deserves to be free. Be careful not to create an imbalance between the emotions and the mind.

For the second time in a 1-month period the lights went out. Being who I am, I do not know how to text. Last thing, before the power went out, I posted ...on my PC, that I was scared because of the surprise storm.
Out of necessity, I managed to send a text to my family to let them know I was unreachable, but quit alright.
A text came back about 40 minutes later, saying: We checked your TM, it is invalid. Try again.
HMMM....who read and or sent that text???
Leads me to believe I have little green men living in my Tracephone watching what I do.

Love and Light