Lilian's April Newsletter

Trees are lining Capitol Way in full bloom. While stopping to replenish my gas tank, a chorus of frogs greeted me in unison, of course I did not understand what they said, however, it put me into deep thought on the remainder of my way home.

I spent a couple of days watching the History Channel, which is featuring great series on Marvels of Nature and explains time-lapse, all of this great Earth is formed. With a remote control we can access this profound information and with a click of the mouse transport ourselves into National Parks and the rest of the wonders of the world, so freely shared. We marvel at the birth of new stars and planets and reconstruct the evolution of our own home, Earth, while thriving to explore other worlds, within our oceans and in almighty space.

Religions and legends all include tales and accounts of GODS and/or Visitors from the sky/heavens. It would also appear to be true, in each instance Humans were the last species to join the circle of life on this wonderful planet and oh yeah.... they all agree on a time on which this world will end in some fashion. Some religious believe systems go as far as encouraging us to look forward to that time period.

Since the beginning to present day Aboriginal people of the Planet have referred to Earth as Mother Earth, a living, breathing thing. Mankind is not the owner, rather the Stewart/Caretaker of this living Planet. Needless to say, we have not done a very good job of care-taking and with the approaching time line of 2012 more questions arise than answers given.

At the moment it is truthfully unknown how long men have walked the Earth, I suppose one would have to fit that in ones belief system. Myself, I would assume at that time everything in the human body was in working order. Over time diseases and cures changed according to rituals, remedies and medicines.

With rare exceptions, when we are born we arrive with a complete set of organs. At different times, on occasion, with help of modern technology, we have discovered there are many organs we can actually live without.

Some of us have had to remove the appendix.
Some of us have had to remove the tonsils.
Some of us have had to remove the womb.
Some of us have had to remove parts of our colon.
Some of us have had to remove one lung.
Some of us have had to remove parts or all of the spleen.
Some of us have had to remove our thyroid.
Some of us have had to remove part of the stomach.
Some of us have had to remove the gallbladder.

We tie our tubes.
We get a vasectomy.
We staple the stomach.

WE CAN live and function without these body parts.

Modern technology has strived to find replacements for the VITAL organs over the years, at least in my 63 years of my life time. A costly and time consuming undertaken and it would appear in need of many more years of research and maybe even unobtainable dreams. The wish for immortality is so great, from Botox to lipo. Body shaping and joint replacements, always wishing for one more step toward obtaining this unreachable goal.

Without each one of these organs, the body ceases to exist.

When we TRUTHFULLY take a good look at our Planet, whether in terms of the Earth being a living, breathing entity or, for this arguments sake, compare it to the human body we have to acknowledge the fact that we have chopped away almost everything we can live without temporarily. We have started to destroy the VITAL organs.

When our technology has invented ways to deplete the Earth of oil, and other resources in such a way that it is destructive and deadly to life on Earth for decades to come,
build weapons of mass destruction and power from deadly radiation, we are well on the way to kill off what is essential to our very existence. Our vital organs. We have attacked our own vital organs before we had time and know-how to find replacements.

I have written a monthly newsletter since October 2004. Here they are in book form.

NOT EVER has the world changed so much from one month to the next, please see for yourself.
March 2011 changed the shape of the landmass on the Planet,
It has again moved the Earth off it axis, it changed the time of the rotation of the Earth.
It killed again thousands of people.
It produced another oil spill...little by comparison to the Gulf Spill.... it brought to our attention just how devastated and toxic our oceans are. How polluted the food and oh yeah.... it created large DEADZONES....they said.

Radioactive material has invaded our air, our food supplies and our oceans.

Many people have died across the African Continent. Massive wars are on the rise... we do not call them that.

Mother Earth continued her natural evolution of shaping herself, with earthquakes and Tsunamis. fires and floods, mudslides, volcanoes, storms and another Super Moon.

The species, which arrived last on this wonderful Planet, has attempted to gut itself once more.

The upper part of a Robonaut has been sent to the space station, the lower part to follow next month.

Our hearts go out to the many people we have lost in March. In natural disasters and man made circumstances.

It is up to you to interpret the events of March 2011 according to your beliefs.
Some can rejoice because what appears to be the last days, some can await help from off planet sources. Some can continue to help the process along, since rather than paying attention to prophecies and predictions and change the it was intended by seers and messengers. You can allow the events to cripple you with fear or live in the story. It is up to your free will.

I went to look for spring and found it! On Capitol Boulevard in Olympia.... sounds so close to OLYMPUS!
All I know, I am excited to be alive and see things unfold and report again next month.
I am not sure, I think the ocean is the heart of our Planet. If we continue to kill the oceans, the heart life, 2012 might not be as far fetched as I use to believe.... BUT WAIT!
There is a man living without a heart..... Maybe we should ask him!

Love and Light
Lilian `
PS. In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqatsi means "crazy life, life in turmoil, life out of balance, life disintegrating, a state of life that calls for another way of living"
PLEASE rent the great movie Koyaanisqatsi by Francis Ford Coppola