Lilian's May Newsletter

We are here. The American campaign for President has started. It makes for many months of television coverage for those of us, who follow those things, much like sports or reality shows.

At the end of the day we wonder why we spend, yet, another two hours listening to what is no more than the arena for matching wits and words, rather than admiring nature and/or feeling good about our lives.

The day I posted the April newsletter I received a letter in my snail mailbox from a friend in reference to the February newsletter. I had raised the question... more than a thought... why anyone needs guns for other than hunting. Unless I read my letter wrong friend gave me all the reasons why we need guns. I agree with my a point... I still think we do not need oozies and machine guns to deter us from coming to harm. The letter did however make me think about some things.

When my niece visited a few months ago I was privileged to watch her work and act as her interpreter at times. I realized that she applied her knowledge to her life experience by the region of the planet in which she resides. Some articles I write cater to a metaphysical line of thinking. The newsletters are geared, non political, multilateral, to a global audience rather than regional and I attempt to address and NEUTRALLY summarize the events of the previous month in a global perspective. More often than not, I attach links or videos of the actual news, so my international readers have a point of reference. If it was left up to me the world would be a peaceful place and everyone would love and respect each other and I would like to project that, except the world is not up to me.

I was bedridden most of the month of April, I had my first experience with NETFLIX and did it come in handy. Television is repeating the same stories, much like a soap opera, if you miss a program one day, you are still in the same story three days later and you end up with enough of the story to know what it is you are looking at, since it is a never ending story.

As I often do, I started a project without knowing why I do, this time I spent almost all my time with Netflix.

The first DVD arriving in the mail was a documentary about 17th century England. It dealt with structure of the people, customs and beliefs. It was outstanding, actually, in as much as it was easy to see the extreme cast system which appeared to be in place. It showed which roles the genders played in reference to each other, the children and even which "PET" fulfilled its purpose. It was apparent to me that the women pretty much ran the show, while men thought they had a perfect handle on things happening around them. They picked their mates by status and wealth, rather unemotional. It appeared the most predominant emotion was the need for power. Ever so often, due to boredom or a bet, a war would start, people disagreeing or no longer serving the assign purpose, were charged with treason or witchcraft and after a TRIAL beheaded. The wealthy were ruthless and the people suffered greatly, in fear, settling for crumbs until in about 40-50 year increments someone came along and suggested changes needed to occur, to make the world a better place for new generations.

Next time period was the civil war..... I wondered who decides which films to send, since I did not fill out papers.
Again, as the stories unfolded one could see the similarities in human behavior, economical casts and a new equation.... RACE.

Early 20th Century arrived, all fractions were present. Unions were added, women rights trying to do away with gender inequality. At the same time the racial put it mildly, were rampant. By the 1950's, the only thing changing was technology, cars got bigger, competition for bigger and better swept the US.

Baby-boomers grew up and decided to change the world. Actually, they were part of an attempt to make the world a ?BETTER? place.

The title of one of the documentaries was Deliberate Speed, it dealt with Brown verses the Board of Education. The word DELIBERATE prevented agencies to implement anything in a timely fashion, since the word deliberate took it out of a time frame....

The series Ancient Aliens perked my interest when one of the producers became my friend on Facebook. I was almost sure I was familiar with the subject, I recognized some of the commentators from my own television show, never the less I got totally absorbed in the first season.

I think it was about then I realized my watching so many films and documentaries was not a coincidence. It occurred to me that I was suppose to look at different time periods in man's evolution and learn something. I was pleased with myself and watched talent shows for almost a day.

Spring is acting like winter, occasional snow flakes at night and below freezing. Weather man said it was the coldest April on record and La Nina was fighting on the way out. Many people lost their lives in parts of the United States and around the world.
It feels wonderful laying in my warm bed, covers over my head, resting my ailing body. I am grateful for my Tempur-Pedic conforming to my body, holding me in place and allow me to heal.

I can feel someone sitting on the bottom of the bed, all comfortable, back leaning against the wall. It startles me for a split second, Tempur-Pedic is suppose to prevent from noticing movement, in fact one is suppose to be able to jump on the mattress without spilling a glass of wine resting on the surface.

"What ya pondering" asks the female aparition at the end of the bed.

"Heh Lizzy! I am thinking about people, places and things. I looked at a pay stub of a young woman of 20. Social Security deductions were 54.32 on her $1,003 earnings and an additional $23.12 for Medicare. Providing she will make $1,000 a month for the rest of her working years, an additional 45 years is being told her Social Security is an "Entitlement". It will be her money. You add it up, my head is spinning".

"Why do you think we are born to this place, this planet"?

" When looking at ancient history and present day... I think we come here to learn some things, we attend a school of some sort".


" Ancient empires have risen and fallen, technological advances were made before whole civilizations vanished. We know that from archeology. Go recent and look at the last few hundred years, which is easier to follow and visualize. Let me use the example of most immigrants. They come from their homeland, customs intact and try to fit into the new land. The next generation is very New Country, since that is what the parents strived for their children. As soon as the parents become grand parents, they realize it was better to maintain OLD Country ways and the grand kids get a double dose of old culture. Every 40-50 years someone comes along and wants to change the world. Make it BETTER. As they become older they attempt or actually end up putting it back exactly the way it was. When you look at recent history nothing changes. The same people changing things are viciously reversing everything they, themselves stood and fought for. Might it be politically, economically or even wars. Each generation fights some war. The description of the enemy changes.... in principle it is the same, it depends on the administration in power. It ends the same way. In hind-sight many wars are unjustified, many people die for nothing, in modern times people turn it into a good movie and the cycle starts again".

"That is a little harsh".

"I agree.. but look at history. Since the beginning of time someone has felt superior in some way. Often by the assumption of entitlement, or wealth. By imposing their will and add fear and dogma you never end up with a balanced medium, be it economic, racial, tribal or anything else. Ancient cultures and some of their present day descendants claim, no, they know their ancestors...or depending who you ask, they themselves came from the stars. They look forward to going home, their place of genetic orgin."

"For argument sake lets say I understand, how does it fit your mind"...

"I think Planet Earth is a school. We come here and are assigned a class. We learn at different speed and phases. Many of us are in the same class room. When we graduate we are done and return "HOME". Each generation wants to make changes to the world, make it better and somewhere within forgot to read the footnotes in the textbook".
If it gets changed, class is over, school closed.

"How do I fit in?"

"Well, Lizzy... You have been mobile in a different realm for so long, you have access to things I can only imagine, while I am recovering in my Tempu-Pedic bed. You can go from one class room to another at any given time line and you are wondering."

  • They want to put E-Cigarettes under smoking bans...treat E-Cigarettes like real cigarettes...E-Cigarettes are electronic a computer!
  • They want to reform the world to democracies in a dictator way of fashion.
  • They want to starve the world in order to make profits.
  • They want to deny people their lifelong dues by re-routing funds.
  • They want to deplete the Earth and make life better for humans.

" I have to think about all of this, sounds like Earth is a hologram on a deliberate timer. Sorry I put a dent in your mattress, I will float out of here and go back to the mansion I resided in before you invited me to visit.

Don't bother to get up. I'll let you get back to NetFlix.
I know the way out of your hologram...oops, almost pushed the RESET BUTTON".

Love and Light

Lilian's recent X-Ray, notice the pins from surgery, and alien on the right side. Beezzarroo!