Lilian's February 2012 Newsletter

 We started living with Lilian December 25th, 2011. She was very excited to have received us as a gift, such wonderful companions, especially since we came with a small aquarium and lots of new leaves. We heard her tell the cat not to bother us, she said she was very fond of Praying Mantis, but knows absolutely nothing about us, her new friends. It appeared she really wanted to know how to take care of us, so she googled us.


Phasmids, ghost insects and leaf insects (generally the family Phylliidae). The ordinal name is derived from the Ancient Greek φάσμα phasma, meaning an apparition or phantom, and refers to the resemblance of many species to sticks or leaves. Their natural camouflage can make them extremely difficult to spot.

Phasmids have an impressive visual system that allow them to perceive significant detail even in dim conditions, which suits their typically nocturnal lifestyle.

I like to add that when in danger, we insects enter a motionless state that can be maintained for a long period. The nocturnal feeding habits of adults also aid us Phasmatodeas in remaining concealed from predators. Much like a chameleon we do change color with our environment.

Lilian named us STICK and BUG.

"Nice and cozy in here, what do you think about our new home, Bug"?
"Really nice, as soon as I get familiar with my surroundings, almost there, already figured out that when she, Lilian, talks it is into a device which calls back. Heard someone talk back and ask if she was on her speaker phone. Great machine, you can hear every word. Stick! Are you listening? Oh there you are, thought you was a twig for a minute there."

The television is close enough where we can hear what is being said and by Lilian yelling at it, ever so often, we are able to figure out what she is watching.

Sometimes shortly after we arrived in our new home she had a rather heated exchange with the men on Television, it was a political debate. A couple of the men was talking about balancing the budget for the country and thought it was absolutely unnecessary to give heat subsidies to poor, old, and disabled people. Something about people wanted jobs, not food stamps. Of course we live on leaves and water, even though in captivity we need a helping hand. No matter how we try. we need a little assistance in obtaining what we need to stay alive. We, in turn repay the kindness with doing our job, which at this time consists of keeping an eye on Cat and Lilian. Wish our pay would increase, we get a bonus or something, but since this is not possible at the moment and we depend on "LEAFSTAMPS" to make up the difference.

It is not so much our size....we can get 14 inches, it is the environment we find ourselves no fault of our own.

It is not that we are uneducated, we find ourselves in an environment which only allows us to progress so far.

It is not that we are underachievers, we find ourselves in an environment which requires us to stay put and make the best of our lives and with our means.

It is not that we are Illegal, we find ourselves in an environment which sometimes forget that even native species have challenges.

It is not that we expect the 14-inchers to take care of us, we find ourselves in an environment in which we can all fit and contribute to society.

"STICK, why is it so cold in here all of a sudden?"
"She turned the furnace off, she said she cannot afford the electricity. Heard it said that soon is the day when an appointment for help with the electric bill comes and life will get easier."

"BUG, Lilian was talking to someone on the speaker phone. tried getting an appointment with the agency in charge of the heat assistance. She dialed and redialed nonstop from 8 AM to 5 PM. The appointments are first come- first serve. Many needy people have to go to work and are unable to take the day off in the hope to get through on the phone. Many people are not able to get an appointment. The people I am talking about are put in categories, it is called FEDERAL POVERTY GUIDELINE. Many people come into this category and are unable to pay the high cost of their heating bills. Lilian was unable to get a phone appointment".

The next day she again tried for an online appointment, The site was open from 7AM to 5PM. At 8:01 AM this is what she got and was unable to get into the site for the rest of the day.

*** We have been experiencing extreme technical difficulties with our phones and website. This is due to a hacking incident creating an influx of 300,000 hits, which resulted in crashing our systems. We have been working to restore all services and are continuing to schedule appointments by phone and via our internet scheduler. We apologize for any inconvenience; your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Luckily her daughter, which is computer savey eventually was able to make an online appointment, But she thought about the multitude of people not that fortunate and what a cold winter was ahead, with ungodly challenges to stay warm.  She has a little wood stove, many do not, even at that the physical challenges of maneuvering the wood is very hard for anyone with less than fit heath conditions.

"BUG, I want to talk about the storm now."
" I don't, it is traumatizing, but you call me STUCK UP, if I don't, so you tell the story the way you remember it, I am going to hang on my new apple-smelling leaf and try not to get myself scared again".

I was sitting on my leaf thinking about where I wanted to deposit some eggs. As you know I do not have to discuss it at all....meaning that females lay eggs without needing to mate with males to produce offspring. Light was perfect, the sound on the TV was perfect and there was a calm somehow. I heard Lilian talking on the Speakerphone. Something about how she was wondering why a Hurricane plane had been flown into an approaching storm. New and more sophisticated Radar equipment had been installed earlier in the year and it is the North West, rather than the southern part of the United States.

She started to post information and warnings she pulled off her circle of information informing her friends a storm was coming, not any storm. A Pineapple Express.... torrential rain like a water hose pointed at the west side of Washington State. At the same time an Arctic front dropping into the area from Alaska/Canada colliding over Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater.

It started to snow and birds were singing....nature was truly confused.... Canadian Geese flew south in a V-Shape formation..... it snowed, and snowed and the lights were beginning to flicker. By 4 AM Tuesday morning the lights went out with a bang. The other side of the neighborhood was still intact. We can see in the dark and Lilian was fine, NOOAH radio, flashlights, woodstove, coffee and cat was purring. It snowed and snowed.

A brief retrieve in the snow department and it snowed and snowed and then it got quiet. It started to rain ICE for 36 hours straight, 36 HOURS. No water, no power, no phones. Everything had stopped working. The trees started to explode and fall. There was no way to escape, since it was the same story for miles and miles and miles.

It was said on the radio Hyw 3 was closed, yet a pickup had ignored early signs and driven over trees. Much later it turned out it was one of Lilian's Native American friends, who had driven over the tree, in order to come from the Canal, about 40 miles, to check on her.

Since there was NO communication, there was no way to check on anyone and the family was unable to communicate. On the third day the granddaughter walked part way to the house and a Son in law managed to work his way along with his sister and brother in law to the neighborhood in Tumwater. They also brought Coffee and best of all news that the rest of the family was alive, cold, but well.

A neighbor with a pickup and a mind like a steal trap was determined to run errands for the neighbors, she was truly the champ.

Day 5 Lilian's daughter came with new leaves and STICK and I were treated with bottled water. Normally when being touched we lay still and pretend we are dead, except this time. Lilian, a Sensitive was so electrically charged, when she stood close she caused us to wiggle, we almost wiggled and fell behind the counter.
" STICK, Do you really think that is what that was? Electricity in the human body from the intensity of the elements?"
" I do, and here is why:"

This is a direct quote from Jack Dreyfus:

The Story Of A Remarkable Medicine

A hypothesis about electricity had led me to ask for PHT. Was this a coincidence? It seemed unlikely. When a hypothesis precedes and leads to a finding, the hypothesis is apt to be correct. My thinking went back to electricity in the body.
Recently I found some notes to myself, made in 1963. These notes help me remember what my thoughts were at that time. From my notes] “I noticed figures of speech that described human emotions in electrical terms. Before then I’d thought of these terms as imaginative inventions of writers. But perhaps they weren’t. Maybe sensitive people had used them instinctively because they were near the truth. There are enough of these electrical expressions to make a parlor game.

State of tension
Room charged with tension
Electrifying experience
The touchdown electrified the crowd
Dynamic personalities
Galvanizing into action
Shocking experience
State of shock
He gave me a jolt
Blow your fuse
Blow your top
Sparks flew
Explosive temper
Explode with anger

Solar flares were at a peak and the sky was pink and red as the sun was rising in the WEST!
The police responded to 3,218 incidences and accidents in a 24 hour period.
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was shut down, ice had formed on the 16-inch support cables, there was concern they would snap. Galloping Gertie, as the locals affectionately call the bridge, fell down in a wind storm many years ago, and gained her fame from that.

A woman 5 miles away reported that 200 trees fell on her 5 acre property. Her girlfriend had lots of damage, and a pickup was hit at her place.
Regardless how we tried, the food spoiled, and bad food was removed by the truck load.

After six days without power the first of three windstorms arrived. Many of the injured trees fell, it was just too much. The last of the people of the North West got their power back after nine days.

There had NEVER been a storm of such intensity lasting this long in anyone's memory.
Lilian felt so helpless she talked to the trees and played the flute for them at 4 in the morning..... Mozart, Die Kleine Spinnerin,,,,

At one point we heard the Governor announce she had declared a state of emergency and here is what she said:
'I have declared a state of emergency, I am worried about the Milk Trucks. Milk trucks can only travel a number of hours and then have to dump the milk, loosing me a million dollars a day". She then explained what was involved in assigning jobs to the national guard, should the need arise, according to local need. She sounded less concerned with people than with the milk, she was very passionate about that.

" Heh STICK, When the President made what people thought was his "MILK JOKE" during his recent State of the Union address, I bet he was directly addressing Governor Gregoire, since she was worried about spilled milk."

"BUG, do you think humans learned anything? We are adaptable, we change color, play dead when in danger and improvise when we have to. The people that insist on withholding a helping hand from the poor should think about this a little different. THEY had money during this terrible never ending storm, except, they were unable to buy gas, buy food, have heat and get help like the rest of the people. They should now know what it feels like to be cold, maybe even hungry".
" No, they look at us like we are aliens and refuse to believe that in these changing times cooperation is required to get through what the Earth is about to do.... what is always does, CHANGE. Humans are a strange species, talking about aliens.... So few said thank you for the hard work their fellow men under dangerous circumstances performed to get the needed power back".

People are cleaning up the massive war-zone- looking- landscape, brace for the floods, which follow and hope the cell phones work for the next round, which will surely occur"
" I learned a lot about human nature and our friend Lilian, Did you know birds found shelter UNDER her house? She is less electric and I heard her say she will get us a much bigger home for the autumn of our lives.".

Early in our residency she, Lilian, put us through some very difficult times. She has a mind-lamp, a lamp she controls and mentally changes the colors, Blue, red, yellow, green, turquoise, violet and orange. The cat changes the lamp to gray just by walking by. Lilian had actually put us, house and all, next to the lamp to see if we would change color with the lamp. Of course we did! Crazy woman, that is what we do, except we had never been those colors before and it was hard, especially since the lamp flashed suddenly and in no particular order. One day she noticed we had remained orange and red in spots, even though we should be green and tan, like our background. She called one of her Scientist friends which thought this had been the craziest experiment he had ever heard of and he suggested she take us outside, look at the sunshine....if it ever comes back.... and pray like hell we can get rebalanced!

Love and Light
P.S. Who we are and what we look like is sometimes not the same.