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Florida Child Killer Linked to Bush Crime Family

by Ralph Kershaw

They're preparing to bury poor little 9-year old Jessica Marie Lunsford in Homosassa, Florida on Holy Thursday. Her neighbor, John Couey, has admitted to sexually assaulting the girl before he sexually abused and killed her and then buried her in his backyard. However, Couey's indictment by Florida authorities for Jessica's death was inexplicably delayed although there was a confession from Couey. And even though Couey was a repeat sex offender, the federal Megan's Law, requiring notification of residents of the presence of a convicted child sex offender, was not enforced by Governor Jeb Bush for in Couey's case in Citrus County. State authorities said they did not know Couey was a repeat sex offender. Local officials placed blame for the failure to notify the Citrus County Sheriff about Couey's status squarely on the Florida Department of Law Enfrorcement.

There is good reason why Jeb Bush does not want the Couey case to be closely looked at by the media and authorities. After he killed Jessica, Couey went to Georgia on a Greyhound bus using a false identity. Savannah police arrested Couey but then released him. Couey was eventually arrested in Augusta where he confessed to killing Jessica. What has not been reported is that Couey was also in Valdosta, the scene of the brutal murder (called a "suicide" by Georgia and Florida officials) of Florida Department of Transportation investigator Raymond C. Lemme in July 2003. Lemme was investigating malfeasance in Tallahassee involving contract fraud; election rigging in Florida; kickbacks to top Republican politicians, inclusing Jeb Bush and Florida House Speaker (now U.S. Representative) Tom Feeney; money laundering of toll receipts from Florida's turnpike system; and the use of illegal aliens as Florida contract workers.

Florida and Georgia law enforcement officials, speaking on conditions of anonymity, now report that Lemme had also stumbled across the importation of underage Mexican teens and children being used as sex slaves in Valdosta. This ring was linked to the criminal activities Lemme was investigating at the time in Florida and is likely part of the reason he was drawn to Valdosta as part of his investigation, an investigation that had officially been shut down on the direct orders of Jeb Bush. The child sex slave business involved a number of Valdosta politicians, businessmen, and some policemen and continues to this day. Couey, the murderer of Jessica, was one participant in the child sex slave business, paying $300 a session. On the morning of March 21, one Mexican ring leader of the sex group quickly departed by bus from Valdosta. Mexican children are reportedly locked in barns and other structures in and around Valdosta for purposes of sex with clientele like Couey but also influential and well-paying businessmen and politicians. Some 300 abducted children are said to be currently held in Valdosta for an influx of "customers" expected for the upcoming Easter weekend.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Department, the lead agency investigating Jessica's death, now reports top-level interference in the case from Tallahassee and Washington, DC and that the case "involves others." The recent reported tie-in of current White House sexcapades involving male prostitutes to past Republican (and some Democrat) involvement in the Franklin, Nebraska child sex slave scandal of the late 1980s involving GOP lobbyist Craig Spence ("suicided" in New York City), Lawrence King, Jr. of Omaha, top Republican officials in Nebraska and Washington, DC, Saudi sex slave traders, and President George H. W. Bush has once again come full circle. Jeb Bush has also been charged with covering up the fact that some 6000 children, supposedly in the care of Florida's Department of Children and Families, are now missing from foster homes and other care centers.

Ralph G. Kershaw is a Washington, DC-based investigative reporter


According to Florida and Georgia law enforcement sources, John Couey, the confessed killer of 9-year old Jessica Lunsford in Homosassa, Florida was a patron of an immigrant smuggling business in Valdosta, Georgia that illegally imported migrant workers and children into the town and its environs. The smuggling business has been tied to Coggins Farm Supply of Lake Park, a town eight miles from Valdosta. The firm's owner, Kevin Coggins, is a major player in the Georgia Republican Party and a major funder of Senator Saxby Chambliss and George W. Bush. There are also connections between the people smugglers and Pacific Tomato Growers of Palmetto, Florida and California. Pacific Growers has been a champion of Jeb Bush's questionable migrant farmer's program as well as George W. Bush's Federal AgJobs Bill, which fail to crack down on growers who use illegal aliens. (Letters to the Editor, St. Petersburg Times, March 31, 2004).

Some of the illegal immigrants, apprehended by "coyotes" (agents) in Mexico, Guatemala, China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, work on Coggins farms. Others, especially young girls and boys, are pimped to customers by local businessmen in Valdosta, including the owner of a local strip club. Couey was a patron of the strip club and paid $300 for sex with young Mexican girls. Valdosta has become a virtual haven for sex offenders, according to law enforcement sources. Law enforcement sources also report a connection between the smuggling ring and the Russian-Israeli Mafia. One State of Florida investigation into the ring, as well as two Federal investigations and a Grand Jury probe, were shut down on orders from the Bush White House.

The immigrant smugglers use "nickelmen" to illegally provide workers with phony Social Security Numbers. One such nickelman provided a false SSN to Chinese spy Henry Ni, who was arrested in Orlando for trying to ship missile parts to China. Ni was also a computer programmer for Yang Enterprises, an Oviedo, Florida-based firm that was investigated for overcharging the Florida Department of Transportation and NASA. Yang's general counsel and registered lobbyist was Tom Feeney, Jeb Bush's running mate in 1994, ex-Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who heped deliver Florida to Bush in 2000, and current U.S. Congressman who sits on the House Judiciary Committee. Florida investigator Raymond Lemme was investigating the illegal alien importation, contract fraud, and other corruption when he was found dead from a suspicious suicide in a Valdosta Knight's Inn motel in July 2003.
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