It is a sad day when toilet paper rolls are so glued together that it takes a rocket scientist to unravel without tearing into layers and layers of the actual paper and for some time the consequence is noticeable. I remember when paper towels in the restrooms were replaced with more sanitary Airblowers. It took a while to get used to the concept because paper towels were used for so much more than hands. Blowing noses, wiping mouth, touching up lipstick flaws, at least for the ladies, and oh yeah lets not forget the laughs they generate at a formal gathering when they were stuck to your high heel slippers. Far be it from suggesting to replace toilet paper with Airbloweres, BUT I am open for suggestions!

The CD case of the music collection I ordered thrue the mail is cracked and I have to call the grand kids to open the dual cases. No matter how I try I am just not able to figure out how the manufacturer thought any one could open this without any trouble.

I remember the childproof cigarettlighters! I switched to matches unless I had a child present to tell me how the lighter works.

The new law went into effect where we can no longer carry lighters or matches on an airplane. We still have the right to smoke occasionally, however it becomes apparent that the possibility of that freedom is dwindling by the minute. I can`t imagine the stress the idea alone not to be able to light up in-between flights in places that are designated, creates. We have many international visitors to our country. The are fingerprinted, eye scanned and mostly don´t mind that. Many people from other countries smoke, what a welcome for them! Just give us all a child prove lighter, psychologically that will help a bunch. Not that we can use it, at least we know we have one, if we could figure out how it works.

We have many things in place and available to us that actually work. In the mean time we are confronted with daily bombardment of new bad news that we are so willing to take suggestions for things that seem to be in our own best interest but are not.

In most cases one can take a negative and turn it into a positive. Somehow we have managed to turn things into money rather than making the transformation from negative to positive. Everything that is unusual, non conventional "exotic" or unexplainable becomes valuable to those that are entriqued by things that are different. Not a one thing determines what that entails and for whom, it there therefore logical that individuals can make the distinction as to what it is they want to incorporate into their reality.

Most people have a fear of the unknown. Whether spiritually or physically if it is not familiar it becomes evil. Bear with me here, please. It is all in the word. Evil according to Webster means injurious or mischievous; not good. Bad morally; wicket; vicious.

We have put evil labels on many of the wrong things. It relieves us from the responsibility to sort out fact from fiction. Taken someone's word for something and make it habit is so much easier. If we become desensitized we are apt to comprehend the consequence of or thinking. When something is unknown to me I make an effort to befriend it, communicate with it and sometimes I actually learn something from or about it, at which time I no longer have the need to fear it.

About the CD`s that came in the mail........ I recently thought about and tested the fact that certain music can transport me into different time zones for lack of a better word.
The 144 songs stretch over a 30 year period. I can re-experience the emotions and moods of the times to which they transport me. A lost love, a harsh winter, a pleasant rainstorm or an out standing event that is associated with that song. It helps me to recall and tests my memory. That is not to say all memories are happy, in fact some of them can provoke old emotions, sadness and pain. It also lets me reexamine what could have been done to change the things that were unpleasant. It does by no means mean I am rekindling the past, just take a look at it. Enjoy the pleasant memories, smile at myself and some of them because I actually recall the car I drove, the suit I wore and I can smell the perfume I wore. The song changes and I am in a totally different setting.

We have reached a critical time in our evolution. We need to create stress relievers in form of more memories of iceberg like proportions. Much like an iceberg when it is visible it is beautiful to the eye, we can be easily deceived as to the dangers of the part that is not visible and lurks in the deep waters. That is where the danger lies.

We do not allow ourselves to stop long enough to sort out what is indeed the truth and what only appears to be the truth. It would take time and effort to do so.
Going backwards to look at our potential as a people can be eye-opening as we, I hope, reexamine our place in the order of things on our planet and with that avoid the re-run of Crapp.
When things like the paper towels in the latrine become obsolete, it´s time to reevaluate what it is we are really dealing with. Granted, things ain`t what they use to be, except it makes little sense to fix or replace something that is not broken. In case that brings to mind the possibility of AIRBLOWERS rather than toilet paper, relax....... not right now, maybe later.

Love and Light