November Newsletter

Liar, Liar, pants on fire.......

I was extremely busy putting together the "End Of The Year" show. Have you ever been so focused on something that you cannot comprehend what goes on around you? Well, it was one of those situations.

I thought I heard a knock on the door, opened it. A young man in this early 20´s smiled at me, heard him ask: "Man or Lady?" I responded : "Lady."
He asks:" Do you do the cleaning?" I answer: " No, I don't clean."
He said, "You must be working hard then." I said: "No, I don`t work."
He said: "I have cleaner for sale." I said: "My friend gives me cleaner for when I need it."
By now a few of my senses have returned, I asked him if he was local, he replied he was from St. Louis, MO and I mentioned I go to POKI, Illinois all of the time. He mumbles something about Inner-City-Kids, which my brain cannot compute, because I live in the country. Eventually I realize what a weird conversation we carried on, how crazy I must have appeared to him...... it is too late to call him back. All I know I answered his questions truthfully and in the manner that he asked.

In Washington State, a man is running for office, it appeared to be a popular idea until his opponent uncovered the man had slapped his mother is his early years. The man insists it is a terrible smear campaign and disgraceful. His own mother insists that besides slapping her, he also pushed her to the ground on occasions.

Front-page-news in Olympia, Washington was an article about the fights involving relatives displaced by hurricane Katrina. In short, the local woman, who took in many members of her family from Mississippi, became accused of using most of the funds donated for the purpose of caring for the hurricane victims. The local woman in turn accused the relatives of misbehaving and an array of other transgressions. The paper in turn told the whole, "He said, She said" story.

Washington, DC had their own set of problems, which I am not repeating because.......

As we look at each person's truth, I would wager that almost each of the people in my story, including myself, could pass a lie detector test, because it is the truth according to them. On the other hand the people assuming all said things would also pass a lie detector test, since it is their truth to identify a liar.

Some may say that my way of looking at this whole scenario is totally messed up, that is your truth. I think it is vital, in this day and age, to analyze almost everything. If we don't... we could easily assume what appears to be fog is really someone blowing smoke in the direction of our precious derrière.

I have a new toy. My grandson introduced me to Google Earth, the wonderful program that takes me, by Satellite, to anyone's house I wish to visit. The Grand Canyon, even the local grocery store on the corner. For the first time I am having fun while using my computer. As I am flying across the planet earth it occurs to me that just ..maybe.. someone else would wonder why am I flying across the world in search of the new and the old. Persons with a different truth might think I am actually looking for something....... such as a new truth I accidentally ran into while signing my new contract in order to air my show for another season. The law "politically obscene" which carries heavy consequences. It is buried within the Pornography laws....... No fish-net stockings or high-heel spikes for me while hosting the show!!!

Love and Light