February High Strangeness Newsletter

As I was reading the daily news on line tonight, I thought to myself: "POOR OPRAH." People are forever criticizing her for something. I can sympathies with her, since I know what it feels like to always have to think out what one can say publicly. I am so grateful to be able to say what I want, since I am on Public Access Cable Television and have to pay my own bills. Having said that, I am going to write this Newsletter about me, in form of my own opinion.... just in case it gets a little wild.....

I have been "ILL" for better than 4 month. It all started with that little... PRICK... in my vein back in September/October. What followed appeared to be some kind of an infection. Heavy Antibiotics and Prednesone followed, except I never got better. I was unable to do anything and was grateful that I had enough finished shows on hand to supply the station. On my 3rd visit to the clinic I had a long talk with the doctor and he agreed to run a series of tests so we could get to the bottom of my "ILLNESS." I was given an excellent Bill of health.
A friend entered me into a prayer circle, I thanked her for that. Eventually I listed a post in order to clear up some of my problems in question,which in part read as follows:

I am a Canary in the sense that I am sensitive to many things such as earthquakes, volcanos, high winds, high tides. ( Canary's were used in the mines to seek out, monitor and alert people to dangerous substances and fumes; needless to say if they did not survive, neither did the miners.) I am sensitive to disturbances in space, planetary or weather. Earth Changes in general. All of these events carry physical consequences for me. I detect and react to Sonar, radiation, chemical and biological discrepancies. A program was in place prior to 1980, which attempted to use people like myself, in order to monitor incidents. Unfortunately President Reagan canceled to program soon after his election. In some of our private networking we have located MANY individuals which fit said profile with the exception that they think they are ill rather than recognize what a valuable position they hold for mankind. Not the easiest job in the Universe, most of us will respond with four letter words if our blessings are pointed out to us by someone which has NO Idea what that "Blessing" feels like, often times totally debilitating.

I am an Impath in the sense that it is not unusual for me to buffer extreme incidents for people which I have met, sometimes only in passing. An MD shot in Alaska, a man experiencing a spontaneous combustion in Illinois, a family member with internal bleeding and a savage attempted murder in Texas. I physically experience the pain and thought patterns of the victims.

It is rather difficult, first of all, to determine what the problem is. Do I seek medical attention? Is it my pain or someone else's? Once the latter is established I remain at home. It takes days at times to find out what happened to me in the first place.

As these things occur it takes a physical recovery time for me just as it would have IF it had happen to me. I have experienced photonic attacks... man made..... because of the subjects covered and lectures given. This included a heart attack and several very painful episodes along with some of my colleagues at that time. I react to HAARP, High/Low frequencies and any man made project thrown at us. I react to everything.

I was asked if I was ever depressed. The word depressed is not in my vocabulary, since I visualize words. Oppressed, compressed and pressed I understand. Depressed certainly does not describe sad, lonely or hopeless to me, so no, I am not depressed and no, I am not in need of antidepressants. I have learned to disassociate and become an excited onlooker and see things unfold, glad to be alive at this time, the time where I am able to turn on the Tele and take a look!

Mother Earth goes through her circles, we are but temporary visitors and have the choice to admire the process, or attempt to think that we are so important that the natural process of things will be curtailed to our wishes and suit our own purpose, what ever we think that might be, for the blink of and eye we call our life time.

While unable to hardly do anything, I thought it would be a good time to watch some old movies. I have never had time to watch movies. NOR did I want to, so few with an actual plot. Horror, Sci-fi, Action, War, Musicals, Westerns and Tear-jerkers were not to my likening either.

CORE is excellent. It deals with man-made problems with the core of the Earth. As a movie it is very action packed and exciting. It gives one food for thought, especially if one keeps up with the daily news and pays attention to the small blips of information sometimes buried in the middle of the paper.

TYCUS is a sleeper, a story told from a future survivors perception of the end of the world when comet Tycus collides with the moon. We often forget just how connected we are to the moon and many planets we share space and time with. Especially now, that we are blowing up comets for scientific study.

STAR TREK, The Voyage Home, written and directed by Leonard Nimoy. It gives us a scenario of how important ALL living creatures are which live on our planet and just maybe it is them which save mankind one day. In this case it was the Whales.

ALIEN NATION fascinated me to no end, how it brought out the HUMAN in us! 22 hours well spend! Some of us smokers/non-smokers talked about how easy hatred and can categorized, especially when it is promoted by laws and agencies. Henceforth the need for the BUTT Patrol!

X-Files proved very interesting to me, the few episodes I watched, per DVD in the order of the season. It was most interesting to me to hear the explanation for certain things from the producer at the end of each episode. Explanations as to why he picked a subject or a story line and how he thought it would fit into our "imagination." As a side note, the TV series TAKEN had been researched by an unbiased person from factual documents and eyewitness reports. I found many similarities, I am of the opinion that TAKEN was educational rather than entertainment.

I stand in amazement as to how true to life some of these shows and movies really are! I managed to find some truth in every one of them and marvel as to how any of the creators of these shows were able to write story lines so far in advance without the help of some Higher-Wiser-Something..... have to be politically correct here.....

FORGOTTEN explained a lot about possibilities of someone trying to dictate reality as they seen fit, a very realistic outlook on a timely subject actually. I will leave it like this, cannot give away the plot, it is too good, see for yourself.

A WILL OF THEIR OWN is a historical story, brilliantly presented, about the power of woman in our society. A man could easily marvel at the story line. Most interesting that in 2006 we have only 1 female representing us in the Supreme Court. A slap in the face!

Combine science, history, thousand years old myth, legends, religious dogma and spiritually, I arrived at the conclusion that our existence on this planet resembles very much a Rubric Cube, in my opinion of course.
When I had a 103° fever amazingly my mind became so clear. The fact that I was unable to sleep for 2-3 days at a time added to me being able to solve the mystery of our purpose in this life. Even some of our most noted scientists are starting to agree that there are several dimensions at play in the Universe. Supposing planet Earth is the only planet on which to have a 3-D experience. It would at least explain to me why nothing ever changes. As soon as we master one square in the correct color on our Rubrics Cube we have to try and align the next square with the appropriate color. To remember how we arrived at the square and color is the key to the whole thing.

Lets see..... DDT is a dangerous chemical. Lets double-check that. Maybe if pesticides would be retested on the population, OK we will make this a green square.
Torture is illegal... lets test that again, so we make that a green square also.

A 'BJ' is not reason for impeachment.... a lie is. Helloo!!! We will make that a red square.
In all fairness rules do change in war time. It has always been like that throughout history, so we will make that a blue square.
Just as we think men cannot act any uglier, we do, so lets make that a blue square.
Money, war and greed are cousins, so lets make that a red square.
It is a lot to memorize in order to master the cube. Not a problem; we store one in the PC, we even back it up.
We are all aware how unpredictable the weather has been in the last few month. We should make weather and global warming a red square, so lets.

Things are improving in our world, we have technology at our fingertips like never before. We can zap into anyone's private life, print more money, re-write documents, alter news reports, life is amazing, I must say!

BAM!!!! A power outage! What do I do? What do I Do? I am unable to work, Unable to go shopping my CC are useless, no gas to pump, no food to cook!....
How arrogant as to think we are in control of anything. We need energy to power anything in order to maintain normal function, as least what we consider normal function at this time in our 3-D experience.

Who said I am unable to master my own life? I pull out the wireless PC. The cable is out, not a problem. I am going bowling. I love the program on the PC, a bowling alley with 6 different versions of the same game. Elementary or very advanced, my choice. At the end I get a score, sometimes even applause.
Never read the rules, I believe to object of the game is to knock down all pins. It is up to me to choose the background setting, speed and difficulty of the game. When game is over I push reset and start it all over again.

12,000 years, 4 hours. What's the difference? We can play over and over and over, or at least until we ran out of energy and we get the signal that our battery is dead and our PC is shutting down.

Wish I remembered in which order the color square on my Rubric's Cube aligned, guess I have to start from scratch. Wonder if I get it right this time.

L&L Lilian
P.S. Equal rights for Gays have finally been put in place in Washington State.
A giant Octopus attacked a submarine on Saturday. TRUE.